How Flutter Plays a Significant Act to Build Future iOS and Android Apps


Indeed the very existence of mobile apps have changed the way we interact with the technology and somehow has changed our perception around the intricacies of technological space, and suggests that handling the digital innovation requires expertise.

To be précised, with the help of tech-infused mobile apps, today we are able to access every service or the facility on our fingertips, and the credit ball beautifully lands in the lap of app development.

Yes the app development which is considered to be a daunting task for many of us has already paved a way to lead a successful road ahead, not just for the consumers, but also for the businesses on the global front.

Undeniably it is one of the most profound aspects relished by different businesses and the industries, and with the advent of new technologies reeling in the market, it becomes much easier for the different business domains to reach out to their targeted audience base.

However, since the inception of the app development, many businesses have remained in dubious condition, whether to carve out a digital solution for Android or iOS only.

And trust me, the selection of one specific platform for the development has always been a moot point. Of course, developing for both had incurred more cost, whereas escaping from any specific has left a big void for the revenue generation field.

Therefore, the development of the mobile app somehow traversed the hectic journey before finally reaching to one specific solution, and that solution is none other than Flutter technology.

Yes, you heard me all correct, Flutter has crafted a brand-new vertical for the successful development, filled with the characteristics of both multi and cross-platform.

How Flutter paves a way?


Well, to be honest, mobile development is full of compromises which let every single moment something new to be experienced in the development field.

And this very issue turns into a catastrophic situation when developers have to build the same apps on different OSs and in order to achieve excellence, the strong measures are taken to maintain the quality.

This is a very demanding job since every developer has to take the minutest details…but with the help of Flutter, creating one app for two different platforms is much easier and above all, it gives the performance or user experience, with the excellent performance.

Hence with flutter, you get a successful app for two different platforms without getting miffed by the quality issues. Consequently, this helps the apps to secure a successful future ahead.

Benefits to be attained from Flutter

Do you think that flutter is only limited to one super-advantage that it allows the development to be done for both Android & iOS, but there is a whole glut of befits which can be incurred from the very existence of Flutter technology, and to help you understand those benefits, we have brought this post for you today, so you can get an insight into the Flutter and why it should be your ideal choice for your next app development project…let’s read ahead…

Get aesthetically appealing apps

We all know the worth of the app design, and how it adds to the success of a mobile app. However, the very creation of the enticing app design can involve a huge battle between the designer’s thought-process and the reality of the app concept.

In the galore of app development, every designer always differs from the developer and their ideologies related to work, never settle on one common ground. Needless to mention, but it involves the pool of challenges with iterating on design during the development process.

Another sad fact suggests the designer’s vision most of the time does not complement the APIs or framework restrictions, leaving the designers always in a lurch.

However, this very issue is well answered by the Flutter technology, allows the designers to get control over every pixel on the screen, and is not limited to one specific phase only, but it involves from the beginning to end and not just for android but for both.

With the help of Flutter, technology designers are able to create alluring user-experiences. Also, there are certain design tools made for Flutter, such as 2Dimensions Flare, it can be used with ease to build animations and imply them effortlessly within the app with a single line of code.

Super Fast apps

When I say fast, then I literally mean it.

Do you know why is this possible?

Well, the credit goes to Flutter apps, which have the mechanism of Native apps, meaning that they can be compiled directly to both iOS and Android devices.

DART- An Incredible Innovation

Yes, this is very much a fact that Flutter’s programming language, Dart, is designed in accordance with the audience base requirements from the global approach. Also, there is a number of benefits, such as:

  • It is easy to learn;
  • It contains a detailed set of libraries and packages;
  • Its mechanism reduces the amount of code to be written;
  • The code can comply directly to the ARM machine code of phone;
  • It leverages the full power of phone;
  • It brings games-level performance to the application;
  • Each Flutter pixel is drawn with the Skia graphics engine;
  • It enables fast, glitch-free performance for apps;
  • It allows the apps to be operated on a phone's screen at 60 frames per second.

Productive app creation

For an app developer, the maximum time gets invested in coding, and then in other steps, including change in the code, then recompile it and then deploy it to a mobile phone and then bring the app back into the status quo.

This is eventually a time consuming and irritating fact, which has to be dealt by every developer o the regular basis, but now Flutter has introduced a new capability called Stateful Hot Reload, which transforms this development cycle completely.

Hot reload, lets the implementation of the changes in milliseconds only. It further allows the better collaboration between developers and designers, wherein they can make the changes and check the improvement immediately.

Worth to mention, with the help of Flutter, the changes to an app’s user interface and logic are updated in the app without the need for recompilation.

Reasons Flutter has brought more attention


With the cross-platform Flutter has got many benefits such as:

  • Runtime performance is too fast and solves the problem of lag that continues to plague JavaScript-based solutions (Ionic/Cordova or ReactNative).
  • Flutter’s toolchain makes it possible to develop on emulators and devices, such as native development vs using Chrome dev tools for mobile app development (Ionic/Cordova or ReactNative).
  • It provides the first-class IDE support.
  • Google’s mechanism offers mobile operating systems’ legitimacy to Flutter.

WebClues Infotech Recommendation

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Hence we very well understand the worth of Flutter apps and know that the best user experience is largely based on speed and use of the latest features and these very requirements are addressed by Flutter technology.

So indeed, getting your next iOS or Android app with flutter is the ideal choice.

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