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Ever since the launch of Android, Google has never looked back and continued to surprise the world with interesting tools, tricks, concepts and updates. One exciting concept that is rowing the present is Android Instant Apps that are all set to disrupt the entire technology landscape.

If interested in reaping the benefits, there are lots for the mobile app developers to explore, experiment and implement in the code. Hitting the headlines since May 2016, the concept is believed to bridge the gap between the mobile web and mobile applications, creating a win-win situation for both users as well as for mobile app developers.

For our love for technology, we ought to cover everything you need to know about Android Instant Apps. So let’s get started by uncovering various aspects of the concept.

What are Android Instant Apps?

Referred to as smart subsets of a mobile app, Android Instant Apps allow users to experience the app interface without even downloading the app. This means that only the desired code of the app runs in the browser enabling easy access to the users by simply following the web search link from the search results page. So basically, you get your desired app page with just a single click, and that too without loading your device with a complete app download.

To commence with this feature, Android app developers have a major role to play, amending the source code as per the new standards. The work done in the background becomes more crucial here, which includes assessing push notifications and unique device identifiers like Build Serial, IMEI, IMSI, SSAID and Mac Address.

Why Android Instant Apps?

Storage has always been a major concern for end users and this is why they have been hesitant in downloading new apps. They only download a mobile app when users feel that they cannot make it without the application. These concerns leave users to access the mobile version of the desired website, which apparently cannot match the quality and the experience of the app.

Google too had comprehended all this, and thus had to come up with this new feature that not only benefitted app owners in finding new prospects but also grants users a superlative app-like experience. By allowing the access to some features of the application without downloading it, end users can now be at an advantage of relishing the features without creating an extra load on the storage drive of their smartphone.

How do Android Instant Apps add value?

With so much being said about this latest tech innovation, what does it pack for developers and users? Though it is still in the testing phase, the real facts are yet to be revealed, but mobile app development companies need to know at the earliest. Let’s see how the latest concept can be a game changer in the app world:

The ease of access

As mentioned earlier, users will be allowed to access the amazing app features by simply clicking on the link, that will then redirect them to the necessary app page in the browser. This process will be really quick as the user will not have to go through the entire process of searching and installing the application from the Play Store. Just a simple click will do the needful.

Lots of free space

Android Instant Apps allow users to rejoice the magnificence of the app by exempting the user from the process of downloading it. This then means that smartphones will now not get loaded with the apps that are used just once or twice in three months.

No in-app penetration

By eliminating the in-app search option, users will now be able to land directly on the required product page by following the link from the search engine results page. This can help saving time and effort of users who were required to explore the massive list to reach the desirable item.

Easy sharing

Earlier, sharing an app with peers was tiresome and required a special app to complete the task. But with Android Instant Apps, the user can share an app with their circle, which obviously is really comforting.

Enhanced smartphone performance

Since the apps stored on the device will be less, the RAM will get a considerable space to run the processes without lags or glitches hence improving the performance of the device.

Summing up

These are all presumptions based on what Google shared in its press release. Expectations suggest that this will help mobile app developers and end users. So let’s see the real flesh once it completes the testing and gets ready for everyone to use.

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