Impact of AI on web development in 2019

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Jan 22, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
Impact of AI on web development in 2019

Web Development is going to seek a new turn with AI in its advanced stage. From technical development to the intrusion into our general life, Artificial Intelligence is becoming an integral part of life, so its the impact on Web development. Web Development is a constantly changing field and here user always tends to reach a completely new and hyper-customized feel and personalized experience. The web application which contains the ever-new hyper-customized experience is most appreciated by the users.

The ever-growing demands of the user and the competition to offer the most personalized user experience put pressure over the web development company. Using AI tools is the best resource for the custom software development company, offering collaborative web applications.

Automation of the web application development process, insist web developers put less attention over the basic tasks but over the value-adding aspects such as planning out design strategy and formulating user experience. Artificial intelligence powers the human-machine collaboration and the interaction between both has transformed the web up to a great extent. In 2019, custom software development has taken a new leap with the human-machine interaction.

How is Artificial Intelligence Going to Impact Web Development in 2019?

Pre-designing the code using AI: Artificial Intelligence can collaborate in web programming too. Performing the basic tasks such as adding, updating and manipulating the record of the database, forecasting which operations are most likely to be used and utilizing those operations to be adopted by web application developers in the form of assistance AI offers for the web development company. There are many front-end development apps being developed which helps to create the self-modifying fully functional code with little to very less human intervention.

For offering Artificial intelligence based tools, machines are needed to train well and designed very prudently. The more intelligent the design, more crucial difference it makes.

Web development using Artificial Intelligence

For a mobile app development company and web app development company, the most tedious task is to design the basic template layout. Artificial Intelligence simplifies the whole process of design and development and eases this task. With the help of a basic questionnaire, AI determines the need of developer and offers the personalized content with the optimum combination of design, layout, and content.

There are some online tools available which automatically analyze the entries and recommend the template elements including the photo editing skills such as image recognition feature for creating relevant content over images. For making this possible in a most efficient manner, training machine to read the human requirement, offering the most relevant content is crucial for making task meaningful. One time investment over AI tools eases out the projects for the long run.

Better Utilization of Web Analytics Data for Search Engine Optimization

SEO strategies generally depend on the numerical data offered by Google web analytics and other tools. Earlier machines were just limited to the processing capabilities of a human, how an SEO analyst will mine and interpret the data, and frame out the weekly or monthly strategy. AI tools enable the use of metadata for optimized SEO approach with the predictive analysis for weeding out the irregularities, bad content and negative promoter elements in the current architecture from the SEO perspective.

There are some efficient AI tools being built in the market which assists web developers in sewing the strategic plan for their website and managing the website content collaborating with the SEO guidelines.

1) Requirement Gathering and Data Mining

Data mining is so prevalent word today. AI tools working at the back end collect every query and clicks of the user to know the user interests and reviews. With no human intervention, voice assistant and AI Chabot work over the designed algorithm to collect data, create a detailed description, and use data extraction tools for reaping out the strategically advantage. NLP, artificial vision, image recognition algorithms are few examples of the application of AI in business.

2) Superior Customer Care with AI

A simple visit over a website can be truly worth if it is converted into an opportunity. AI-based chatbots are made to simulate the real conversation by learning something new with every conversation and adapting the action/ response accordingly. The automation of routine task saves the workforce and offers the most relevant search to the user. For example, showing fitness offers to a person interested in buying cars is of no use.

AI tool integration to a web application increases the possibilities, improve visitor participation, respond to queries, and give real-time assistance.

3) Automated testing 2019

Automated testing is an important process of any mobile app development company. With 2019, AI tools are also gaining the advantage over testing. AI perceives the historical data and offers efficient fault prediction techniques, quality control approaches, fast repair of bugs, and more seamless production.

Artificial intelligence integration with quality analysis, powers developers to discover effective testing techniques, faster identification of outliers, effective coding techniques and faster production for custom software development company. Developers now going to stay off burden and simply focus over the compilation while the strategically complex task will be performed by AI.

Marketing and Sales automation ERP is a crucial part where AI has already brought a bigger change and a lot is yet to come. AI can collaborate ERP with an end to end assistance in every aspect of sales & marketing beginning from prospecting, and lead generation to the opportunity conversion and revenue generation.


2019 could bring significant improvements to the technical approach and most of the complex task will be rendered for machine learning tools. The intelligent web has made itself so indispensable for web development ecosystem, where the next step is to create the self-improving web application which can think beyond the human limits. So 2019, could be a game changer event, how long leap technology takes, hard to assume and where artificial intelligence itself is such a powerful tool, ready to cross the human boundaries and offer new capabilities.

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