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Ronak Shah
Ronak Shah, Founder & Director at Agile Infoways
Published on Apr 28, 2017 in App Development
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E-commerce is a huge word as mobile apps are emerging in today’s technological world; people are becoming more curious to board on mobile app development. With the major changes in the mobile world in the last few years, the evolution and scope of e-commerce mobile app development has boomed in every industry.

Now, we can say that ‘there is an app for that’ and with this drastic change, it has become an essential task for every entrepreneur to become up-to-date with the current market needs. It’s a huge responsibility to handle an e-commerce business by providing proper customer satisfaction. This is why the mobile app development company Agile Infoways has decided to write about this topic.

There are certain things which are required for building an effective and attractive e-commerce store to retain buyers. People from every age love to do shopping and become addicted. With the online shopping concept, the trend of shopping becomes more important for people. In 2017, the markets of e-commerce will definitely increase at a tremendous rate as now every individual aim to starts their own business. People are becoming so addictive to smartphones and other smart devices that they prefer these devices for conducting their online day to day activities. Mobile apps play a vital role in boosting the e-commerce business worldwide.

Let’s see the huge impact of mobile apps in escalating your e-commerce business.

Integration of mobile wallets with your website

Integration of Mobile Wallets with your Website

2016 was a fabulous year for the e-commerce industry and that’s why expectations become much higher for the 2017 year. As everything is going mobile, entrepreneurs are focusing purely on mobile apps for gaining more profit in their respective business areas. Apple Pay and Google Pay are still struggling to get hype in the market. But in 2017, it will get a solid boom in the e-commerce sector by adding in the e-commerce store as the payment processor for people’s flexibility.

Full focus on User Experience

Full Focus on User Experience

User Experience is an essential part of mobile app development. If your first impression does not create a strong impact on your audience then you will never be successful in making a brand name of your business. When a customer arrives to an e-commerce platform, at first, looks for the search button and flexible navigation. If a person will not get satisfactory results, they will immediately leave the website.

So when you are opting for mobile app development, it is highly important to focus on the User Experience of that particular app. With the help of different e-commerce sites, you can check whether your e-commerce app has the up to the mark User Experience or not. Just make sure that you have a full responsive website because a useful and attractive mobile app is today’s need.

Huge expansion in AR and VR shopping

AR and VR

Earlier the scope of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality was constrained to the gaming world. But now with the expansion of technologies around people, entrepreneurs are focusing more on the emerging technologies to deliver the best outcomes. AR and VR will leverage e-commerce industry by providing the best mediums for shopping that will ultimately increase user engagements. Currently, there are many Virtual Reality stores from where customers can pick their product by visualizing it and with full real-life experience just by sitting at home. The Augmented Reality will exceed in this sector and will bring awesome features that will definitely boost user attractions.

Propagation of “Try First Pay Later” approach

Propagation of “Try First Pay Later” Approach

The real headache people face lies in the product exchange process that they buy from any e-commerce Store. Customers when land on the shopping sites get confused in picking an item of their choice. But when they select one and get that product at home and are not satisfied, then this makes them irritated and angry.

To remove this irritation level, Yepme has started a simple approach for customers’ ease which is termed as “Try First Pay Later”. In this process, customer can order a product without paying a single penny even when they get the order at their place. After trying the product comfortably at your home, the responsible person from Yepme will come for the payment. If you don’t like the product then they will take back the product without taking a single rupee. That will provide full customer, full satisfaction and will also save time and logistic charges.

Growth of social selling

Growth of Social Selling

As social media platforms are taking a new storm in today’s technology world, it is important to walk with it. Having a proper essence of social media platform, you can conquer the world by increasing your e-commerce sales. Social media has a huge power and it's increasing day by day. An entrepreneur should know all the essential things to make a brand name of your e-commerce business. In this 2017, with the strong presence of different social platforms, you can elaborate your e-commerce selling globally. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and more social media channels are supremely becoming popular and this will help your e-commerce business to become a brand worldwide.


In today’s time, e-commerce sector is growing at a larger pace. There are a lot of things that an entrepreneur should keep in their mind while running an e-commerce business. People are going mobile and becoming addictive towards the use of mobile phones. It’s better for a business owner to contact the best e-commerce development company for satisfying all the development needs accordingly. If you are a new comer in the e-commerce industry, you can get the proper guidance by hiring a reputed company.

Agile Infoways is a powerful e-commerce development company having 10 years of specialization in delivering the top IT Solutions. They have a strong and capable team of developers and designers who are proficient in building the best e-commerce websites, stores and mobile applications.

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