How to Use Microinteractions for Improving UX

Ojus Sharma
Ojus Sharma, Co-founder and CEO at APPLIFY
Published on Apr 02, 2018 in App Development
How to Use Microinteractions for Magically Reforming the UX

Microinteractions are an inseparable part of our daily lives. We come across them every day. From the moment we wake up from bed to the time we retire to sleep, we find ourselves engaged in some kind of microinteraction.

The moment your smartphone alarm beeps and you shut it down, the times you bargain with the vegetable seller, or this moment when I am writing an article – all are examples of microinteractions.

Like real life, micro interactions play a vital role in mobile apps as well. It’s the combination of these little moments that delight users and motivate them to keep using your app.

Having said that, it’s important to use microinteractions wisely because they are among the most important factors for building user engagement and improving an app's user experience.

This leads to a question:

How to use microinteractions for uplifting the user experience of an app?

We approached our app development experts at Singapore with similar doubts, which they clarified immediately. Here, we wish to share their valuable knowledge.

So, have a glance:

What are microinteractions?

Small moments during which user interacts with an app. The moments when users register with the app, swipe left or right, click a particular button, or even when they open the app– all are examples of microinteractions.

Why are they important in user experience?

The user experience of an app is judged on the basis of the small interactions the user has with it, such as the moment when the user first opened the app, when he registered, the moment he used it to perform a specific function, etc.

Now, what if certain a microinteraction is not good, i.e. your app is taking decades to open or it’s showing annoying error messages?

Do you think users will like your app?

They will not.

Hence, it's important to pay attention towards these little moments and ensure that they work perfectly.

But how?

This is the sole purpose of writing this blog post, where we’ll share some killer tips to enhance the user experience of an app by using microinteractions

1. Keep Microinteractions Concise and Simple

There’s a reason these moments are called microinteractions. They’re very small and usually last for 2-3 seconds.

So, keep them short, easy, and meaningful. Too much detailing can result in bad user experience.

2. Keep the User Hooked

One thing you need to know here: Users are loyal to your app till the time it’s serving their purpose. The moment they realise that it's not useful for them, they’ll drift away.

Hence, don’t let users sit idle and get bored. Keep them visually engaged all the time.

3. Pay Attention to the Moments Page or State Changes

The most crucial microinteractions are those in which a particular action takes place or user shifts from one page to another.

If these interactions are not smooth, user experience is surely going to be affected.

So, focus especially on these instructions. They will play a great part in defining your app’s quality.

4. User Emotions Should be Your Prime Focus

While designing microinteractions for an app or a service, put yourself in the user’s shoes and think how they will behave if a particular action takes place.

Doing so will help you figure out what the user wants and craft the user experience accordingly.

5. Be predictable

Microinteractions are not the place for experimenting with your user. It will only leave them confused and frustrated.

What do you think will happen if someday the traffic police changes the meaning of traffic light colours, saying that red means go and green means stop?

You’ll definitely be mad. Won't you?

You have to abide by certain rules. You can’t change them.

In simple words

Microinteractions play a major part in reshaping the user experience of an app. If used properly, they can take user interaction to a whole new level. The user will not stop using them for months.

Hence, its the need of an hour to pay special attention towards these little interactions while creating an app and these tips will give a better insight.

Best of luck!

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