How to Protect Your Mobile App from Negative Reviews?

Akansha Pandey
Published on Sep 19, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
How to Protect Your Mobile App from Negative Reviews?

Good comments tell you what people like in your app; on the other hand, negative reviews tell you what people don’t like. Well, both positive, as well as negative reviews have a different role and you should take them seriously. If you build your mobile app with the help of a reliable mobile application development company, then the chances of negative reviews become less. When you receive negative reviews, first of all, don’t panic for anything, just think wisely and focus on what customers need. If your app is buggy, then even great designers can’t save to get negative feedbacks. Take immediate action to resolve the bugs as this is the best approach to influence users.

No doubt, negative reviews can kill your app and also influences customers’ action. To deal with negative reviews, create a workflow as it will prove helpful in protecting your app from negative reviews. Generally, negative reviews are caused due to technical hitches so you have to provide immediate customer support. If a user is giving you negative reviews then definitely some features are missing inside your app. Before publishing your app to App Store, test it again-n-again. If you don’t agree with a review, try to understand the problem from the user end and discover what kind of problem they are facing with the app. If a customer has raised serious concerns about your app, instead of ignoring, take the prompt action.

In this blog, we are telling you 5 basic strategies that you should follow to protect your mobile app from negative reviews:

Grab Apps from Google Play Only

If you download an app from Google store then definitely the risk of downloading a malicious app is quite low if we download it from a different source. Although you may trust other stores but make sure they are not involved in malicious activities. If you want to keep your mobile phone from Trojans, navigate to Settings> Security and then toggle off “Unknown Sources”.

Choose Apps from Trusted Developers

It is always safer to download an app from trusted developers because a well-known company always takes care about its reputation. If you are downloading an app from Google Store then have a look at developer’s name, published details as well as contact details.

Check Ratings as well as Reviews at Once

It would be not wrong to say that a high rated app is a hallmark of a helpful and safe app. While checking reviews, you should check properly as there also fake reviews too. You can easily identify fake reviews as they are written in quite a simple language. If you come across through negative reviews, get in touch with developers and try to resolve them.

Pay Attention to Permission That App Need during Installation

While installing an app, you should check properly what kinds of permissions are required to access specific functions and data. Before installing any app on your mobile, check all permissions thoroughly as some of them might be dangerous for your device.

Make Sure Your Device Has a Reliable Security Solution

How to Protect Your Mobile App from Negative Reviews?

It does not matter what kind of app you are downloading on your mobile phone, make sure your device has a reliable security solution. Before installing any app, just ask from yourself, is it necessary for you? If possible, scan the app manually using Kaspersky Internet Security for Android.

Now, let’s see how to deal with negative reviews in an effective way.

No doubt negative reviews can affect your business and every mobile app developer gets disappointed when someone criticizes his creation.

  • Don’t Take Anything Personally: When you see bad reviews about your app, instead of getting furious or losing your temper, try to discover what is the real problem.
  • Try to Understand User Problem: Take the user problem seriously and apologize from them and let them know you will put your best efforts to resolve the problem. Convince the customers and assure them that you are always available to them.
  • Ignore The Trolls: Sometimes, a sorry is not sufficient to satisfy users; in fact, you have to do some extra efforts. If possible, provide them with other benefits that are associated with your app. Show them that you really care about them and improve the bugs as soon as possible.
  • Keep Users Updated: It is also important to tell users that what improvements you have made in that app and ensure users that everything is in order according to their needs. After making changes in an app, again gather customer feedback.
  • Provide App Support: Try to provide a support inside your app so that you can immediately implement a solution whenever any bug arises. Assure the customers that the problem will get resolved within a short time.
  • Utilize Social Media: It is seen that users use social media channels to share their opinions and it is the right platform where you can build a strong relationship with them.

Things You Should Always Keep In Mind:

  • Build a great mobile app and add new features from time to time as this will help you to grab user attention.
  • Encourage users as you can and ask them to leave feedback but don’t get annoyed because of negative ones.
  • Identify the most engaged users and resolve their problems at first and but don‘t ignore the other two. Also, notify the users once all technical intricacies get resolved.
  • Make it easy for users so that they can report the problem. If possible, provide in-app support, email ID, phone number and try to keep negative reviews away from app stores.
  • Don’t forget to ask from your beta-testers as well as social media fans for feedback. Approx 79% of the user always check reviews as well as ratings and after that, they proceed towards downloading.

Bottom line

Actually, it is extremely difficult to deal with negative reviews of a mobile app but it is not impossible. In fact, you should consider such a thing as a good opportunity to improve your mobile app. Try to encourage users to share their feedback as through them you can easily understand what is missing inside an app.

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