How to Develop a Successful Enterprise App?

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Mar 22, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
How to Develop a Successful Enterprise App?


The IT evolution has brought the time when three generations are using the app altogether. From those who have seen just smartphones being spawned by simple and safe old mobile devices, to the 6-year-old kid who has directly jumped over to the latest Smartphone Technology. No part of industry verticals and our lifestyle has left mobile unused. Whether we are sitting idle and consuming/spending/utilizing or skillfully handling the idle time over Candy Crush or Angry Birds, or we are entangled into the critical processes of enterprise level transactions, smartphones are the second home for enterprise mobility solutions.

No all apps are Enterprise level apps

Not every large app can be said as an enterprise app. The highest level of Engineering, characteristics, and features make an enterprise level app. The behind the box is open source platforms which are either available in community level or Enterprise edition. The open source edition is generally available for non-commercial use with its libraries, dependencies, and code free to use and distribute whereas Enterprise edition offer non-dynamic code and charges for maintaining service and functioning.

A renowned mobile app development company chooses Enterprise edition, which offers a great level of architecture consideration for development and implementation, and built for scalable speed. The non-enterprise level applications such as Facebook and Twitter have evolved into an Enterprise app. Enterprise app is featured with a fine-grained level of auditing which ensures as a data that we feed into is highly processed and validated to plan the business reports and matrix in the end. When you hire android developer, they go through rigorous enterprise app development criteria to meet app with the required level of features.

Things to know before enterprise app development:

Around 78% of top apps are left isolated after one use. To make apps sustainable, innovative and invoke the end user involvement must be deeply integrated into an enterprise application, which are developed for the sake of high reward situation, and simplify critical processes while delivering ROI. The right approach of enterprise app development can only be decided according to the strategy of the industry; however, there are some general practices that could be followed to provide the proper functioning secure, transactional, and powerful enterprise app with no Pitfall at all.

Clear the scope: Often enterprise level mobile applications are developed based on knowledge of any few Limited people and skewed knowledge. In spite of investing used time and money over the development, the actual development takes place without proper interaction with the customer. This unclear situation most of the time results in app failures and diverted applications.

Common Challenges for App Development:

  • Addressing the security aspects is quite challenging. Despite integrating the best practices, mobile app development companies fail to render the complete secure application code. There are some security measures that need to be followed accordingly.
  • Encryption of data: Data transacting between apps and the external storages need to be secured from the attack. Avoiding its importance could lead to the heavy loss of data.
  • Authentication is the really daunting requirement of the application. Multi-factor authentication adds the layer of security.

How to choose the right way?

Before initiating a development, all the critical processes, data transaction possibilities, hierarchy, and probably flow of data must be discussed with the end users and stakeholders.

  • The experts must decide whether the application is replacing the latest technology or using the existing one with some integration.
  • It is to be questioned, who will be communicating with the app, customers or stakeholders.

This clears the scope of development and let you focus more on the business process.

  • Credential Encryption: The access to the app data must be restricted through a gateway. The communication with other app or the external storage is the vulnerable sight for app development. The data must flow in the encrypted form and the strong validation security must be there with a robust password scheme.
  • Secure app data and strong user authentication: A highly important part of every app development is the user authentication that must cover the identity management, session handling and the incorporation of two/multi-factor authentication. The multi-factor authentication makes use of OAuth 2.0 framework or OpenID connect framework.
  • Ease of Integration: While creating an enterprise level app, a developer must understand the importance of integration. Allow the integration of app with existing ERP and CRM systems. The integration allows a seamless working environment without any changes to business policy and business aspect. Once the app is seamlessly integrated, it becomes too easy to query the data and generate the insight reports. Alongside, Hybrid app development is the crucial trend of 2019, which ought to be revered, because an enterprise solution is supposed to be used by more than one employee, where the platform independent app is the first most requirements.
  • Stick to the fundamentals of UI/UX: Developing a completely oriented app is no different from the basic app in terms of UI and UX. Your enterprise is supposed to be used by employees/managers and CEOs of the company. The cluttered designs with an improper arrangement of components will waste their time and affects productivity. Simple whitespace management makes the look and feels very comfortable to focus upon.
  • Apart from this, re-emphasizing over the concept of hybrid app development, the enterprise app must be capable to communicate and transact the data. A good-looking app encourages the use of it.
  • Performance: Last but not the least a robust performance is the key for a long life of the application. An app with strong backend and powerful data transaction capacity secures the high rank in terms of usage. While developing the enterprise mobility solutions, developers should ascertain the technical factors responsible for real-time access to the existing data and use of authenticated APIs. When users make a request to the app.


Although the above factors did not comprise the all we need for a successful enterprise app, still these can be helpful in providing the optimum enterprise mobility solutions. Leveraging the right set of tool and modern technologies can give a positive impact over usability, performance and another aspect of the application. Alongside, the agile development lifecycle helps in delivering the potential application with the timely tweaks and fixing patches.

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