How virtual reality apps can help build effective marketing strategies

Ashish Parmar
Published on Feb 12, 2016 in Mobile App Marketing
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In today’s era of cutting-edge technology, conventional marketing strategies need to be revived. Marketing should be about delivering the best possible experience to the customers. In that case, virtual reality apps can be a game changer for modern marketers. There has been a talk lately that virtual reality will emerge as the “next mega tech theme” and grow into one of the more valued market in 10 years. Isn’t that awesome? Prismetric thinks so, that's why the company has written this post about virtual reality apps.

Experts believe that virtual reality apps are on the verge of completely changing how marketers design their strategies today. So, hold onto your seats and discover the world of virtual reality, the game-changing technology that you should definitely consider while creating marketing strategies. Developing a mobile application is captivating and all-encompassing in a way conventional marketing could never be as far as virtual reality is concerned. Therefore, it is not surprising that the virtual reality app is paving the way for better customer engagement. But how can it help in marketing?

Give your customers an immersive product experience

Logistics often stand as a barrier for marketers to render in-person selling experiences to their customers. To inspire purchase decision, often it is important for the person and product to meet. However, it is not always feasible. Suppose you are trying to sell a vehicle or a property. Nothing can invoke your customers more than the reality of either test driving the car or inspecting the piece of property in person. For a hotel, the best selling tool is in the reality of it, i.e. the stay. This is where virtual reality apps can help you showcase an “experience” to your customers, regardless of where they are located.

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Customers get to know your products/services in the truest form

This isn’t a glossy, pushy pamphlet or a meticulously designed product/service design. Virtual reality apps give your customers the impression that you have nothing to hide from them. In fact, you are welcoming them to see and experience your product or service in the way it truly is. This works as an effective marketing strategy, especially when you have a new product and potential customers are interested to know whether you deliver as you claim.

Virtual reality makes your customers feel more connected

In today’s competitive market, the importance of offering something unique and relatable is incomparable. However, for most products and services, giving your customers a closer look is difficult, especially with traditional methods of marketing. But many potential customers would be more interested to buy if they feel more connected to your brand or product. A behind-the-scene look at your product with the aid of virtual reality can give the customers a chance to be a part of the process. Give them a process-based virtual reality experience, right from creation to distribution, and make your product more relatable and interesting.

It has that “WOW” factor

Needless to say, virtual reality apps have that wow factor that will instantly create a lasting impact on your potential and existing customers. Despite that, it is new in the market, virtual reality has huge potential, which every marketer should adopt to make their brand more interesting and deliver a unique experience. The impact of “seeing through” the product is truly enigmatic and much like conventional forms of marketing.

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A marketing strategy to increase ROI

If you are not seeing marketing ROI despite heavy investments, it is time for a change. Virtual reality apps have immense potential to achieve efficient processes, boost sales, and deliver marketing content that customers remember. You do not have to bring people to you physically to render the full experience of what you have to offer. Right from the experience of VIP seats to luxury suites or virtual product design and prototyping, the scope of increasing the marketability of your product is infinite.

Automotive, Education, Real Estate, Travel and Tourism are some of the industries that have already adopted this strategy and have interesting facts to showcase the effectiveness. After having their mark felt in 2015, the wearable apps use is likely to increase by many folds in 2016, thus it is very much certain that Virtual reality apps are definitely the next “big” thing that marketers should adopt sooner or later to market their products or services in the most effective manner.

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