How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce app?

Ayush Kanodia
Published on Jul 10, 2019 in App Development


Of course, the very idea of crafting a solution which can garner the attention of the huge audience base is always a welcomed decision and in this context, something really triggers the interest of the different businesses, is none other than e-commerce.

Today e-commerce has become one of the most trending and innovative concepts, letting businesses of every size to build its revenue by reaching to the larger consumer base. An online shopping portal opens a floodgate of opportunities by bringing the attention of the targeted audience from not just one specific turf but makes the globe your playground.

I know it sounds simply enticing and captivating for any specific business to relish the advantages of revenue generation but do you think it is easier to build a successful e-commerce app?

Of course not!

An e-commerce app is not a bed of roses unless you get associated with the right mobile app development company.

Hmmm, that sounds relaxing…isn’t it???

Hey but wait, there is something more as well waiting for you!

Yes, you got me that is the most bugging factor…none other than Cost.

Well, on an honest note, I find the concept of cost consideration quite valid, since you have to take it as an additional expense to your regular monetary flow; hence it is very obvious to consider the aspects, which can trigger the e-commerce app development cost.

But have you ever been told that an e-commerce app development cost can be controlled as well?

Yes, you heard me all correct, so without any further ado, let’s figure out further with this post that how much an e-commerce app development may cost to you…let’s find out together…

So the factors which really influence the app development cost are…

Type of app


Yes, at the very glance it might seem all rainbow to you, but you need to figure out the type of your app, which decides the subject, content, and framework your app will operate.

Your mobile app can be a native app, a web-based app or a hybrid app, which is part native apps, part web apps…options are many, but you need to pick which suits your app and your end-users requirements.

Hence, identify the type of app first and the foremost.

App store cost

Well, every OS has its own charges, which includes annual fees and the plan. So understand which OS you are going to opt for and how much it would cost you.

Development cost

Yes, this is one of the most significant parts, and largely depends on your analytical skills which you show while selecting the development partner.

There are many app development companies available in the market, everyone claiming to be one of the best, but you need to understand that not everyone is the best. Some companies might charge you lesser and you may feel inclined towards such but here you need to play smart and pick only that company which delivers the quality.

Remember, your decision should not be ruled by the pricing factor, but only the past work and the expertise in the technology.

Study what your prospect has done in the past and what their existing clients speak about their work. Do some research and make an informed decision.

A good company must also help you in getting the cost for a support time, marketing and advertising, comparable items, ongoing updates and potentially, some server costs or any other cost which is involved.

Design cost


Do I need to explain it even?

On an honest note, an attractive interface always deserves an investment. If you really want a successful, engaging and productive app, then you need to hire an app development company, which has a stronger team of designers, to understand the requirements of your project, however, it can be really costly because there are so many elements to design specifically in the app. Also, you need to be ensured that your chosen team is much aware of specific Store design guidelines.

It seems that making an ideal design to fit it all OSs devices is quite impossible. So you should focus on a limited range of OS versions or even specific Android devices for your app design because designing an app for different OSs can cost you more, therefore you need to include the required aspects only to get a successful app to come into existence.

What can be the Total cost?

E-commerce app can cost more owing to the range of devices and sizes the design has to be tailored to. Even with all the advancements over the last several years, it still takes longer to build an e-commerce app. There may be several other aspects as well to be taken into account. Total development cost is difficult to be estimated since there are different levels of variables involved but apart from development and design costs you only need to consider the fees charged by your development partner and other factors such as support period and hosting…to name a few.

App Cost Graph

An eCommerce App- This app (not the website) may cost around $15,000 - $25,000 and has various features to bring comfort to the users’ buying habits, like location-based services, payment gateway, push notifications and many other features.

But you need not worry, because there is a sure shot way to control the app development cost, by following some of the essentials, which are mentioned further in this blog, and can help in controlling and managing the app development cost budget.

However, there are majorly 3 factors, which can spike your app development cost, and controlling them can actually give you a hold over your cost planning for a mobile app. Let’s explore further…

Opting Many Oss

Indeed it is a preferred option for any business owner to get the app available on every possible OS. But do you know when a mobile app is accessible on different OSs and is ready to serve the users according to their preferred OS version, at the same time developing an app for different OSs actually spikes your app development cost terribly?

Therefore, you must not fall for this glitch and conduct some research.

Yes, some research would help you to understand which specific OS is preferred by the majority of your audience. You can do some research and analysis and accordingly pick the most used OS for your targeted users, and develop a mobile app only on that particular OS.

Many Features & Functionalities

A large pool of features in a mobile app is really an eye-candy and lead to the success of a mobile app as well. But at the same time, you must not forget that adding many features and functionalities in your mobile app, requires a huge deal of technical advancements and involves a great amount of time and money to go along with it.

I recommend to go as simple and minimal with the features, as possible, because at first, you need to train your app users to utilize the features and functionalities, so instead of confusing your consumers further, you must use only the required features to proceed with, and must not let the too many features to confuse your users.

These are some of the essentials which are practiced, in order to create a successful e-commerce mobile app. WebClues Infotech has carved a niche for itself by following the proven strategies to build a successful app solution for your specific business requirements.

We at WebClues Infotech strongly believe that a successful mobile app is not just an outcome of development, rather there is a great number of aspects which are involved herewith to create a winning app solution.

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