How to get an effective App idea to generate revenue?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Aug 28, 2018 in Mobile App Marketing
How to get an effective App idea to generate revenue?


Mobile app development has picked up the enormous pace in recent years. We have witnessed a large number of entrepreneurs establishing different startups and businesses which are based on new app ideas which are generating millions of dollars in funding as well as revenues. There are people always looking for profitable app ideas to generate a large amount of revenues. Here, we cover all the necessary aspects to how to get an effective app idea in order to generate revenue which can be useful for ay mobile application development company.

The first thing that ought to consider is that most of the apps don’t make money and some of them aren’t meant to be. There are different methods to make money which don’t involve apps. But we are here to learn about different ideas of how to make money with new app ideas.

1. Discovering New App Ideas to Generate Revenue

To begin with, the first thing which you have to do is come with a great idea for creating a successful mobile app. Even though it seems obvious, but the best way to arrive at new app ideas is to discover and find the specific problem which should be solved by your app and then build the respective mobile app solution for that particular problem. When you start brainstorming to find different problems to solve, make sure that you identify a particular problem that you are currently experiencing. Identifying the right problems which people are facing will give you a head start in finding how to come up with a great solution. Along with this, you need to remember that there are multiple solutions to any given problem. So, you don’t have to get discouraged in case you find a few apps which are solving the similar problem in a rather different way. Rather, you should think about a different approach which solves the same problem but in much more effective as well as cheaper way.

2. Browsing the App Store

Another great way to find the best app ideas is to check for different apps in the best and top categories which you are interested in and then find which problems other businesses’ apps from different mobile app development services are actually solving. The next thing to perform is finding the right keywords which are related to the particular categories which actually interest you. For instance, you can search for productivity, marketing, fitness etc. Search for those particular keywords in the App Store in order to check which apps return and what type of solutions they are presenting. Along with this, you can also go to the specific featured app sections in different App Store and find various categories of mobile applications that are featured in Apple App Store and Google PlayStore.

3. Researching outside the App Store

Find and go to different startup pitch meetings and you can easily find yourself among the people who think like you. You can easily find local startup meets where you can meet the aspiring entrepreneurs that are also looking for great app ideas. By this, you can easily get to hear app ideas of these people, and in case you don’t come up with any great idea, even then you will feel more focused and energized along with motivated by meeting these people. It allows you to identify the market. The market which you are targeting can essentially play a vital role, and it can certainly have a substantial impact on your app idea's success. You can easily find a lot of different new as well as unique app ideas by simply analysing the demand of the market. Hence, identifying the market will allow you to come up with different new app ideas as well as help you in checking the market standing. For this, you need to launch your own app in a beta phase and then make use of lean startup methodology in order to make sure that your target market certainly needs your app.

4. Research and Validate your App Idea

Once you have arrived at a particular new app idea, it is the right time to do some research before you get started with building a mobile app. Remember that it is the most vital and critical step which you shouldn’t skip as it ensures that your money, as well as time invested in converting your new app idea into a mobile app, is well-invested. Also, you need to reach out to potential customers or users. Once you know that there is enough number of people who might be actually interested in your app, it is right time to reach out to them and ask these potential users what they actually think of your app idea. You can easily reach out to these potential users by simply posting on social media networks like Facebook Groups and LinkedIn, tell them that you have got an idea and then ask them to share their own opinion about it.

5. Build and Market your App Simultaneously

In case your mobile app idea has made it to this far, then you are , and you can safely assume that your idea is among the best app ideas. So, now is the time to get started with the mobile app development. The very first step for building a mobile app is to have a basic understanding of your options. The mobile apps can easily be developed in two different formats: Native Applications and Mobile Web Applications. Even though they appear similar, they are quite different.

Native applications are also known as a native app are essentially a software for smartphones as well as tablets. They are specifically built for a particular mobile platform like iOS and Android, and they are actually installed in the device. Just like Windows software don’t actually work on MacOS, an iOS app won’t run on Android device, and similarly, an Android app won’t work run iOS device. In case your potential users are on both of these platforms then you have to create separate apps for each platform.

Mobile web applications are the application which is formatted to use on a smartphone as well as a tablet. These particular apps can easily be accessed through the web browser of a device which essentially means that you don’t have to install them on the device. They are actually platform independent.


Mobile apps are among the best way to generate revenues, but it is quite essential to find the right app idea. You need to understand the market demand, the potential users and do proper research to find the right idea. After doing this, you have to build the app as per the requirements of these users and build an app for them. As a mobile development company, make sure that you carry out each of these steps with caution.

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