How to make food ordering app like UberEats?

Hemendra Singh
Hemendra Singh, Managing Director at The NineHertz
Published on Mar 25, 2019 in App Development
How to make food ordering app like UberEats?

Craving for your favorite dish? Get it delivered at your doorstep!

Such is the business proposition of UberEats, which aims to supply the most basic need of food in quick time whenever you’re hungry.

Are you also aiming to make this simple business of demand & supply?

Are you the one who is eager to solve our day to day problems?

And are you ready to build this business by using tech, to make food ordering app like UberEats?

If the answer to all the above question was an emphatic YES, then you are at the right place to find all the answers. In this blog post, you will get to know how to make a food ordering app like UberEats.

Why make an app like UberEats?

Eating is something that everyone loves to do, and what’s better than sitting at home in comfort and reading your favorite book or watching your favorite show or film or just chilling with your family & friends and ordering food from your favorite restaurant at your fingertips.

Especially, the individuals including milenials have shifted their preference to mobile on-demand food delivery services from dining out like- Pizza Hut, Domino’s, and Burger King. The wide range of restaurants, unlimited cuisines and their option to pay in a single tap on food delivery apps have made lives easier!

There are two major food delivery startups that are ruling the market actively:

1. The aggregator model

2. Food delivery platform with logistics support.

Let’s explore more about the aggregator model.

The aggregator model

The aggregate model is based on old traditional food delivery systems. The third party to manage the local people and customers and local restaurants. In this case, the delivery is completed by the employees of the respective restaurants. For those who are wondering how to create a food delivery app can go through this model. This food aggregator development model is great if you are investing in big funds.

Things to take care of while building an app!

Before you start the development of a product, it is always good to remember your target goals from it, characteristics you want in it and the advantages you are going to focus upon.

  • Start nearly, test your concept, launching a campaign then scale onto a big scale.
  • Hire the skilled and experienced app developers who have previously or currently working in this field. Read this guide for outsourcing app developers.
  • Promotion is important before the start of the campaign and from the very start of the initial phase. Engage the potential customers via social media, emails etc.
  • The main aim and focus on getting feedback from customers and making improvisations based upon that.
  • Make a team or hire a team which is worthy and it stays, competitive salary, flexible working hours, work from home option, incentives, rewards etc. are just a few common perks.

How to build an on-demand app like UberEats?

Food apps like UberEats is a big competitor for a newly launched app. Therefore, one should try to develop the app on-demand.

UberEats is the food delivery application provided by the Uber company which allows to order the food from your local restaurants and get it delivered by the freelance drivers who work for Uber. It also includes the functions we have mentioned earlier. Because of the popularity of the app and the innovation that stands behind it, many developers and business minded people are considering UberEats clone app development.

UberEats clone script

Clone scripts of highly popular on-demand service marketplaces can act as a starting base for creating your own food delivery app or website. We mentioned UberEats clone scripts because we have two main reasons:

• Both Cab aggregators and restaurant aggregators are on-demand service marketplace businesses which require quick action.

• Both offer a way to track the live location and status of the requested service (cab or food).

A holistic approach for app development

Let’s take a step by step approach to cover all the aspects for UberEats like app development from the scratch.

Step one: Choose a Clone Script or Clone App template

Step two: Customize the App/Script UI to match your brand identity

Step three: Customize the options and the services according to your brand

Step four: Launch your food-ordering app.

Following are the aspects to study a clone and to finalize the most suited base script for your business.

1. Platform compatibility: The technical aspects for platform compatibility decide the extent of your business to users with different devices. To make a food ordering website is just not enough to run a successful operation in 2018. The script's vendor must have support to offer least three versions: Website for mobile and desktop, Android application, and iOS application.

2. Number of Application: In any food delivering and ordering business. There are 3 key partners: General users, Restaurants, and Delivery personnel. All three partners must connect with each other when required. Therefore, an efficient clone script should provide three different applications for all three partners in the whole process.

3. Payment Systems: One of the main pillars of a food delivery business is the availability of multiple and secure payment options. Having many options make ensure that the user doesn’t bounce back only because they did not find their preferred payment method on your app. Hence you have to make sure your app supports the prominent payment methods such as Debit card, Credit card Net Banking, UPI, and popular Digital Wallets.

4. Push notifications: Push notifications are used both for customer engagement and for utility communications. With push notifications, you keep the users updated on different stuff such as order status, new offers, new coupon codes, reviews, new restaurants in the service list, and new locations in the service list etc.

5. Ratings and reviews: Postmates. UberEats and many other food delivery companies were able to integrate the work of freelance drivers to provide timely services They work on their own, it is important to track their work to make sure that they work well and don’t compromise the reputation of the company. This should be achieved help of the ratings and user reviews. Nice feedback can be a great advantage for the app progress.

6. Delivery time: Delivery time is a very useful bonus for an on-demand delivery platform like UberEats. It makes sure the customers to manage their expectations effectively and reduce the anxiety of the wait.

How Much Does It Cost to Develop an On-Demand Food Delivery App?

The cost of on demand food ordering app largely depends on the type of functionality you wish to implement in your app. However, to give an approximate value, a simple food delivery app may cost around $12,000 – $20,000, whereas a more sophisticated solution may go beyond $40,000.

Developing an Android app costs slightly more than an IOS app, as that needs rigorous app testing which involves an enormous sum of money.

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