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Klaudia Giza
Klaudia Giza, Customer contact specialist at WASKO Software
Published on Nov 13, 2020 in Custom Software Developers Resources

It can be very difficult to search for a successful software development business. It is vital to find someone who can build a solution that is compatible with your needs and allows you to develop your company. A partner who truly understands your vision and can transform it into your success is what you need.

It is important to note that there are a lot of outsourcing businesses that do this while you are looking for a reputable software development company. But you can ask how to pick the right one?

You will have to take several things into consideration during the process of choosing the ideal software development business. You will have to think about your project-what you plan and how you want the project to be completed, apart from searching for the perfect IT business.

Your idea must be detailed because then it will be easier to find software development company, but also the company of your choice will be easier to understand and prepare for your work.

Noticed that it depends on your special needs etc. You are looking for a partner, not just a software development company with the technology and ability to build software for you, but a company that will advise you and collaborate with you to optimize your product.

We will try to help you find the best software development company in this article and send you some of the most important clues when it comes to selecting your right software development partner.

Preparation stage

The more detailed your explanation is, the easier it is to build your software. When you decide to locate your software development business, you must remember it. It is important to be very precise when you begin preparing what the business partner needs you to do.

Define your aim for the program, the nature of the project and technical information. Try to decide your target group, why your solution will be produced and how the program will work. A software development company can come up with a quicker understanding of your vision if you identify those aspects.

To describe your project scope in a straightforward way, you should prepare a presentation. You should also think about your project's technical info. It can accelerate work on a solution.

It is true that the more information you explain, the easier it will be to construct your solution. With your specifications, you can make a list. This list can include your time zone preferences, countries from which your future business partner can come, tech stacks, etc. You can begin your quest with this list.

How to find the best software development company?

We need to place ourselves in the role of the organization that needs us to buy it. When trying to sell you IT outsourcing strategies, there are some things that they would like to hide.

Lack of industry experience, being disqualified for the work, getting an unprepared and inexperienced team of developers are the most important of these.

It sounds frightening and unreal, but there are companies like that, and you don't want to deal with them. The fact that it is actually very convenient to conceal your vulnerabilities in business does not help us find the right software development company. Fortunately, when getting details, you know exactly what to look for.

Do studies, firstly. Online, you can find a lot of details. Online feedback has become the most accurate source of information. We are not only looking at the product reviews of past customers. We can also look at the employees' comments about the company.

Now you have to watch out. It's easy to exploit ratings. If you see several positive or negative comments written in the same template, it means you are likely dealing with false data.

But not so many consumers look at the company's statements, as statistics indicate. As a reference, most only use the overall ranking. You have to be smarter than any of them if you want to win this data battle.

There are several websites where you can search your future software development company, such as or, for example. You can find businesses by criteria such as ratings, countries, hourly rates and more on these websites.

No one can post false data on such websites-all feedback and opinions are checked on the portals by administration, so you can be sure that opinions are 100 percent true.

You should check out their websites when you pick those businesses, if they are competent, with crowd-pleasing UI and UX.

First, the company's expertise should be reviewed. You need to see their portfolio if you want to check their work. There is a special section on their website for several tech companies about projects they have created. It is an excellent way to illustrate their expertise and professional level.

But note that not everything is found in the portfolio. Not every client decided to share with visitors their programs. So, if you want to know more than is seen on the official website, you can ask the organization to tell you some information about the portion of their projects that interest you most.

It is very important to be able to learn about the credibility of the company and to have the ability to know their employees' credentials by looking at previous projects when selecting the right software development company.

You can get better prices from a less experienced business, that is for sure. You have to remain vigilant if the contractor offers you a price that is too good to be true.

Most of the time, this means that these individuals do not realize their cost per hour of work, which may contribute to some project delays. It also reveals that their production team can be less talented and less experienced. Remember to explore their method of software creation. When you have selected many businesses, try to figure out how the process of software creation is done.

What is the first step, what is the division of work in a team, who manages the team, who calls a customer, what is the meeting like, if you can do it remotely?

Companies very often have this kind of detail on their website, a section on how the process of software development looks. You may also contact the company and ask them about the whole design, development, implementation process, and more. A good software development company can provide you with a detailed information package.

Try to find the right technique. It is up to you to choose the correct one and whether it is used by the chosen organization. If you want to retain the high quality of your applications, it is very important to concentrate on Agile methodology.

Agile brings elasticity to any situation and can protect you from unexpected bugs.

Price - is it the most important in choosing a software development company?

When choosing the ideal software development business, price is certainly a very important argument, but note that it is not the most important factor and this aspect should not be definitive.

