How To Define The Budget For App Development

Siri Kaliparambil
Siri Kaliparambil, Technical writer at GeekyAnts
Published on Jun 24, 2021 in App Development

One of the major factors that determine if a business venture will get the green light is the viability of the financial plan. Unlike most other verticals, the financial planning for app development is highly scalable. The budget can be altered based on any number of factors ranging from the platform chosen to the features being implemented, depending on what you want your application to look like. It is extremely important to be strategic when allocating the funds in any project as any miscalculations in the budget can render the entire undertaking to be a disappointment. This is also true for application development; for this reason, it is critical to consider every aspect pertaining to your application and define a well-thought of budget which will guarantee that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck. This short read will explore how you can allocate your finances in the most effective way for a cost-effective venture:

Understand the requirements of your application

One of the most important things to do when developing an app is to define a well thought-out plan while deciding on the objectives of the app. You can effectively manage your app-development budget by thoroughly understanding your application, the features that are to be implemented and the experience that you want it to offer to users. Discuss with your developers and plan in advance as this can help you cut down costs by cutting down the need to make changes in the long run as well as reducing the risk of running into errors later on. Alternatively, you can talk to your partners about the development of a Minimum Viable Product which will give you a better understanding of how the full-fledged application would look like.

Conduct a thorough survey of the market

Market research is an important part of the development process as it helps you find a problem before it can occur and helps you fix it early on. Conducting thorough research about factors like users’ tastes, spending patterns, cost per installation, competition etc. are important factors that will help you to ascertain the marketability of the product and shape it in the most optimum way. Keep checking in with potential customers and conduct regular surveys to recognise the changing trends in the market which will help you mitigate the risk of failure. This will also help you to confirm which features can be implemented practically and which ones would affect the budget adversely.

Chalk out an efficient hiring plan

When setting out to build something from scratch, it is essential to have the smartest and most diligent resources on the job. Decide on the hiring plan for your project which will clarify further whether the resource will be in-house or outsourced. In app development, in-house denotes that a company has their own team of developers while outsourcing refers to hiring talent from an external company on a contract basis to assist you on your project. Both come with their own pros and cons. For instance, having in-house developers gives you more freedom in terms of creative control while outsourcing takes the burden off having an added team on the payroll of your company. Understand the needs of your application and determine the budget you can allocate for resources before picking a hiring plan that works for you.

Determine the cost for marketing

It’s not just enough to create a premium application, it's also necessary to market it efficiently to ensure that the venture was a true success. Marketing not only helps you create awareness about your product, but if done correctly it can help your application stand out from the many others that are available on the app stores. The goal of an efficient marketing strategy should not be just to acquire users, but to retain them going forward. Planning the budget in advance helps you to work out the estimated costs of marketing that you will incur and allocate funds for a profitable venture.

Decide on the platform

Analyse the information derived from conducting user research to determine the right platform to work with. With the various platforms in the market, it is important to factor in which one is being widely used within the demographic of your target market to help you to apportion the cost accordingly. The cost for building web applications ranges widely from mobile applications while coding practices also have varied prices in the app development market. This makes it critical to understand the many attributes that each application offers and plan the budget appropriately.


The budget is the most important part of any business plan and it is important to be extremely calculative while developing applications as this will affect a whole lot of things in the future. Budgeting not only helps you manage development costs but also prevents you from spending beyond a predefined limit. Developing a strong financial plan helps you to cut costs while also allowing you to deliver a great user experience!

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