Hyperlocal: A Modern Commerce and A Revolution in On-Demand Economy

Kabir Bedi
Kabir Bedi, Senior Technical Content Writer at SoftProdigy
Published on Mar 05, 2019 in Web Developers Resources
Hyperlocal: A Modern Commerce and A Revolution in On-Demand Economy

E-commerce is changing fast. This change is specifically being witnessed in on-demand delivery businesses. Much of the credit for this change should be given to the introduction of an innovative concept called Hyperlocal. This concept is being quickly embraced by popular on-demand business apps like Purplkite, XRenty, Swiggy, Flipkart, Amazon, etc.

What exactly is Hyperlocal?

How is it going to change or disrupt the e-commerce industry? This is another question that must arise in everyone’s mind. You can call it major disrupter in the on-demand economy or new age commerce to understand it. Let’s Purplkite and XRenty as an example to make you understand the concept more easily. Both Purplkite and XRenty are on-demand business apps and focus on customer satisfaction through the delivery of products on a local level from local merchants/sellers.

The level of disruption on-demand businesses:

Well, this is something to be noticed. The introduction and application of Hyperlocal concept have taken on-demand businesses to a new level. The main objective of this conceptual innovation is to ensure a positive online shopping experience. In simple words, your customers will place an order of the things they want to buy, and you will pass the order details to the nearest store of customers’ location to ensure delivery within an hour’s time.

This is one of the main reasons why modern-day entrepreneurs are approaching top mobile app developers. They want to facilitate faster delivery of products ordered by the customers. They want their customers to get things delivered at their desired location instead of making them come physically to their store. It is just for giving them a highly positive online shopping experience.

Taking this into notice, it is easy to understand the level of disruption likely to cause by the application of this conceptual innovation.

The Effects of Hyperlocal Delivery Model:

This is something to be taken into notice by businesses as well as their customers. The main reason is the number and nature of benefits businesses and customers get to reap with it. Some of the benefits of Hyperlocal concept for businesses and customers are as mentioned below:

The number of sales shoot-up:

The rapid growth of e-commerce has affected offline retailers negatively. Majority of them now see e-commerce as a threat to their business. Acceptance and application of Hyperlocal concept offer them a great opportunity to gain visibility and increase their sales, customer base and revenue to stay alive in the business market.

Fewer efforts needed by retailers:

This is another reason why top mobile app companies are focused on the development of mobile apps based on the idea of Hyperlocal concept. This concept actually allows offline retailers to get their store enlisted with one of the respective platforms. Once the order is placed by some customer, the delivery partner will assign the order to a delivery executive. Delivery boy will be managed by the delivery partner. Hence, embracing Hyperlocal concept is a great opportunity for them to save and grow their business like never before.

The level of transparency and efficiency reaches the next level:

Your customers receive the lions of share benefit offered by this delivery model. They get the luxury to evaluate options available for reaching an informed decision. The biggest benefit customers get is efficient delivery. This is something that adds to the CSR (Customer Satisfaction Rate) offline stores to help them get new customers in the future.

Increased competition benefits customers:

Again, as said earlier, customers get the most benefit of this innovative delivery model. It acts as an effective system that encourages offline retailers to improve the quality of their business efficiency, transparency, and relevant standards and practices. As a result, customers get the best quality of products or services at a competitive price.

You need just a single device to run all your errands:

Just a few taps on your smartphone’s screen and everything is done for your customers on the go. This is something on-demand business apps are now trying to provide you through the application of Hyperlocal concept.

How can you make the most of Hyperlocal concept?

This must be an important question spinning in your head. The answer to this question is very simple. You just need to follow a traditional pattern of launching your business. Once your business is launched effectively, it is now time for you to market it similarly. This is where you need to be process driven. In simple words, follow the process mentioned below:

  • Choose your domain (Industry) of business.
  • Choose your niche.
  • Determine your target audience.
  • More importantly, focus on closing the deal with merchants (targeted offline retailers)
  • Have a foolproof revenue model ready in place.
  • Approach a reputed mobile app development company and get your app ready.

Hyperlocal is fast becoming the hottest business trend for many e-commerce companies. It has come into play now. This is why many e-commerce businesses are now able to fulfill the demands of their customers at their desired locations within a very short period of time on a daily basis. The application of Hyperlocal concept is now all set to revolutionize the e-commerce industry in association with offline retailers pushed back to the wall with the growth of the online shopping trend. If you are also doing some thinking about joining the party, you will first need to get your app ready from the best mobile app development company. We have everything to be that for you.

Let’s get connected and have a discussion to help you make the most of Hyperlocal concept.

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