How to make a Matrimonial app like Shaadi?

Rajan Dhole
Published on Jul 19, 2019 in App Development
How to make a Matrimonial app like Shaadi? is easily the biggest matchmaking service provider in India and a leading matrimonial app for finding your life partner. New marriages are arranged every 2.4 seconds, thanks to apps like this one. With more than 6 million success stories, this is the modern matchmaker app that forms the cornerstone of bride or groom search in contemporary society. An app like this has redefined boundaries with cutting-edge innovation.

This app also comes with an automatic interface that enables easy control. One can easily connect through a Sign-up method and meet potential matches in minutes. If you’re wondering how to build an app like like this one, our team of mobile experts is adept at creating apps that are dynamic and secure. Shaadi’s mobile app tour is verified and confidential, with Aadhaar confirmed profiles on the application. Such precision and feature-packed functionalities require a skilled team for the app design and development process.

If you need insights on how to build such a matrimonial app, there are certain features and functionalities you need to consider if you want to replicate the success of leading matrimony applications. Above all, choose a premier mobile app development company as your trusted development partner.

Key Features of This Matrimonial App is India-based and the world's biggest matrimonial site. It operates out of USA, UAE, Canada, and the UK. Established in 1997, this matrimonial company allows the bride and groom to search globally to be simple and easy. In addition to online portals and its mobile app.

The app itself is available in both Android and iOS devices. Matrimonial app development costs depend on many factors. So, if you need insights on how to build a matrimonial app, we have a team of experts that focuses on the basics of Android and iOS app development through hybrid apps, depending on which smart devices you want to target.

It’s easy to find brides and bridegrooms through filters based on location, family type, job and other details on an app like the one this premier app development team designs. To compete on an equal footing, your matrimony application should enable users to chat, call or send emails to connected members for premium account holders.

Push notifications are another feature your app must have. Users can get well-suited matches through notifications. For such advanced features, your developers must possess skills and expertise. App development specialists can lead you to the best outcomes.

Stages of Matrimonial App Development

#1 Choosing the App Platform

Matrimony app development needs to be based on a solid app platform. You can choose between iOS and Android app development or even opt for hybrid apps. While iOS matrimony apps cost less than Android, the reason for this is that iOS requires fewer devices to be tested for. This is why hybrid mobile apps are perfect for your matrimonial brand.

#2 Designing the Application

Matchmaking does not always prove fruitful in the first effort, so apps for matrimonial users need to retarget customers. For attracting viewers just like this app does, your app needs to be attractive and score on UX and UI. Mobile app development, therefore, must focus on good design. But features and functionalities should also be chosen with care.

#3 Deciding the Size of the App

Matrimony apps incorporate certain features and functionalities. App size focuses on the extent to which the app has basic and advanced features. This is a critical step in matrimony app development.

#4 Developer Expertise and Location

Matrimony mobile app development also varies depending on geographical location, expertise and experience levels of the mobile app development team. As a company which hires the top talent and skilled, seasoned specialists, this app development company is a cut above the rest.

#5 Payment Integration

Integrating a mobile wallet into the app ensures payments occur without any hassles. Though it costs additional, payment integration offers tangible benefits in the end.

Key Features of Shaadi’s App

The app is customized to suit the user's needs and requirements. There's even a profile feature view tracker in the account and an OTP login system. Discovering new matches on the site is also easy. There are in-built privacy settings.

There's also a listing page for the prospective bride or groom.

The app offers ease of communication and options to search by ID pages.

So, what makes such an online matrimony app complicated to develop? This database-driven app requires strong design skills, and a well-constructed base to support tons of information and high-end features.

Matrimony apps also come with massive features and functionalities. As online matrimonial apps require a huge number of connections and ease of communication, the app should work seamlessly despite extensive information and lots of images of the users.

This not only occupies online space on the app in terms of design and development, but it also leads to escalating costs.

Basic Services Your Matrimony App Should Have

  • Profile sign-ups through OTP or email IDs.
  • Profile verification: This will be either through an email ID or mobile number.
  • Generate the desired partner profile: Many individuals have their own ideas about the perfect match. This feature helps them to search for desired partner profiles.
  • Highlighting personal interests and preferences. This includes academic qualifications, hobbies, personal details, specific interests, home town details, etc.
  • Adding profiles of interest
  • Communicating expressions of interest
  • Membership packages: paid packages can be accessed by users.
  • Integration capabilities: Your app should have payment integration, cloud storage integration, CMS, and CRM integration.
  • Notifications: This enables users to receive information about the app via SMS or emails.

The Cost Considerations

#1 Functionalities and app purpose

Matrimonial apps can be extensive. Development price depends on how complicated the app is. With the right value for money proposition, our team of experts offers affordable yet quality matrimonial apps.

#2 App Designing

Matrimonial apps have enticing UX and UI. These play a critical role in impacting app use and attracting customers. The right approach to app design starts from prioritizing customer needs.

#3 Various App Platforms & Integration

Integration and choosing the right app platform may demand extra effort in the early stages but money and time are saved subsequently by choosing a quality service provider.

Final Word

Opting for a top-rated mobile app development company to get the feature-rich matrimony apps at cost-effective prices. Consider the portfolio and testimonials as well Hybrid apps can stream on a single platform and move past the conventional native app limitations. Hybrid apps function on diverse platforms and entail less cost and time in mobile app development.

Post-development maintenance and management of bugs and flaws post the app launch and app security considerations also come into play. So, choose a reliable solutions provider like Sankalp, to ignite innovation and get ready to step into the world of matchmaking success.

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