How Much Does It Cost To Create Video Streaming App like TikTok?

Alka Singh
Alka Singh, Technical Writer and Content Strategist at OnGraph Technologies Private Limited
Published on Jun 28, 2019 in App Development
How Much Does It Cost To Create Video Streaming App like TikTok?

Gaming and messaging applications have been ruling the top position in the mobile app category index; thus, enjoyed being the most sought-after investment plots for several years. After a long period, a non-game application just came from nowhere and pushed the world’s top indexed apps behind while securing #1 position.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Video Streaming App like TikTok?

Well, I am talking about “TikTok” – a big sensational these days.

Receiving 15 seconds funny, kinky and humorous videos on WhatsApp, Youtube and other social channels with ‘TikTok’ logo nowadays are very normal.

Let me first give you a brief idea about what the app helps you do. Its top features are:

  • Broadcast music videos
  • Short Musical Clips
  • Share in Social Media
  • Exceptional Effects

If you are looking for a breakthrough idea to develop a best android applications development, you can think about developing any other similar application like TikTok.

In the following blog post, we will talk about the important features a music video or video sharing application should have, and how the app will help you generate revenue and how much it cost to develop?

So, let’s continue…

What is TikTok?

The application grabs quick attention of users due to the challenge it presents to the users. Well, users around the world took the challenge, and here the app becomes sensational across the globe. Users are challenged to create 15-second short video clips with the facility to share with friends. To make the 15-second videos clips interesting, the user also gets features to edit clips, add music and other special effects. The app provides sharing music videos and make fun of it to the next level.

Now users are hitting social media platforms after shooting and creating funny, comedy, singing, dancing and a lip-syncing video gets. The app is hit amongst young people as they use it to express themselves in freestyle and let their imagination run wild. The TikTok clips have creativity at its best.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Video Streaming App like TikTok?

Many of you may remember, the application is formerly known as It was ByteDance that went on to purchase the popular social video app in 2017. ByteDance is the company behind the app Douyin, China's popular music app. With little pomp, ByteDance folded into TikTok. Tiktok brings the best of the world's of Douyin and and later also migrated accounts to TikTok.

“We saw an opportunity to combine the power of AI with the growth of mobile internet to revolutionize the way people consume and receive information. Bytedance enables people to enjoy content powered by machine learning and AI technology,” states the company’s profile.

In the month of late July, Tiktok made this big announcement that it reached 500,000 users worldwide.

How Much Does It Cost To Create Video Streaming App like TikTok?

“In the first quarter of the year 2018 itself, TikTok was downloaded for 45.8 million times just during the three months. Presently, the app has more than 45 million daily active years in China, and this is way more than other social media platforms.”

Top Features of The Application That Make It Stand As Word’s Top App Today

The best thing to remember about Tiktik is that the user can watch million of clips available on the app. To develop a successful app like it, you must keep in mind that your vendor ios application development companies create an app that provides users something unique and in diversity.

1. Short Musical Clips

Lip-syncing clips are highly popular among TikTok users as they use the feature to communicate with each other in a fun way. So while creating your app, blend it with several music videos in a different genre which can be used to edit videos for entertainment.

2. Advanced Effects

The musical videos hold a strong space among other apps in user’s smartphone due to offering features to add exceptional effects to their videos. The special effects are powered by AI, deep learning and image capturing technology that makes targeting young users easy.

3. Social Media Share

Tiktok users can upload their interesting videos on social platforms such as Instagram, Messenger, Facebook, and Whatsapp and share among friends and followers.

Advanced Security Features

How Much Does It Cost To Create Video Streaming App like TikTok?

Despite facing legal hurdles in Indonesia, the application is getting popularity worldwide. However, ByteDance took the concern seriously and provided advance security features promptly.

1. Privacy Settings

Since the implementation, users can limit views for their videos. ‘Private’ mode can set into privacy settings that will allow only approved followers to see the clips.

2. Private Messaging

The new messaging mechanism is added in the app to provide complete control on security and privacy to TikTok community. Now, no longer a user can send or receive messages anonymously. Users need to be connected to communicate with messages.

3. Account Deletion

Tiktok users can permanently delete their account will all in-app data like profile information, videos, likes, comments, and followers. The setting is helpful for those who no longer wish to continue using the app.

4. Parental Guidance

As the app is highly prevalent among the young generation, the company has introduced a “time lock” feature in the privacy settings. It is the tool for parents and legal guardians so that they can set a limit for teens to use the app. Moreover, the functionality also assists in setting filters that send age-appropriate view notification banners for the videos which are inappropriate for younger audiences.

How Can You Generate Revenue From Video Streaming Application?

1. In-App Purchase

Short video app TikTok saw users spend $3.5 million on in-app purchase. Among the total sum of money, 42 percent came from the US. However, the biggest spenders were iOS users in China who spent $1.4 million in late October. According to the report, the app generates that much revenue when users buy coins to send "emoji-like gifts" to others during like streams. So, an in-app purchase action could be an excellent source to generate money.

2. Fund Collection

On of another excellent option to make revenue from the app is to raise fund for the app. Even TikTok has generated $100 million from high-class investors. There is no shortage of investors in the market. All you need is an excellent app idea with breakthrough concepts and features.

3. Advertising

Considered to be one of the successful and secure ways to earn money, you can allow advertising in your app. Though there are a number of strategies, you can discuss with advertisers to display ads to different users and implement different advertising business model but make sure the advertisement does not bother or interrupt users in in-app activities.

4. Selling The App

Technology enables today to make money from several ways and selling a full-fledged app is one the way one can try. However, there are different ways too.

a. You can develop a music or video streaming app with some interesting features, develop a target user base and then search buyers for the app.

b. You can address problems the potential entrepreneurs or business is facing. You can build an app, get prominent users for the app and make a deal with the company that the app is most profitable for their company.

What is the Development Cost?

The cost of application professional application development services always determined on the number of crucial factors such as the number of the platform (Android, iOS, or both), design complexity, development region, development resource, and other scopes of work.

If you want to develop a TikTok like application with the basic functionalities and features for a single platform, it would cost you around $25000. Nonetheless, if you intend to spice up the app with many other advanced features and wish to launch on multiple platforms, then the cost may go up to $35000 - $40000.

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