How IoT occupies the centre stage in Android app development

How IoT occupies the centre stage in Android app development

At present, the mobile app market has become quite competitive. There are millions of Android apps offering unique features to the user. In the recent years, mobile apps have evolved a lot. Now, most of the mobile apps use the latest technology to offer advanced features. Introduction and availability of the latest technologies are driving this change. Android app development is also undergoing similar changes.

Introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is also changing Android apps. IoT devices are known for transmitting and receiving data. Mobile apps are a common channel to interpret the data. Newest developments will lead the coupling of these two technological aspects. The connected mobile-to-mobile devices market in the world will improve and IoT will play a key role in mobile app development.

IoT has a lot to offer in mobile application development. Most of the IoT devices communicate through Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. They have their own protocols and gateways to communicate. The app developers will be required to understand the working of these devices. At present, mobile app developers can build various apps for a wide range of mobile devices. An app developer can work on different versions of a software. Each version developed on existing development platforms. These versions are developed for various operating systems like Android, iOS and Windows. But programming for IoT will require more specialization. The mobile app development companies will need to invest more on training and hiring capable people. And these people should have distinct mobile app development skills.

There are various aspects of IoT related to Android app development. Almost every major industry such as healthcare, retail or e-commerce is adopting IoT devices to their mobile strategy. The manufacturing sector is also witnessing rapid automation. An IoT application has more to offer in this regard. Usage of IoT devices reduce the efforts and manpower. Now tasks are restricted to pressing a few buttons and making instructions to complete a task.

Most of the businesses are now adopting the Internet of Things technology to handle various operations. They are trying to automate the process through mobile IoT devices. These platforms are able to strengthen the backend infrastructure of the business. Hence, all data and actions are available across various authorized devices. Mobile apps have a key role in offering a unique solution of business. IoT data can be accessed and display through mobile apps. It provides a holistic view of operation to the businesses.

Mobile technology is adopting the latest technologies to offer better solutions to the businesses. Wearable devices, voice navigation, GPS and beacon technology are making mobile apps more advanced as well as user-centric. Wearables have led to advancement in innovations in different daily aspects. Now, smart mobile devices can be controlled using mobile apps. A smartphone can be used to issue instructions to these devices. IoT allows complete integration with these mobile devices. This allows using the gestures as well as controls to perform complex tasks. IoT has a wide application in the management of industrial machinery related tasks.

Now, people are looking for advanced and user-friendly ways to stay connected with their smart devices. They wish to have control over their homes, cars, etc. That’s where mobile applications play their role. Mobile apps connected with IoT provide the necessary interface to make people more connected to their homes, cars, etc. They also help to engage at a better level. Now, mobile app developers are creating apps with captivating UI. These apps also have advanced codes offered by hybrid platforms. These platforms include AngularJS, Ionic, and PhoneGap. Latest and trending devices are kept in mind for UI/UX designs. Understanding the requirements of these devices is very important when designing apps.

IoT enabled devices will open new avenues for any mobile app development company. People are now moving to the development of smart cities. This virtual fantasy is now becoming a reality. IoT devices allow users to perform various operations of household devices. The user can use gestures, human presence detection as well as voice controls. These methods help the user to control the household appliances. However, to do so, the user requires an interface. Mobile apps offer a unique solution of interaction between the user and the smart devices. These apps also hold the key aspect of cost-effectiveness as well as easy access.

Most of the biggest mobile device manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple or Google have accepted this development. They are investing heavily in research and development of the IoT mobile ecosystem. They are leveraging new technologies and advancements. They are working on the application of wearable technology. This means that mobile apps are undergoing major transition phase. They are moving from smartphone to wearables and IoT devices. These devices are now designed keeping upcoming technologies in consideration. The technologies consist on connected TVs, gaming consoles, etc. The evolved version of mobile apps will be readily available for the user. For example, to control air conditioning, mobile apps will be available on the car dashboard. You can hire an Android app developer to create an app to control your devices.

Mobile connectivity is expanding to higher dimensions. Mobile app development is now becoming the key focus area of businesses and technology and IoT provides a wide range of opportunities for mobile app development. Various industries now understand the importance of IoT as they are working heavily in combining IoT with Android applications.


IoT has taken the world by storm. With its wide range of applications, various industries are adopting it. Whether it is manufacturing, retail or healthcare, every industry is exploring this technology. However, they require a user interface to control and operate the smart devices. That’s where mobile apps come into the picture. Mobile applications are now created to deal with the latest technologies.

IoT is influencing a wide range of mobile apps. Due to their increasing demand, IoT applications are developed at a faster rate. Android market is now witnessing a surge of such applications. This has led the Android developers to create more IoT enabled apps. Android app development is now heavily influenced by IoT. With increasing applications of IoT, the Android app developers can see the future of IoT applications. That’s why Internet of Things is now leading the way when it comes to Android application development.

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