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by AppFutura on Apr 20, 2017 / App Development
The mobile app development company Synergo Group believes in one thing above all else: having a vision of what they want to achieve.

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Taking a visionary approach is more than just saying that you want to provide intuitive and easy to use mobile apps and best in class customer service. It is about setting the wheels in motion to achieve what you set out to do and then going out and executing every single day. In a technical field, vision and innovation go hand in hand. With a knowledge of yesterday’s technology and trends, you can only create yesterday’s mobile apps. That’s why we make the core of our day revolve around learning something new. It may sound like a simple or back to basics approach, but making sure you find the time to experiment and try something new is a lot more challenging than it sounds, and you would be amazedat the number of successful businesses who dismiss such practices as needless blue sky thinking. Day to day, you need to deliver products on time, keep up with all the daily back and forth that allows everything to run smoothly, and find time to expand your skill set. By making time to expand your skills, you are making room for your business to expand and giving your customers access to the very latest tech. Mobile app developers like Synergo Group place great stock in fostering a culture where no one feels that their entire day is pinned down with meetings and rigid projects from the minute they walk in the door. Knowing that you have the freedom to try something new is what Synergo wants for every one of the technical experts. Whilst every business needs to produce an end product and turn a profit, there must be space for innovation and creativity. If every venture into something new is assessed over rigid timescales with respect to how much profit it is creating for the business, then the creative spark will be stifled before it is given a chance to truly ignite. Continuing to lead the industry is all about allowing individuals and small teams to run with what excites them and interests them, in parallel with getting the day job done. Chatbots are a great example. They can easily be dismissed as a gimmick or something that users will just close as if they were yet another annoying pop up, but done correctly they will provide an invaluable resource for many apps. Developers at Synergo never take a one size fits all approach that dismisses certain trends and innovations out of hand. Instead, they encourage the development team to spend time exploring the possibilities of improving on what is out there and feeding in their knowledge of the latest developments to create something that nobody has done before. Trying to create everything you want from the existing technology that you are familiar with is an approach that will only get you so far. You could create a functional website or mobile app, but will it really have the user’s best interests at the center of the project? By looking at everything from the opposite way around, Synergo Group is able to create exactly what people need. Start with the problem, and turn the requirements into specifications from which you can then start the design process. Once you know what you need your app to actually do, you can then discuss with your fellow technically minded colleagues how best to create it. If nobody has made anything similar before, that’s when things get really interesting and the new ideas begin to flow. What you really want to find is that somebody in the team has an opening insight into the problem that allows everyone to get started. When you put a team of bright people in a room together, all you need is a starting point. Often this can be as simple as a definition of an acronym, a new interpretation of a standard protocol or an afternoon project that was started weeks ago purely to explore a new concept. With that initial platform to build on, you can then set about exploring ideas and pulling together the expertise of every member of the team so that is forms a cohesive collective whole. Once you have that, you have a solid foundation for yet another successful project that will ultimately deliver what the customer wants and what the users deserve. Another prime example of the need to continually learn about the latest developments in the rest of the world is the IoT, or Internet of Things. This is an idea that on one hand is easy to dismiss as something that you either just don’t need, or will never get off the ground. The IoT is one of these visionary ideas that is starting to enter everyday life. By connecting physical objects together across a network you can effectively extend the internet to be more than just computers talking to one another and splaying web pages and messages. Instead, you take things to the next level and embed the necessary smart technology in everyday devices and allow them to be controlled remotely. This could be anything from a fridge that automatically orders your next grocery shop, to the type of self-driving cars that are being tested by the likes of Uber and Google. The specific choices are immaterial for the purposes of our discussion, what really matters is being open to the concept. You may think that a smart fridge is a step too far. Do you ultimately run the risk of going hungry when your wifi signal is weak for example? This type of thinking is what causes many to miss the boat and is exactly the way of approaching new developments and visions that developers work tirelessly to avoid at Synergo. By dismissing a new concept based on one app that gains traction in the popular conscious, you are cutting all of your customers, present and future, off from a whole range of possibilities. You don’t need to create the entire IoT by yourself for it to be deemed worthy of doing, but by being open to the technologies that allow it to grow, you can make a valuable contribution to its continued growth. This is the power of a vision in microcosm. You will ultimately only ever create what you deem to be possible in the first place. If you decide that the IoT isn’t worthwhile, then you will never contribute to it, and if everyone believes the same thing, then it will become a self fulfilling prophecy. These sorts of outcomes never justify the short term or narrow thinking that has caused them, they merely serve to highlight the limitations that such an approach will place on the end product that every business ultimately must produce. At Synergo they never want to impose these artificial restrictions on what we can achieve. With a clear vision of what they want to achieve and a culture that values learning and experimentation, they are confident that they will continue to possess all of the tools needed to lead the industry and provide the clean and intuitive User Experience that they are proud to put their name to. Find on AppFutura more top mobile app development companies worldwide.
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