How much does it cost to develop an eLearning website?

How much does it cost to develop an eLearning website?

Education is a never-ending process and there is always curiosity to evolve and become a well-informed individual. In order to quench their thirst for knowledge in their busy schedules, people usually resort to eLearning websites. Now that the demand for eLearning websites is growing every day, it is the perfect time to enter the online learning market, and act on the supply and demand gap.

There is a lot of scope for education portals and websites in the current business world. If you are pondering over creating an eLearning program of your own and aren't sure how to start, you are in luck, as you have stumbled upon just the right reference. Below, we are providing the recipe for building a perfect eLearning portal and how much it will cost with each additional feature so that you get an overall estimation of the budget that you may require to put aside for this venture.

The cost and time involved in website development depends upon the size of the project and the features you want to incorporate into your eLearning site. We have outlined the major factors that impact the cost for your reference.

Content Elements

It is obvious that the quantum of the content will push the costs up, and given that it is an eLearning website, it will surely be content-driven, but you can play with the type of content so as to reduce the cost. For example, adding a few images supported by a little text will cost you way less than adding high-quality video, customized features, and animations.

In the current scenario, interactive websites are the foremost requirement for users, so the option of going for a full-fledged text-driven website is completely eliminated. Also, a website flourished with quality visual content amplifies the user’s learning experience and increases the retention rate.

As a content developer for an eLearning site, you will firstly need to pick the foundation story-line style from the three prevailing styles, namely:

a) Narrative Style

b) Procedural Style

c) Experiential Style

All three styles are equipped with unique features. The main features of all three styles are highlighted below for quick reference:

a) Narrative Style

  • Follows a storytelling method
  • Self-assessment questions
  • The success of the user depends on the learner's perception

b) Procedural Style

  • Usually used in training systems
  • Breakdown of content into logical steps
  • Often follows up with a quick reference guide

c) Experiential Style

  • Self-discovery process involved
  • Extensive use of multimedia
  • Content structure is based on the learner's perception
How much does it cost to develop an eLearning website?

Level of Interactivity and Instructional design

Once you have decided the teaching style for your eLearning project, the next step is to define the level of interactivity and instructional design. The following features should be ideally part of an eLearning program, followed by the hourly rates that is required to have them integrated into your eLearning site.

  • Instructional design
  • Original dynamic video
  • High-level customized graphics interface and menus
  • High level of interactivity
  • Complex testing process
  • Dynamic media
  • Narration supporting the text
  • Game environment
  • Detailed feedback


Process alignment

Formulating a plan beforehand is a smart move, as frequent iterations will be time-consuming and diminish the quality. In order to provide effective eLearning programs, you should always plan the eLearning process in advance and adhere to it.

Also, it is essential to have platform compatibility, something which can be achieved by investing in a responsive design tool. Ensuring platform compatibility provides you with wider audience reach, and, as a result, your website will be accessible on all devices and browsers and hence no valuable time and money resources will be wasted in creating multiple versions.

Final Words

This article is intended to give you a bird's eye view of the process and cost involved in crafting an eLearning portal project. The above-mentioned costs vary depending on the project complexity and the quality of the visuals desired by the client. For a free quote, contact us here.

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