The Importance of App Quality In Mobile App Development

Akansha Pandey
Published on Jun 08, 2018 in App Development
The Importance of App Quality In Mobile App Development

There are many apps installed on your phone: apps for booking cabs, bank transaction apps, e-wallet apps, shopping apps, social networking apps; and even some apps for fun as well. App Stores have close to 5 million apps; it’s a huge figure in the mobile app development world.

Check out your phone: you must have multiple apps for a single purpose; the irony is that you don’t even use many of these apps often. That signifies the amount of low app quality at the development stage. At the end of the day, these apps are not able to fulfill all the user requirements. Users keep switching from one app to another, just to find the most suitable solution. Here, a mobile app developer plays a vital role.

App quality is a significant quotient for the mobile app development process. Many mobile app development companies are not up-to-date with technology and they are developing apps on obsolete technologies. The developer’s expertise also has a role. Many mobile app developers are unable to deliver better quality due to the lack of expertise.

One thing that app developers can’t ignore is the constant evolution of technology. This means that apps also need maintenance and regular updates, which is another factor that defines the quality of an app. Latest technologies, updates, expertise, and maintenance are not the only factors responsible for app quality. There are some more factors that also have a direct impact on the app quality. Let’s check out some of them:

App design

App design should be simple and elegant for better usability. A simple design helps users navigate and interact within in the application. Any complexity makes it difficult for users and they will rate it poorly. The key is to keep a balance of simplicity and elegance. App design should make user’s life easier. Mobile app dvelopers have to understand that not every user is tech-savvy.

App planning

The mobile app development process should always be planned so developers can calculate the amount of time, expertise and resources required. Many times, the client will ask app developers to make some updates or changes. The planning should be done in a way that doesn’t interrupt the development process.

The Importance of App Quality In Mobile App Development

App features

App features are also one of the vital factors of app development. The number of features and type of features defines the quality of an app. If an app for booking cabs doesn’t have a pre-booking feature, it won’t be helpful for users. Most of app developers charge according to the number of features. At the end; fewer app features means poor app quality.

Agile Development

The development process does matter; companies have different development processes, which is a deciding factor in app quality. The top mobile app development companies use the agile development method for development projects. What makes it so popular is its layered architecture, which results in high-end functionality and stunning expressive design.

App Security

The security of an app defines the trust among your users. Data breach is a concern for users. If users don’t trust you, they won’t appreciate your app. A good quality app is one who has great security features. User’s data security is vital and it’s the responsibility of mobile app developers.

App Testing

App testing is the final step for an app’s development process, which offers a direct impact on the app’s quality. The app should work in different environments and each possible bug should be addressed properly. The best mobile app development companies know the importance of the testing phase. They invest money on deep testing to get a “zero-error” final product.


Over the years, mobile app development has evolved significantly. App development is not just coding, but a comprehensive project featuring several components. The differences between a top app or a poor quality solution are vital for its success.

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