How IoT and Mobility Solutions Enhance Traditional School Bus Tracking Apps

Manish Jain
Manish Jain, Co-Founder & Managing Director at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Mar 22, 2018 in Internet of Things Developers Resources
How IoT and Mobility Enhance the Traditional School Bus Tracking Solutions

The School Bus Transportation is a massive service that serves a large user base. It is the transport facility which caters to school-going children and school staff, and is exponentially expanding with the education sector growing big in terms of both size and reach. As a result, there are many education app developers available.

The School Bus Transportation is already the most needed, value-oriented and highest paid of all transportation services. And that is because of the commitment and responsibility it needs to serve its users with.

As per a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) report, between 2003 to 2013, the school bus transport segment in the US accounted for 41% of the total bus accidents. Another report by NHTSA suggests that between 2004 and 2013, there were over 1300 fatalities in school bus traffic accidents.

Hence, the most prominent characteristic that influences its value proposition is, undoubtedly, child safety. Which also happens to be one of the most defining traits of any school bus transportation service.

Therefore, it becomes a big challenge and responsibility for the operators to provide enough safety assurance and value to its users. Besides, the service not only needs to be safe and sound in their offerings but also attend other aspects like promptness, optimum route utilization, and become well-structured through well-planned and finely executed transportation services.

Major advanced offerings in the bus tracking segment

There are already several automated solutions created for school bus tracking apps. However, with time, these solutions are reducing their effectiveness as the requirement for automation keeps getting bigger and more intrinsic to the segment.

This can be best achieved by controlling the school bus transportation services with advanced tracking methods and optimum facilitation and assistance practices. As you can imagine, these are immune to human and procedural errors and beyond traditional limitations.

These requirements make technologies like IoT (check out Internet of Things app developers) and gadget-driven mobility, resourceful and competent. But how can these technologies serve the advanced needs of school bus tracking and facilitation services? Here are the major references:

Real-time tracking - Tracking the location and moving-status of the buses in real-time.

Route reiteration - Check the bus routes to reiterate and compare.

Geo-fencing - Get alerts when your bus crosses or violates a certain boundary.

Geo-tagging - Mark a location on the map to make it easy to track the bus’s origin, current location and destination point.

Guardian Alerts - Send alerts to parents to keep them connected with the service.

Speed estimates and alerts - Get updates on the speed of the bus and warning alerts in case of over-speeding.

Advantages of IoT-based school bus tracking solutions

Internet of Things in bus tracking solutions can be quite beneficial when it comes to keeping users seamlessly connected to the service and ensuring total safety. This should be quite helpful for the schools and institutions running bus transportation services, as they are able to manage and execute it with great accuracy and no downtimes (they are all updated with the required data, derived results and crucial details). This may include regular and optimized updates and reports about students, service availability, fleet status, routes, process compliance reports, performance analysis, and everything related to tracking and monitoring.

Here are the most significant advantages offered by these solutions:

Easy management - With IoT-based school bus tracking apps, it becomes easier for authorities to plan, implement, execute, and upgrade their services through advanced automation. They are able to control and track everything that pertains to the pick-and-drop facility with great practicing ease and functional authority – referring to real-time updates, optimized references and automatically processed results.

Great savings through efficiency - With the entire bus tracking process based on a close-knitted automated solution that runs through Internet of Things, this greatly contributes to working efficiency driven by fewer manual errors, resource compliance issues and process redundancy. IoT-based solutions for bus tracking can eliminate heavy costs on operational factors and events that require a great deal of labor and resources to serve efficiently, unlike automated tracking solutions.

Essential logs - Bus tracking systems can maintain every student detail and create logs to globally track them through RFID tags. So, if any student is missing or any of their belongings are misplaced, the system could track it across the fleet of buses and put the entire system on alert in order to get information on the same. This also helps in maintaining the transportation process through comparing different values so as to to avoid any confusion.

How to ensure developing the right school bus tracking solution

There are many things that you need to include in your school bus tracking solution to make sure you are availing the best possible value. As you look to get your application built from a mobile app development company, make sure you sketch your plan well and list down your priorities for an IoT-based solution, so you get the most of advanced technology benefits.

Focused or Comprehensive - Ask yourself whether you need to go with a limited service that is only focused on a particular need or purpose (for example, an in-depth solution based on superior safety features and allied technology). Or would you prefer a lateral solution that covers all the aspects including features and modules for operational efficiency, fleet optimization, cost-to-value analysis, resource management, information repository and, of course, basic safety?

Upfront Investment - Look into how much you are ready to invest. What is your initial outlay plan? Would you like to turn it into a feature-rich product in the first go or do you want to break the development process into easy milestones? Find out how much your budget allows you. Accordingly, choose the best mobile app development company for your IoT-based tracking solution.

Deployment - How would you like to deploy the solution? In your own facility, on the cloud or with an provisioning expert? Each option has its set of pros and cons and you need to make a decision based on your preferences. If you don’t want to compromise on security and performance and you’re ready to bear a high cost, you should choose to go with in-house deployment and keep technology resources under your control. If you have budget limitations and you can go with a shared service deployed on the cloud, you can build a solution accordingly. Lastly, if you want to go big with all façades covered, it is best to rely on an expert.

Monitoring - Choose how you’d like to monitor transit services. Would that be just based on data and numbers fed to your system or would it include GPS tracking and other advanced screening techniques like geo-tagging and geo-fencing? In addition, you must be sure about the type of monitoring resources and tools you need to integrate with your solution. This will help you get the right solution developed or the traditional solution upgraded.

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It becomes quite clear that you have a fine range of automated tracking possibilities. In the end, you just need to decide what and how you need to upgrade your solution in order to create the most advanced school bus tracking solution.

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