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Published on Apr 06, 2017 in App Development
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Many mobile app developers and entrepreneurs want to create the next big app like Uber. Before you can go ahead and do this, you must consider what makes Uber so special and the amount of planning and money that goes into creating such a sophisticated app like theirs.

As the mobile app development company Techmagic recommends, first you need to have an idea for improving an existing service by enhancing the quality of it.

Uber took the philosophy of taxi services and expanded on it with an on demand approach. They created an app which connected drivers and riders together. The riders use the app to find drivers in their area and the drivers use the app to find riders who are willing to pay for their driving services. The best part is the money gets paid prior to the service being delivered so there is no stress over getting the riders to pay up. The idea for this app was simply brilliant. Ever since Uber launched for the first time in 2010, it got popular very quickly because this type of service was in high demand.

If you want to develop an app like Uber, then you need to decide the service that you want to deliver. Is it going to be another public transportation service app or will you do something better with it? Once you figure that out, you need to write a business plan. This will be a plan that outlines the structure of the app, the startup expenses, the operating expenses, and projected income potential.

A business plan is not only good for planning how your app is going to be made and distributed, but it will also be something that you can show to venture capitalists and loan officers when you go looking for startup funds.

According to the app development company TechMagic the cost to create an app like Uber would take about 5,000 hours of labor. The cheapest developers charge $20 per hour while the big-time developers charge $150 per hour. These estimates are based on the average hourly rates of mobile app developers. It is safe to say that you’d have to secure at least $100,000 in startup costs for developing the app.

Key app features

The app itself will need to have some important key features. For example, it needs to have a simplified registration screen where new users can sign up to register for an account with your business. Users should be able to choose whether they want to have a driver account or rider account. Regardless of which they choose, the app will need to collect their payment information.

Riders requesting services should have to submit their credit card information while drivers should submit their bank account information. That way, the rider’s credit card will automatically be charged when they request a driving service and then driver’s commission payment will be deposited right into their account, where they can withdrawal it into their bank account electronically. This makes the process of collecting fares and receiving payments so much easier and it reduces the chances of riders abusing the system.

Since the app will deal with addresses and locations, drivers will need a good GPS feature implemented into the mobile app. This is useful for drivers who may not know where certain addresses are that they’re supposed to drive to. Google Maps and Google Places should be integrated into the app for additional help with this. Also, drivers need to have the ability to accept or reject riders. One of the things that makes Uber so great is that drivers can choose when they want to work. There are always riders submitting requests for drivers all the time. Drivers can just come on the app and choose a rider to pick up when they’re ready too. This kind of convenience should be placed in your Uber-like app too. And, of course, you’ll want a messaging system in the app so that the driver and rider can communicate with each other.

Overview of the app creation

Overall, there are six important elements that will go into the creation of your app:

  • App design
  • App development
  • Backend development
  • Web development
  • Project development
  • Quality assurance

Don’t forget that you’ll have to develop two versions of the app to accommodate the drivers and the riders. Not only that, but each of these apps will have to be made available for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. This means you’ll have a total of 4 apps that you’ll have to develop.

Obviously, this is going to be a big project that will likely take months or even years to create. A lot of entrepreneurs in this position would get multiple mobile app developers working on this together in order to reduce the time it takes to complete it. If you can secure the money to fund this development, then this would be the best way to proceed with the development.

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