Improve your app with Customer Feedback

Published on Apr 23, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
Improve your app with Customer Feedback

Forrester predicts that mobile will influence over one-quarter of retail sales by 2021. Now more than ever it is crucial to build apps and mobile moments that are tailored around your customer.

Whether your customer is pursuing your app in-store, or trying to contact your support team about a lost package in the back of an Uber, you must be able to cater to various users in different situations. But how do you make sure you are on the right track?

Collecting user feedback in your application might just be the answer.

So how does it work?

Time it right

You can target the right customers at the right moment using an in-app survey. For example, you might ask a customer after she checks out, “Your order is on its way! Mind if we ask how easy it was to buy this pair of shoes?”

Track digital KPIs

Find out how happy your customers are with your app as a whole, but also with specific features. Indeed through smart surveys or simply by leaving feedback through the feedback button, they can let you know about any troubles they’ve run into so you can improve and remove bottlenecks.

Tailor-made Targeting Options

You can also find out how satisfied your customers are with your app as a whole, or with specific features. With custom-defined user events and metadata, you can deploy a whole range of standard targeting options such as user language, completion of x or y step—and of course, you can always add triggers of your own.

Improve your app with Customer Feedback

Insights without interfering mobile moments

Make sure your surveys are not disturbing users while they are engaged in key activities such as booking a plane ticket, ordering an Uber or setting up a playlist. Not convinced? Check out this article detailing the 5 best survey questions that will give you actionable feedback.

Get the full picture

Get a hold on the low hanging fruit by capturing additional insights in the customer journey by asking for example: “Thanks for your answers. Anything else you’d like to do, but couldn’t today?”. This will give you inspiration and ideas on how to improve your app.

Should your app be focused on customer purchases or simply sharing information with your audience, real-time user feedback allows you to identify where and how to improve. So now you know what to do to improve conversions, get more out of your app and boost customer loyalty, you can get one step close to a 5 star app-store rating!

Learn more about collecting feedback in your app and how this works by taking a look here or simply getting in touch with Usabilla.

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