How IoT Impacts App Development and benefits Developers

Tarun Nagar
Tarun Nagar, Founder & CEO at Dev Technosys
Published on Oct 25, 2018 in Internet of Things Developers Resources
How IoT Impact on App Development and benefits Developers?


Internet of Things or IoT refers to a connected network of devices which consist of embedded technology that allows them to easily communicate as well as interact with each other. The inherent connection between these physical devices can be created anywhere, in your home or at your business workplace such as a manufacturing unit, a retail store, etc. It includes appliances, light fixtures, motion detectors and practically any kind of device that can be easily connected to the internet or to another device in a certain way. These devices may also include smart gadgets that can be easily accessed as well as controlled from any remote location. It benefits the users from a variety of industries.

IoT app development is becoming rapidly popular owing to its ease of use as well as the convenience that it actually offers. It means that the subsequent demand for mobile apps for such type of devices will increase. It also raises the demand for monitoring, navigation and computing systems for both small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises.

IoT is enabling latest innovations with its inherent ability to convert any device that runs on electricity to be easily controlled by currently available technology. IoT is tremendously emerging and has started to impact a wide range of areas of our lives as well as our way of work. There are a plethora of applications of IoT across different industries. Owing to this, IoT development will impact app development and turn out beneficial for the developers.

Real Life Applications of IoT development

There is a wide range of industries which are taking benefits of IoT that include energy, healthcare, retail, manufacturing and agriculture. We are consistently observing it to become a prominent aspect of daily life with the latest introduction of smart retail, connected cars, wearable devices, smart cities etc. All these are the different areas where we expect to see rapid growth in coming years.

Intersection of IoT with Mobile app development

It is evident from the latest trends that IoT is suddenly getting too much attention. It makes various things quite easy. With the growing trend of physical devices connected to the internet and using a smartphone in order to control as well as monitor these devices, IoT has evolved in the market. IoT provides a wide range of benefits. It connects the devices to the smartphones through mobile apps that allow you to have complete control over their features that are offered by these gadgets. Also, using these different devices through the internet means that the mobile apps can easily push notifications to the smartphone directly. It allows you to control the systems remotely.

IoT application development is leading to emerging number of innovative IoT apps. These apps consist of different components like sensors, connected devices, networking, analytics, and cloud. These components provide myriad permutations and combinations that allow you to create interactive apps, each serving its own unique purpose.

Security aspect of IoT development

For decades, businesses have struggled with the adoption of the cloud due to the security concerns. Cloud vendors have been successful to resolve some of these concerns and businesses that were worried about the security aspect are now quick to opt for a particular hybrid approach in order to take full advantage of the cloud. The extreme level of connectivity of devices which IoT provides creates similar concerns regarding security and privacy. When all of your devices are connected to a particular network and are able to be easily controlled through a smartphone, it opens it up to possibilities of security breach and hacking. There could be a vast amount of confidential and sensitive data which can potentially be at risk. In case the data isn’t sensitive, it still might be the data that you aren’t comfortable to share with anyone. However, users are now getting on-board with the entire concept of interconnectedness and are quite knee to witness how it can easily be leveraged to make their lives better and easier. However, enterprises are still quite skeptical. But they do wish to explore what IoT can provide them because of the promising advantages that it offers. Multiple businesses are currently running different devices online, but they are quite careful to put additional security measures and maximize the response time and efficiency. Security still remains to be the primary concern when it comes to IoT application development.

Factors to keep in mind for IoT app development

1. Strictly Adherence to the Licensing Agreements

Each original equipment manufacturer or OEM needs app developers as well as a manufacturer to conform to different license agreement terms strictly. Businesses have to ensure that they are duly aware of these terms and adhere to them.

2. Connectivity Mode

If you are going to connect your devices to the internet, you need to consider the mode of connectivity. It can be Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or traditional mobile network. Also, you need to consider what particular kinds of devices and mobile networks you are actually planning to support. You need to carve out a strategy for the purpose of assigning permissions.

3. Hardware Capabilities

You need to consider the hardware’s compatibility with your enterprise. Large businesses can easily afford to add different new hardware capabilities, but the entire process can be quite pricey and complicated. For small and medium-sized businesses, the upgrade may not be quite easy. So, this needs to be considered during IoT development to leverage IoT.

4. Programming Protocols

Mobile app developers need to have different programming protocols in place when they are involved in IoT app development for mobile devices which they wish to connect. In the case of iOS apps, the External Accessory framework allows the communication with external hardware which is connected to any iOS-based device via Apple Lightning, wirelessly using Bluetooth or 30-pin connector. This framework provides support to the developers in order to figure out which kinds of app various IoT devices can access through its connected iOS devices.


IoT development has become quite popular with the inherent growing application of IoT in various industries. Mobile app developers are now getting into IoT app development to create innovative IoT apps to serve the demand of both individuals and enterprises. IoT is impacting app development significantly, and it offers new opportunities for developers.

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