How Generation Z is getting bigger and bolder?

Richa Sharma
Richa Sharma, Chief Operating Officer at Fluper Limited
Published on Apr 10, 2017 in App Development
Generation Z and mobile app, by Fluper

Generation Z has experienced a quantum leap, justified one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind! Although it’s not unacknowledged that as far as widespread popularity is concerned, mobile apps are obligated in favour of millennial generation. A cohort of youth but matured brain, which came into the existence between 1980 and the late 1990s.

It has manifested its first appearance in age when digital technologies were becoming integrated with every part of our daily lives. Apps are one of the few sacraments of a generation that engrossed in digital technology which certified mobility is not any commodity but a sort of civilisation. But there is no such kinship between with smartphones and tablets. The mobile app development company Fluper believes that it has proved to be a sort of civilisation, then what has made this concept so bigger and bolder?

May be the transformation from mobile-responsive websites to mobile-first is one of the rational thoughts which has come into the conclusion that it is yet to become an end-game, hopefully not in the near future.

The concept of Gen Z is flourishing, this proves that their interests are quite distinguishable from their predecessors. Gen Z has become the most tech-savvy and driving to increase the use of on-demand learning. Millennial was always convergent in favour of mobility, legitimacy and transparency whereas Gen Z has shown a keen desire of security, innovation and instanteousness.

Mobile trends exhibited by Generation Z

Top-rated mobile app development companies look to demonstrate their creativity by taking the assistance of Generation Z, the latest genesis typically within the college or that have just left college. Millennial is precedential in their career without which app-friendly generation could not have been accomplishable. According to Fluent’s annual Survey, the top five categories used by Generation Z are messaging, social media, music, games and GPS.

On the contrary, there are few apps which are least employed such as Bargain/Coupon, data, retail, fashion and food-related. Hence it has turned up the fact that Gen Z’ers have not taken off to the high point yet. But it has covered all the significant areas or in other words, go-to-key areas from social media to friends.

It has also shown its supernatural power in Enterprise mobility which has quantified the enterprise behaviour as well. This mobile trend is quite essential for app developers in order to employ few strategies that are specially designed in order to charm their interests.

Contribution of Generation Z to make mobility agile

In this responsive era where the average attention span lasts for hardly eight seconds versus 12 seconds of millennial generation, Gen Z wants to fork over as soon as they lay their hands on it. Slow downloads, long loading times or time-consuming transitions can prove to be back to square one. In this agile world, companies are now spending more than 60-70% of their IT budget in order to keep their systems in the best working condition. According to the mobility strategy, innovation and transformation go hand-in-hand. Hence, in order to justify their bottom line, they reward employees to innovate and identify new applications in order to live up to the customer’s satisfaction.

The ultimate role that is played by Generation z is to make things proactive so that competitors do not steal their share of happiness.

Follow the principle of Simplicity

The first and foremost principle followed by Generation Z is to make the most simplified designed mobile app. They understand that nothing can be more frustrating than a complicated or redundant over-designed app. Everything must end up seamlessly unless a troublesome app, to waste their precious time navigating.

It is quite certain that a complicated design is the most reasonable reason to uninstall apps by Gen Z’ers. Hence in order to create something lucrative, mobile app developers end up something like the most complicated designs, then they are more likely to get ship out from the app store. And if the app is prone to the bugs, then it is a matter of a couple of seconds to uninstall the mobile app and switch over to something quite reasonable for Gen Z.

Hence it is quite irrational to create something complicated, instead time must be devoted to get something simple and bug-free so as to maintain the spirit of agility of Generation Z.

Dominance of app security

According to a recent study by Generational Kinetics, Gen Z has gained cognizance over the domain of security apart from agility. In this digital realm, Millennial respondents have admitted that they are more concerned about the mobility and authenticity, whereas Gen Z’ers are more concerned about the privacy and security. This security is quite essential since the devices are now embedded with credentials that once compromised, can’t be retrieved again.

They understand the importance of maintaining the online portrayal on their personal brand. This can be attributed to the high profile hacks which have been quite frequent over the past few years. Hence it has mellowed the security stress, instead they are really getting delighted with Spotify and VISCO in order to curate everything from music to their photo collections.

Wrapping up

Although there are strong implications for markets endeavouring to engage with their mobile apps, it has been found out that the smartphone penetration in the case of Gen Z is quite visible and appealing and has been further taken as an opportunity for the mobile app marketers. So, to apprehend Gen Z, here are few tips:

  • Over-attention seeking has been dominated by privacy concerns
  • Strategy by mobile app development companies: mobile app developers must access a lot of user control by Gen Z’ers such as ability to conceal or turning off the geo-location features
  • Prioritise attention by a shorter attention span: mobile app developers must create a robust strategy to share the content to the users in a shorter chunk
  • Fulfill high expectations: Gen Z are digital natives, they have high expectations from the digital devices. Hence mobile app developers must avoid to have unnecessary users interface while accessing app’s core function or stuffed with interfering advertisements, which can ruin the user experience at the end of the day

With the points aforesaid, it is clear the fact that Generation Z is capable enough to streamline the user efficiency and at the end it certifies the fact that Generation Z is bolder enough to operate the proliferation of mobile apps for upcoming decades and can extend its tentacles in those areas which remained unaccomplished for its predecessors.

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