How to design a great mobile app UX?

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Published on Jun 05, 2017 in App Development
How to design a great mobile app UX - Promatics Technologies

First thing one must understand is that design is the most important aspect of creating a mobile app. It’s an era which says apps have become a major source of delivering services and making business. It’s hard to imagine life without smartphones, and mobile apps inside have become part of our daily life. Mobile app developers need to make a more attractive app in the eyes of the end user that is more appealing, more user friendly and design it in such a way that one can’t just leave your mobile app.

Building a mobile app design comes with its own set of rules where creating a fluid User Experience (UX) is a big deal for the flow of any app. User Interface (UI) explores how a mobile app looks and interacts with a user. User Experience defines how an app feels, from the user’s point of view.

Good UX puts life into your app which practically means that you are showing the value of an app to the users. Mobile app development companies must make your app useful to the users so that no matter which users keep coming back to it. So let’s learn the best practices for designing a great mobile app.

How to design a great mobile app UX

Here is the list of most important UX design principles for creating an attractive mobile app.

  • Avoid extras, one screen one task
    The structure of the app should be well organized with the User Interface which is meaningful and useful based on clear cut things, separating unrelated things and putting necessary things. User attention is what your motto is, so cluttering your interface overloads your user with too much information: every added button, image and line of text make the screen more complicated. Design each screen to support only one action and not many things that complicate user’s mind. Make it easier for the user to use and navigate, and gain benefits out of it.
  • Content becomes interface
    It’s been said that content is the king and to prove that saying one should focus on the content and remove unnecessary elements that does not support user tasks. Draw user attention towards the sections that is useful for them and not other things. Thanks to the reduced attention span, users should be guided to the content they’re looking for quickly.
  • Use of space
    White space is referred to an empty space between elements of the design or page layout is many times neglected. Although many designers may consider it as a waste of time and screen. So let’s take that free space to put some active element that will help drive call to action.
  • Make navigation simple and easy
    Navigation is the most important factor for a mobile app. It should be easy and helps users to search for things smoothly with the complete information they want. It can be discoverable, accessible and make users feel easy to find out by not filling the total screen. There is a limitation for a screen so considering that screen space one can add tab bars and navigation bars which is well suited for it. Users will easily jump from one page to another with easy navigational options.
  • One touch functions
    Smartphones are addictive, specially that touch screen that makes it easy for users to adapt their design as per screen size. It is observed that most of the time users use their smartphone for surfing different websites and for many other things so the bigger the display is, the less easily-accessible zone will be. Mobile app development companies should try to make sure that the app can be easily used on a large screen with one hand. Place navigation options within the thumb’s reach.
  • App should appear and content should be legible
    If we compare with laptops, mobile screens are smaller, which means it’s a challenging work for mobile app developers where mobile design is difficult to insert information on a small UI. Thumb rule says text should be at least 11 points so it’s legible at a typical viewing distance without zooming. Improve legibility by increasing line height or letter spacing. Good, generous whitespace can make some of the messiest interfaces look inviting and simple. Mobile app development companies should make the mobile app fast and responsive so some things in the background need to be done to make it faster. An app that lets you do operations before you even ask for it.
  • Make screen elements clearly visible
    Use colors and contrast to help users clearly interpret the content. Developers have to use primary and professional colors for the app. Use accent colors that support every type of platform. Keep different colors of every element so that users can easily identify the vision and understand the actions of every element. Mobile app development companies should follow standard rules for text and image for the background screens.
  • Put your efforts of push notifications
    Notifications, alerts, reminders all this is a daily dose of every marketing strategy. So think twice before sending a message. People get distracted from such messages that can trouble them in their daily activities. These notifications are simply annoying and most of the time users ignore them. This is the best way to establish a mobile app that diversifies messages and creates a great user experience.
  • Test your app design
    Mobile app developers have to test each and every page of the app in a large desktop screen as it looks great when viewed in bigger screen. But some flaws and errors do appear when put into the real world. So it is important to test the mobile app with real users on a variety of mobile devices to confirm that it works fine in every device. Also try asking real users to give feedback and reviews to improve your design.


Hope the above points satisfy your understanding of a great mobile UX. Mobile app development is not rocket science however you have to follow some crucial principles. Create an app that is useful and beneficial. If the app is not useful, it has no practical value for the user and no one will have any reason to use it.

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