How Mobile Design Can Increase App User Engagement

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Published on Aug 01, 2018 in App Development
How Mobile Design Can Increase App User Engagement

There are many details that keep the users coming back to your app. One of the crucial ones is without any doubt application design. In this article, mobile and web development company Umbrella IT advises on the matter of how to plan the design that can provide a must-have edge to your app and increase user engagement.

be minimalistic: use as few elements as possible

Minimalistic design and intuitive interface are the cornerstones of any mobile app. Clutter is pretty bad on a desktop, but it is even worse on limited screen face of a mobile phone.

According to American psychologist George Miller, the capacity of the human working memory is limited to 7 ± 2 items. This rule is perfectly applied to a mobile design: сhallenge yourself by providing the users only the essential information limited to 7 items or even less. Believe us, that’s just the case when fewer is the better - each removed menu option makes the remained ones look more catchy.

This rule was at the heart of Umbrella IT’s mobile project Leadlink:

How Mobile Design Can Increase App User Engagement

When designing the app, the focus must be on what is valuable for a user. Therefore the unnecessary elements that do not support user tasks were removed. The minimum set of necessary elements in the side menu was organized into 3 theme groups, and 4 essential items were always accessible when you choose a lead profile - no clutter.

be logical: make navigation transparent and user-friendly

User-friendly navigation is a number one priority for a mobile app and a challenge for a mobile designer.

Use of navigation patterns that don’t need any explanation and familiar to your target audience is the half of the battle. However, as it is known own cost, even such conventional elements as, for example, burger icon may be confusing. So to make it easy for users to interact with the app navigation, it’s better to avoid hiding options. Practice shows, that open parameters increase user engagement and satisfaction.

For example, a toggle button is more preferable than a drop-down menu. This might not be obvious, but a drop-down menu creates an illusion of the narrower range of choice. Along with that, don’t forget that the activated option must to change its color.

How Mobile Design Can Increase App User Engagement

be consistent: create a laconic and clear content

Every word, every element that conveys its meaning is a part of the dialogue that you carry on with your users via the app. Make this conversation comfortable for your audience by speaking the same language as it does.

Use common lexis without specific terminology if you want your app to appeal to everyone. Don’t use complicated phrasing and incomprehensible structures. It’s not the number of paragraphs that matters, it’s the quality of content does.

How Mobile Design Can Increase App User Engagement

For example, in mobile apps for drugstore chains the information is obviously of high importance. For that reason, the blog articles in news category are organized into blocks. Each blog contains the headline and a short description. Such positioning helps to separate the topics and concentrate on the material.

be sufficient: exclude unnecessary actions

Unnecessary actions are the mark of a badly organized information architecture. Mobile apps are made to serve as a problem-solving little helper so it’s crucial for them to be designed neat and ergonomically. The minimum of actions doesn’t make your app look primitive, quite the opposite: it will increase it efficiency and user-friendliness.

For more details on how to increase app user engagement or any other questions concerning the mobile app development - feel free to ask Umbrella IT.

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