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For any business, especially SMEs, the main concern before initiating efforts for mobile app development is the total cost involved. While this question is fair and obvious from client’s perspective, the answer cannot be the perfect estimated amount of the entire project. The total cost of an iOS or Android app development project depends on the scope of work, technology to be used, resources to go, the timeframe and challenges faced during development process, and above all, the level of features expected out of the final product.

Mobile app developers, like Promatics Technologies, are the best bet when it comes to determining the rough estimation as they are the ultimate creators of your mobile app. If the mobile app category is games, the cost can be calculated based on the rich graphics, features, animation development and many other elements. If it is an e-commerce store you are going to run, your mobile app has to be standard, trendy and highly functional, which means good investment.

So perhaps, there is no such professional development company that can calculate the exact amount right away unless the requirements of final product are discussed. There is also a great scope of negotiation after several solutions are suggested.

Promatics Technologies, a top mobile app development company, has extensively worked across both iOS and Android platforms, creating brilliant apps loved by smartphone users all over the world. Being an experienced mobile app development specialist, they can say their mobile apps elicit best response among users and yield maximum engagement. Native apps interact with internal hardware and software of mobile devices such as GPS, camera, audio, video, contacts and other functionalities.

The usual approach towards figuring the rough estimation for the mobile app project entails:

  • The type/category of the mobile app
  • Complexity of development and implementation
  • Planned hours of development process
  • Integration of unique features and functionalities
  • Innovations expected
  • UX/UI interface
  • Integrated APIs

While these are primary considerations for calculating the cost, there is more to it as well. Mobile app development rates can vary significantly based on location too. For US or a country based in Western Europe it hovers between $75 to $150 per hour. For a location like India, the popular range for mobile app development is $15-$30 on hourly basis. But again, this has its dependency on number of hours involved, results expected and add-ons you like to include.

The usual scenario of price structure is:

  • Simple/basic apps: where clients furnish necessary material such as content, ideas, competitors/examples, directions and guidelines and explicit data about final product. If there are not many frills and fripperies to go, this may cost you around $1,500-$5,000. Again this price is sensitive to your further expectations and special contents.
  • e-Commerce apps: where client gives the idea of product and supplies relevant content, images, flow diagram, direction for interface capabilities and vision for customer experience. The cost justifies the e-Commerce architecture, technology and platform, in-app flow, checkout convenience, payment system integration, usability and ease created within. It usually lies between $3K-$50K depending on the scope of features, interface and architecture.
  • Games: where client supplies the entire architecture of what games should look like. Considering the multiple levels, rich graphics, sounds, visuals, logics, characters, 3D interface, Database and a lot more, typically mobile gaming apps are priced between $5K to $150K. The huge difference in the range of gaming app prices is due to the type of game. If it is a high-tech creative game like Pokémon Go, it will cost you 5 figures at least as well since it relies on hardware elements of user’s device. Socials and betting elements again make the game heavy, affecting the price of the game ultimately.
  • The level of complexity: if the app you are looking to develop is demanding, with greater challenge and high complexity from the development side, it will require a mobile app development company to invest ample time and resources. Furthermore, a lot of innovative thinking, unique approach and detailed brainstorming for advanced features will decide the cost of your project. Audio and video processing, lively graphics and animation, seamless interaction, third party service integration, real-time sync, testing and QA and designing of backend are certain components that determine the development timeframe and price estimation. They might be social media apps, e-Commerce app or unique app based on technologies like AR, VR, IoT, etc. Such apps are built to meet high-end requirements and have tremendous expectations for engaging maximum users. Its development work may last for months, in addition to Interface design and Quality checks. Ideally it costs $10K to above $100K.
  • Hybrid vs Native: building a hybrid app is way cheaper than building native apps. The simple reason for it is the effort required. Hybrid means you are writing once and you can deploy the same code on all platforms like Android, iOS or Windows. Native means you have to specifically write the app for a particular platform. So in case you have to build native apps for both iOS and Android you have to hire 2 set of developers. Again depending upon features, budget and target market one method may score over another.

Add-ons services

Some clients insist on adding extra functions to their existing app to scale it and make it more mature, usable and fully fledged. Some of the preferred add-ons are:

  • Third-party API integration (social media)
  • In-app revenue generation elements
  • App store marketing
  • Remote access of web services
  • Extended customer support
  • Post-deployment fixes and enhancements
  • Customer behaviour and usage analytics
  • Facility to share the customer highlights/activities

At Promatics Technologies, they offer complete solutions for iOS and Android mobile app development through transparent communication, innovative approach and satisfying services. They believe in passing every project through draconian quality assurance process to ensure the final product is flawless, engaging and compelling. Go ahead and share your ideas.

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