How mobile apps are changing the landscape of healthcare industry

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Published on Jun 09, 2017 in App Development
How mobile apps are changing the landscape of healthcare industry

The zeal of healthier and longer lives has lead to continuous advancements and research in the healthcare industry. From a ‘brick-mortar’ industry to online healthcare landscape – everything is fascinating in this sector.

Today’s mobile-first world hasn’t left the healthcare and pharmaceutical sector intact. Doctor’s consultation, prescriptions, purchasing medicines, fixing appointments and health checkups – many things are redefined by mobile apps and developers present in the market today. This article will give you complete insights about how mobile apps are changing the landscape of healthcare industry.

The way we search for doctors and hospitals

If you enter the Google Play Store or Apple’s App store, you will find numerous healthcare apps for way-finding. Being the oldest in healthcare industries, these healthcare mobile apps render a listing of nearby doctors and hospitals according to your location and requirements.

The main features of such applications involve:

  • Searching for doctors and hospitals online on the basis of your geographic location.
  • GPS tracking facilities, directing the patient to entrance or parking areas.
  • Some advanced applications allow the patients to call or contact the healthcare service providers.
  • 2D and 3D maps of your locality, notifications and tips through alert system.
  • Showing the facilities available at a hospital and clinic.

Previously, it was very tough to find a good healthcare center in any area, especially if you are new. With the help of these mobile apps impact on healthcare facilities, things are simple and convenient.

Better facilities and care coordination

How difficult it was for a hospital or client to manage the bills, charts, reports and other details about patients. Remember?

Better facilities and care coordination

But there are enough software and mobile apps to fetch the whole patient-specific data to their system. You can directly download your health reports uploaded by the medical service provider.

The increase ease and on-demand care

Online consultation facilities are becoming a new norm for the current healthcare industry. You can video chat with health experts, available online, in order to solve the medical issue. It does not only save time for visits and appointments but also helps you get the desired services if you are a resident of a remote area.

Wherever you are, you can connect to your doctor, or many other doctors, around the world in order to ensure the authenticity of the prescription thanks to the work of mobile app development companies. It results in better facilities and communication between doctors and patients. No matter how busy you are or where you live, you can always connect to specialists on voice or video calls to ask questions and ask for help for your problems. Would it be possible without these amazing healthcare mobile apps?

They have revolutionized the healthcare business models

The old business model for healthcare sector was totally different from now. Currently, everyone is coming online and adapting to a completely different business model that involves better communication with patients, online medical facilities, appointments without visiting the clinic, patient data maintenance and financial management.

By seeing the list (below), you will understand the impact of mobile applications in different specializations of the healthcare sector.

Top 20 apps by conditionSource: (2013)

Tracking apps, verification of mobile apps, patient registration applications and other apps are deployed by the service providers to attract the consumers. These brilliant applications are not only streamlining the healthcare businesses but also enhancing the quality of services for the end users.

Cost control and Increased availability of medicines

When there were no or less mobile apps in the healthcare industry, we had to pay as much as the service provider wanted. Due to lack of medical services, lesser conveyance mediums or long distances essentiality for the patients, the costs were peaking high.

Cost control and Increased availability of medicines

However, the scenario has changed now. You can compare prices and facilities online before you actually visit a healthcare center. Reviews given by previous patients can be used to verify the quality of service built by a mobile app development company. The increasing competition due to the involvement of digital landscape has resulted in a fair decrease in costs paid by the patients.

You can easily buy medicines without stepping out of your home as there are enough trusted online pharmacies to solve your issues. This trend has also ended the problem of medicines’ scarcity.

Better decision making about healthcare service providers

What was your way of judging the quality of a healthcare service provider in the 90s?

The only ways of deciding among multiple hospitals was:

  • By hearing the experiences of acquaintances and neighbors
  • Hoarding and advertisements
  • Infrastructure and environment
  • Doctor’s name plates boasting about their qualification and specialty
  • Name, fame and proximity

Do you think any of these things can help you in deciding the right option? Not at all!

Today’s scenario offers you to log into the mobile apps and check multiple ratings, reviews and other details about these businesses in a better way, with a lot of trustable information.

Online appointment and reports – A Time-saving deal

There are many mobile health apps that will let the patients upload their medical reports and other documents online. Whenever needed, this data can be used by the doctors to enhance the quality of decision-making process.

Online appointment and reports

A large number of patients used to lose the old reports or forget to bring with them to the hospital visits, creating a lot of issues. But as everything is online and accessible through mobile apps, it saves time for both, easier for doctors and money for the patients.

You can make appointments without standing in long queues too in the apps made by mobile app developers. So, there is no need to take leaves and postpone other events after the evolution of healthcare mobile apps.

Excellent medical data organization

As users are providing the required medical information online, there are great opportunities for the medical students and researchers to learn about the medical dynamics.

Excellent medical data organization

Analyzing the local trends, common diseases, issues causing these diseases and more outcomes can be expected with preced information. So, due to the presence of medical data organization of large user groups, these mobile apps can serve as a perfect research platform for medical experts.

Adding accurate data to consumer’s knowledge base

The users are absolutely illiterate (not a wrong thing to say!) about medical terms, complications and solutions compared to the past.

Mobile app development companies of the digital era have added a completely different edge to healthcare sector, booming and helping the common people a lot. We are talking about the online patient education niche obviously. The medical, healthcare, parenting, childcare, maternity and fitness education mobile apps are the greatest example of the revolution started with the help of smartphones.

Fitness and medical tracking made easy

Fitness and medical health tracking apps are the most used these days. They can let you set targets, read health awareness contents and suggest diet plans to help enhance the health condition.

Fitness and medical tracking made easy

Also, you will get notifications and reminders so that no tablet is missed throughout the course (yes, it was the biggest problem before these life-saving apps arrived.)

Many of these changes were surprising and successful and hence there should be no shocking reactions when an unforeseen healthcare idea suddenly arrive and change all the trends.

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