It should always be noted that if anyone delivers their services at a very low price, the work performed can somehow be lost, but the execution time of the project can also be twice as long as in slightly more costly businesses. Typically, you get what you pay for, so maybe the cheapest deals are not the smartest option.

If you have a limited budget, then you can look at the price range in the IT industry that applies and settle on something in between.

When we speak about cost, the pricing model that is best to use in your case is also an important factor.

Choose a pricing model

As you can see in this post, it takes more than just writing a code to create a new program. Being conscious of the pricing models available on the market for software development is a very critical part of developing a new solution. Your relationship with a software development company will increase profits. In software growth, there are 3 key pricing models:

1. Fixed price
In advance, this billing model forecasts rates for the whole project. Considering such factors as consumer needs or work schedule, the target price is calculated. This option is more productive if the project 's value can be estimated even before the work begins. For a customer who cannot continually monitor the changes taking place in an ongoing project, it is a perfect option.

2. Time & material
In this scenario, for the job completed, the consumer pays. This implies that the progress of the project is continuously explained to the client, so that certain changes must still be made. There is no complete specification in this case, because the modifications during the project are not as costly as the fixed price. The client should identify the project's most significant functionalities and the business assumptions themselves. All else is refined throughout the project.

3. Dedicated team
In this model, the client lends employees for specific tasks. Settlements are normally made on a time&material basis. For individuals who wish to recruit, the client needs to determine his ability requirements, then the organization prepares a request for applicants who fulfil the criteria. The chosen team performs the duties to which it has been assigned. The best choice for a long-term relationship is this model.


One of the main conditions for successful cooperation is smoothly running contact between business partners. How do you ever get on the same page if there is bad contact between you and your chosen partner?

Choosing a successful communication tool would be the greatest obstacle at the very beginning. In our everyday lives, each of us utilizes several different communication methods and each of us has our favorites that are not generally necessary for business cooperation.

It is very important to choose the right one, so remember to choose those that are the most new, easiest to use, and all available. Price is also important here. You will find a comparison of two of our best networking methods in our expanded E-BOOK on finding the right business partner-which you can download by clicking here: Slack and Microsoft Teams.

A project manager must have a very good communication skill. As English is the main language we speak in the IT industry, software development companies must speak perfect English.

For example, using Microsoft Teams, you can schedule a meeting because the first impression is really significant, and this will definitely help you to test the communication skills of a potential software development company.

What is equally necessary is to learn about the country from which your software development firm comes. This will make teamwork and coordination of your work very simple for you.

It is good to know what the country's culture is, so it will be much easier to communicate the above. In the country of your business partner, check how fast the Internet is.

Because most of your meetings will take place online, this is quite important. You can also check whether there are days off in your future business partner's country to understand what your contact would look like.

Transparency is also a must — it is necessary to have access to the workflow plan and know about any progress or improvements in the framework that were made at the beginning of the relationship.

You should check if your business partner uses software and equipment that guarantees high communication efficiency. Each group, both your business partner and you, must ensure accountability.

The flow of information must be constant and always available, and that any party can easily contact the partner in case of any doubt.

Apart from transparency, there are a few more services that a reputable organization can provide to advertise its IT services. Above all, the software development company should take care of your software and provide it with maximum security.

Considering the handling of personal data-depending on the country of origin-all website security features such as SSL encryption should be tailored to the relevant legislation, if it is financial software, then the security should be at a very high level. A well-developed IT company should be prepared for any chance.

Many businesses provide post-release support, which ensures that you can get all the updates after the project is completed, and if any bugs occur after launch, the developers of your business partner will certainly fix it. This service ensures your software is constantly secured.

Did we help you find the perfect partner?

As you can see, it is not such a straightforward job to locate a good software development business. To be 100 per cent pleased with your decision, you have to consider several things. But you will definitely find exactly what you are searching for if you think about and settle on all the steps we give you in this post.

Note that when dealing with an IT outsourcing partner, or even changing the software development sector, the time spent on a comprehensive search for a partner and testing several problems would avoid potential misunderstandings.

The subsequent process of fixing or modifying the project fully could cost you more money and definitely increase your software development time.

Why is it worth using software development company In Poland

In the end, we will give you some tips on why searching for a business partner in Poland is worthwhile. The project costs are very low and among the strongest are the quality of work and the developers themselves. In addition, Poland is ranked 15th in the English Proficiency Index, so communication in English is no problem.

With IT majors, there are many universities in Poland. As many as 13 thousand students graduate from the IT faculty annually. Poland is located in the eastern part of Europe.

You can travel from any part of the world to the larger cities of Poland. With well-organized cooperation, which is a norm among Polish software development companies, also time zones are not an issue.

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