Improve your App Marketing with App Store Optimization (ASO) Factors and Trends in 2018

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Sep 27, 2018 in SEO Companies Resources
Improve your App Marketing with App Store Optimization (ASO) Factors and Trends in 2018


Mobile apps have delivered their promise in making the businesses more approachable to the customers and help the businesses in increasing their sales and profits. However, to rank higher on Google Play Store as well as the Apple App Store, a mobile app development company needs to consider different factors. It majorly includes App Store Optimization (ASO) which can boost the ranking of an app on these app stores. It is vital to consider different factors affecting app ranking and consider the recent trends in ASO. Let’s look at how these ASO factors can improve your app marketing and what will be the ASO trends in 2018.

Factors of Search Ranking

1. App Details

Textual on the different on-metadata elements have emerged to be one of the most influential factors on Search Rankings along with the volume of installs as well as the localized product page.

Keywords included in the App Title/name, Keywords Field, URL, Short as well as Full description help the business app in gaining visibility in search and hence they require to be constantly optimized.

2. Speed and Volume of Installs

Both Google and Apple take into account the total volume as well as the speed of installs in their own ranking algorithm. Even though these particular factors can’t be essentially controlled, but they can be influenced to improve the app visibility in search.

3. App Localization

Localized product page or app localization is another quite important Search Ranking Factor. In case you wish to expand your business as well as reach out to more people, you need to have a localized product page. Ranking for local versions of the main keywords can certainly help the app rank higher and also gain more visibility in the app stores internationally.

Factors of Conversion Rate

When it comes to Conversion rate, it is found that graphics elements, localization and user ratings are the most important factors.

1. Graphic Elements

Users behave differently in Google Play Store and Apple App Store. However, one particular thing is evident that visual elements remain to be vital for the users. App icon remains to be among the top influential factors which affect the Conversion rate in both of these stores. Having said that, the app icon is the main identity of the product and needs to be properly optimized in order to increase both the Conversion Rate to Download and CTR on lists. Video previews and screenshots have much more influence in case of Apple App Store in comparison to Google Play Store. These visual elements are essentially the real estate on the Apple App Store which includes the appearance on the respective search results page. The effect of these visual elements can’t be underestimated, so you need to test as well as optimize them constantly in order to ensure the best conversion combination.

2. User Rating

User rating or feedback has resulted in being a quite vital factor in case of both stores. Given the high importance to this particular element in terms of Conversion as well as Search, optimization and improvisation of user feedback is quite essential. Businesses need to strive for getting more as well as better user ratings and reviews along with keeping away the negative ones by offering excellent and seamless user experience. They need to give the users an easy way to reach out to them and report their issues and problems.

3. Localization

A localized product page highly affects the Conversion Rate. Hence it is vital to adapt your product page to various cultures if you wish to improve the conversion rate as well as drive more downloads. Hire app developer who understands the impact of localization on app ranking.

Latest ASO Trends for 2018

The key trends of App Store Optimization are:

Trend 1

Installs per keywords will be duly available on the Google Play Store. Google has recently released the feature which will reveal the keywords that drive organic installs for the Android apps. This feature is meant for a limited number of beta-testers. Install per keyword report provides a hint of Google Play Ranking algorithm and has helped in identifying various vital patterns.

Search actually takes a smaller portion when it comes to organic installs. It was common belief that majority of organic downloads were due to search. But the organic search installs report released by Google Play has revealed that situation is quite different especially in case of games.

Now, Apple Search Ads or ASA will become available in more number of countries. The Apple Search Ads assist the applications and games in gaining more visibility by positioning them on the search results’ top on the App Store.

Trend 2

User experience and user engagement will get more significance in ASO. A customer-centric approach has arisen as main ASO trends for the year 2018. As user feedback is quite a critical aspect, especially when it comes to Conversion Rate to install, it is vital to offer exceptional and excellent user experience. The main focus of both app stores is on the high-quality apps. Hence user engagement is rising influence on rankings.

Trend 3

The industry experts have also mentioned some of the other trends such as popularity of Augmented Reality based apps, A/B testing feature in Apple App Store and app store giving higher ranks to 3D elements based apps along with video being the vital factor for both Search and Conversion Rate.


More and more number of new mobile apps are submitted , and there is huge competition which is rising, and it is quite difficult to improve visibility as well as Conversion Rate than implementing an effective App Store Optimization strategy.

The above-mentioned factors are the ones which influence the rank of apps on both of the app stores. Localization, User Feedback, Graphics Elements etc. are key factors for higher Search and Conversion Rate. Also, the trend mentioned in this article will remain to be of importance in the year 2018 and companies offering mobile app development services need to keep them in mind when implementing their ASO strategy.

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