How to find a profitable mobile app idea?

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Published on May 24, 2017 in App Development
How to find a Profitable Mobile App Idea

They say ideas are dime a dozen, however, do you think every idea holds the potential to be successful? As a business owner, one may look at many mobile app ideas but at the end the question that comes in mind is: is it worth it to build this app? Will it give a great ROI? Most of the times mobile app developers and entrepreneurs struggle to understand and come out with a profitable mobile app idea. Is there a way we can come up with a profitable idea for an app? The answer is Yes, to some extent.

There are some simple ways which one can follow to hammer out a solid idea that can be promising as well as holds a good potential.

Let’s dive into the ways to pick up a good idea and ensure it is profitable too:

  • Understand the problems: you can start with something like observing the daily life, where you can observe people around you and see how they struggle with the daily tasks and whether you can find a better way to do it. Try and analyse the situations and problems people face, note it down and in some days you will be able to realize and come up with ideas that can help people. After 30 days, filter them down to the top 3 ideas. Go for the one that gets you most excited, the one that gives you sleepless nights.
  • Explore your expertise: next step is to analyze your skills. You may be good at something based on your experience or education. Start finding out and strengthen your core skills. For example if your skills are into drawing then develop a plan to develop a mobile app that allows others to learn drawing. Or maybe develop an on demand app for artists and sculptors. Maybe a mobile app that provides people with the necessary inputs and stuff for drawing. A lot of roads can be taken from a single strength. You are surrounded with many competitors as there are players on the same idea, so find out where they are lacking and present that as your app functionality to fill the gap.
  • Search for apps that have downloads, but no updates: search for apps that are not getting updated regularly. Gather those forgotten apps, use Google Play or the App Store search to see the rankings for popular, most updated and apps in the category or area of your interest like fitness, social networking, etc. These will be the ones with maximum downloads and regular updates. So instead of looking for that, review those that haven’t received an update. Go to 4th and 5th page to choose the apps that are not updated for one year. See if the user base, community and buzz are still there for these apps on social networks. Can you build an app that can cater to the fans of these existing apps? Give it a serious thought.
  • Use the latest technologies and tools: one has to be updated with the latest tools and technologies with the trend. So going with the flow of the market, keeping your mind open always throws up some new ideas. For example can you use Augmented Reality to better the home finding services? Can beacons be deployed to enhance retail experience? Can you use the latest video and audio tools to build a great education app? Utilize the resources and tools the best you can to generate some good functionalities in the mobile app that makes it a hit. Everyone loves new technology and users are amazed by how it is able to make a certain task easier. This simple strategy can work wonders if utilized smartly.
  • Replicate ideas successful overseas: many times we come across an idea which is wildly successfully overseas. The same idea can be implemented in your home market twisted to your local conditions. Chinese entrepreneurs have demonstrated this time and again. If you look at a few popular Chinese apps you will realize almost all are inspired in other already existing mobile apps. This route also allows you to learn from the mistakes a company has made and avoid pitfalls.

Follow the above methods to shortlist a few ideas. Go for market research, users demand, their need for the mobile app improvement and more. Considering the idea is not only going to work, execution is a must, think what features and functionality would you use for the uniqueness of your mobile app. Once you have finalized your concept of app, follow it up with good homework with maximum possible market research so that you can gain potential business.

How well you market the app will convey the relevancy of it to its targeted users. Get connected with a top mobile app development company to work on your app and then you can expect a great outcome. This is because no matter how good an idea is, it has to be backed up by superb execution. A well executed app is half the battle won. Put in a lot of work in marketing and customer support and you will be laughing your way to the bank.

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