How to create an engaging User Interface

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Sep 14, 2017 in App Development
How to create and engaging User Interface

A mobile app is not just a compiled version of a few technologies letting users relish a brand identity. It is a reflection of the service presence in the market, which lets the existing and potential users gain everlasting experience from a mobile app. It is not an easy task to craft one exceptional mobile app to surpass the chaotic app competition in the mobile app world, all UX and UI app designers need to indulge in a series of engaging User Interface tactics to make the app successful enough for every business. Remember: a bad UI is a major reason behind app rejection from the user.

In a layman’s language, the way your user interacts with the mobile app and experiences the look of the mobile app is called User Interface. These two aspects at large can be counted upon for higher engagement and conversion rate for your mobile app. But these aspects are not something you can avoid for any reason, because these aspects help your mobile app to get a shell-strong presence in the market. Let’s read further about some of the most vital tips for designing an engaging User Interface.


The ideology behind this point says the more you explore your targeted audience, the better the User Interface of your app will be. At first you need to understand that user behavior pattern always differs from one market to another, so what turned out best for your last mobile app, may not suit the next app, so you need to indulge in aggressive research about your targeted audience.

You need to figure out what issues are the users facing majorly while accessing the services, and evaluate what they expect from your mobile app. This set of information needs to be acquired through a full-fledged analysis and should not depend on any random data since this step is the foundation milestone for creating a successful UI for your mobile app.


The very first thing you need to accept: your users are new to your mobile app, so they require a little hand and guidance to access the interaction buttons accurately. With this, you can pre-inform your users for any consequences resulted through the click on any button. To work on this aspect, you can highlight the button with a ubiquitous symbol like a magnifying glass for search, or you can integrate the color theme to express the desired action. These are some of the examples, you can also integrate notifications in your mobile app, but your creativity can be placed as well. Ensure your users are able to understand what your symbol is depicting about the activity and also, for some of the irreversible actions, prompt your users to seek their permission with Yes or No so they go ahead with their chosen action.


No, it is not about your feedback, but about the app’s feedback to the users once they accomplish a task. This is the best tip for mobile app UI design, wherein users are acknowledged with a certain animation which pops up when something is achieved.

For example, when you play a game, “Hurray” or “You Won” pop-ups boost the user's enthusiasm and they feel more connected to your app. In the same way, a loading page must not show a loading bar, it is frustrating, rather try to integrate some engaging visual trick to involve your users more with the mobile app.


I might sound philosophical, but the harsh reality states that the simpler your app UI is, the easier it will be for users to remember it. So don’t overload your mobile app with unnecessary steps, this will only create a havoc amongst your users and they will be confused. You can easily achieve this by not providing too much information, break the information into small pieces. No user is willing to explore the tutorials to learn more about the correct usage of your mobile app, the application should be simple enough to express itself.


The users love to indulge more frequently on their smartphones and prefer to look at the images which have visual appeal, so don’t pick on any low resolution image, but align the images with 264 ppi or higher to carve an alluring User Interface, this will grab users’ attention and they will find your app engaging enough.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, there are other aspects to be considered to get an engaging User Interface:

  • Following the UI guidelines
  • Clear fonts integration
  • Consistent orientation of the shadow
  • Responsive view controllers

For the success of your mobile app, the user experience is the key to drive the entire program of businesses today. Users will get a pleasant experience and they will be satisfied with your services offered through the mobile app.

So you need to give the utmost importance to app UI next to the app UX, because your mobile application is a tool through which your users interact with your services and the better this interaction is, the higher the chances of better sales.

To get a perfect mobile app solution for your business needs, you must get in touch with the right mobile app development company wherein every bit of success ingredient is included in your mobile app to make it successful from every corner.

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