Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development in 2019

Mukesh Singh
Published on Jan 24, 2019 in App Development

After the consistent rumors, updates and generic growls around the world, finally, 5G technology is ready to knock the door in 2019. Previously, when the internet was launched onto the world, nobody predicted that it will create a temblor in the mobile app development industry and now it’s happening all over the world. The combination of emerging technologies such as Cloud, IoT, and AI is driving new opportunity for mobile app development and will surely leave grateful impact within organizations for years to come. The approach in which 5G links to the broader cloud backend, and the way in which AI integrates across the full processing chain, will be the key to popping material innovation and value.

After so many discussions and wait, 5G is here to revolutionize industries with the boom. This powerful technology is on the verge of altering mobile app development, which we are going to talk about in much detail in this blog.

After seeing the potentials that 5G technology comes with, it will be unfair to call it just a network. In the upcoming years, 5G will be the primitive factor for a complete ecosystem that is made of completely connected devices and is capable of improving business and mobile app development.

Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development in 2019

The paradigm shift in 5G technology has brought lasting effects across various industries in ways that are going to open doors of innovation and transformation to an extent that things were always assumed to will be too far fetched from the current network speed.

This 2018 was the year in which 5G mobile applications found their legs, but in 2019 we are going to see 5G finding its way into the upper corner of our Mobile app development, and for iPhone mobile app development it is more likely going to be 2020 or later.

How 5G technology is better than 4G?

  • Faster fiber comparable sped minus wires
  • Lower latency
  • Greater wireless power to connect an IoT network
  • A uniform experience with a greater variety of coverage option and condition
  • Greater possibilities for wireless connectivity

What are the benefits of 5G in mobile app development?

Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development in 2019

1. High Speed

Previously it was very difficult for employees to work remotely as the speed of internet gets changed miles to miles. But now the high speed tagged 5G technology will not just make it easier to work remotely but also allow users to download mobile apps in a few seconds no matter of what the MB size your app is.

Apart from high app download speed, the speed factor seen in mobile apps with 5G will also come in a convenient way for mobile app marketers who earn money on the basis of in-app downloads. Therefore, mobile app marketer will be enjoying the perk of high download speed that affects mobile application retention to a large extent. In fact, in the world of entertainment mobile app development, it is one of the main reasons behind users desertion after the first app visit.

2. Greater User Experience

One of the biggest benefits of a 5G network is that it enhances the user experience more than we expected. Clarity is the fringe benefit of this amazing technology, you surely noticed the difference between watching a video on 2G network over 5G Network. The effect of mobile application UI gets exalted to a large extent when streamed on a 5G networks.

3. Faster File Transfer

With the help of faster speed, it is very easy to transfer files, money or anything transferable. The potential of 5G browsing speed and download speed is going to bring new features for transferring files through mobile applications.

The potential of 490 MBPS browsing speed and 100 MBPS download faster file transfer process and solve the problem of mobile app developers.

4. Low Zero Latency

There is nothing more irritating for a mobile app user than an app that takes time to respond to their one action. The term Latency is something that the mobile app development companies is not a stranger to and a victim of. But with 5G mobile applications, the time it takes to react to the users’ request becomes even more prompt than real-time. An event which comes in very handy in AR/VR based mobile application development.

This new 5G network will be able to handle the billions of network traffic and can simultaneously process and manage that data promises to create new opportunities in virtual reality and augmented reality.

Now that we have given you a sneak about the benefits of 5G networking, now it’s time to discuss the industries that are most likely to be touched from 5G revolution.

Industries That Are Going to Witness the Maximum Benefit from the 5G Network

Impact of 5G on Mobile App Development in 2019

Logistics and Production

The 5G network provides the network nitty-gritty essential for manufacturing. In the logistics industry, high reliability and low latency are needed to support critical logistic activities, at that point, mobile applications with 5G network simplify the working process a lot. High bandwidth, connection density, and secure omnipresent connectivity, these are the demand of modern logistics model as currently depends on fixed-line networks. The mobile 5G technology will provide higher flexibility, short duration, lower cost, and shorter lead times for factory floor production reconfiguration, layout changes, and alterations.

Most of the companies are ready to avail the fortune of 5G technologies to address the crucial manufacturing operations including automation systems, planning and design systems, and field devices.


5G network will bring opportunities to stay connected with patients even in the ambulance or in the patient’s home. On the basis of Market Research Future study, the telemedicine market is expected to mushroom at a compound annual growth rate of 16.5% from 2017 to 2023. The study revealed that the reason for this increasing number is growing demand in rural areas for healthcare, as well as a rise in government policies.

5G Network holds the most promise opportunities for the healthcare industry with Healthcare mobile applications. For example, now doctors can prescribe medicines on call, online consultations and applications to monitor health and administer medication remotely to better manage chronic ailments.

Entertainment Industry

According to research, the global media industry stands to gain $765bn in cumulative revenues from 5G Network. Because of its capabilities, annual mobile media revenues will double in the next 10 years to $420bn in 2028. This transformative impact of the 5G network will go ahead to enhance entertainment mobile application development. It will boost the media industry on many levels, with new business leisure and new immersive interactive experiences.

Summing Up

5G network will enable deployment and allocation of dedicated “network” where, within one coverage area various services could occupy their own network, with different speed and quality.

After viewing all research related to the 5G network we can say that the future is bright and will come up with a brighter future for mobile app development as well which will be a blessing for mobile app developers.

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