How to save content marketing disasters

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Jul 11, 2017 in Mobile App Marketing
How to save content marketing

A worldwide known fact is that content marketing helps customers buy the product, it sounds funny, but it is a reality that happens openly in every workplace at every passing hour, but sadly not every business turns out to be as successful as others, why? This question generally bogs down our thought process, thinking: why am I not winning even when my marketing strategy is also flooded with content just like the others? It’s a serious issue and it paralyzes our marketing spine.

Actually, when Bill Gates announced “Content is the king”, many marketers mistook his words and since then considered content seriously, while missing certain planning strategies that need to be integrated and must get engulfed by the content marketing to yield desirable results. It's not wrong to consider content marketing a driving force to create a genuine user base for your product, but if you don’t get a perfect dish on your table, despite adding every possible and required ingredients in the dish… it speaks of only one thing, something is missing. So if you are willing to serve your customers with an impeccable marketing strategy to grab satisfactory results for your business, then follow this step by step content marketing guide so you avoid the content marketing mistake pool. Let’s begin.

Write with a plan

I understand that you have that good factor in you that allows you to write anything and at any time, but it needs to be maintained and well-planned. I know it sounds so itchy when you are told to write as per the plan, since it curbs the rhythm of thoughts and consumes that energy and enthusiasm you have and you get drained away, but remember, planning in content marketing works as its soul, and if you are not going to plan what you are going to write, your efforts would end in despair. Many content writers write on random topics that get lost in the random memory jungle of users, so the key here for you is to write about what users want to read, you can do research on this through Google Trends or Blog Title Generator to offer you useful topics based on the users’ demands for your business domain.

Shout louder

It might sound insane to many but I would like to draw your attention towards the next step that is content promotion. Why? Let me tell you that unless you promote your content, it is of no use to anyone because there is a myriad of content writers and SEO services promoting the relevant content data on various portals, this makes your content fall behind on the recognition meter, so you too need to reach your targeted audience through their prefered channel where they are comfortable like social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Reddit and many more), e-mail newsletter, forums and every other possible platform that may help you reach your potential user base without any hurdle.

Robotic content

I think the name itself is quite explanatory, such type of content basically speaks a language which is way too technical or robotic, and it does not echo itself well to the targeted users. Let me make it easier for you: the content that does not speak the language of users so they feel detached with the essence of writing is known to be robotic content. When you write content, it's way obvious that you need some time to get accustomed with the users and their requirements, I advise you to take your time and write only about what users can relate to. Do not rush in to write any random content because unless your content is able to touch the chord of your user’s emotions, it will all go in vain.

A few tips for you all: write in a language that users understand, I know there are many situations, where you may have to write down technical aspects, but relate them to some generic examples so users can feel why and how this technology is useful for them, make your content engaging, add real-time examples, content must be reader-friendly, add visuals that will translate your content well, it will help users to understand your motive behind writing with a glance over the visual and its caption.

Hairline difference between content and story

I am sharing a mantra that we all secretly follow, but are not aware of. Yes, it is hard to believe, but true, that we tend to remember stories for a longer time than content. Do you find it confusing? I am an avid reader, and can read anything at any place, given the condition that I read a story, but not the content. When I address content term, it sounds so mechanical and full of marketing gimmick written intentionally to promote a particular service or product.

On the contrary, a story speaks about an experience of our lives or at least help us to relate to some special incidents of our daily lives in an interesting way. But it is a little tricky, since you need to be perfect enough to create storytelling content, not the marketing infused content. Your users love storytelling content, they can relate to it more often, so read more good content and learn how to merge marketing with storytelling content. You must use more personalized examples and words, so your users can visualize them in a narrated situation and get provoked to utilize your services as a solution to their problems.

Practice patience

When it comes to content marketing, then patience is the key to success. Content is not an output of Hogwarts School of Magic and does not produce results instantly, rather it takes time to reflect the results. If you compare and judge the quality of your content on the basis of other established blog’s content, then you are hugely mistaken because every content is different and so their targeted audiences are different too, so just hold the baton and keep on running, if your content carries the required essential success ingredients then very soon it would chart the success rate. So be patient.

SEO magic

Many content writers have that caliber that can help them to excel in no time, yet they consume more time than required to get a glimpse of success. Do you know why this happens? The major reason behind this is the lack of SEO healthy intervention. SEO and content are the two faces of one coin and one is incomplete without the other. SEO strategies come with relevant keywords within the content to make it sound more relevant to reach the targeted users. So let there be a flow of SEO and content fusion to make content marketing more powerful and effective.

Content marketing has indeed turned into an essential essence of anyone’s marketing strategy. The only thing it requires is little refinement. It works well with every industry and has a pivotal role to play in the mobile app development since it lets any mobile app development company help their clients with astute content marketing strategies.

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