How Facebook apps are uplifting small businesses

Akansha Pandey
Published on Jun 28, 2018 in Social Media App Developers Resources
How Facebook apps are uplifting small businesses

Facebook is known to most as a social media platform with 1.45 billion daily active users as per the statistics in the first quarter of this year. However, the name is doing much more to stay among the top companies in the world. The growth of Facebook has been impeccable over the last fourteen years and it has the ability to bring major changes in the masses. The strategy Facebook adopted was to cater to smaller fishes by acquiring them: WhatsApp, Instagram and Occulus are part of the Facebook company now. This has boomed the social audience on their launches, with maximum daily active users. Mobile app development in Facebook was initiated with the hiring of mobile app developers by the company and the apps are helping to connect with the smaller businessmen in town to be part of the competition in a technology-driven business era.

Every business needs a campaign and it is not done on hoardings anymore. Digital Campaigns are the rule now. Nobody wants to look at the large billboards while commuting. Instead, users find everything on their the mobile phones. Tackle a campaign through paid or free platforms is essentially provided by Facebook and iOS and Android app developers have come up with a few apps to make campaigns.

  • Heyo: If you want to campaign your products and services on a platform such as Facebook, Heyo helps you get more leads and more engagement. One can generate more leads and expand their email database with the help of Heyo, which only requires an internet connection to work. The users can be engaged in reward winning contests and spread the details of the product and services from word of mouth, which is still the strongest marketing weapon.
  • Woobox: Woobox is an app for campaigning. The platforms for which business teams can design campaigns are mobile sites, blogs, popups, landing pages and social media. The app also gives the liberty to have tabs for different social media outlets, like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.
  • Shortstack: Shortstack helps you create impressive challenges and contests for your users. This allows you to connect with them and understand the drawbacks of the business. Get the leads you want for your marketing campaign and generate revenue out of it along with increasing the list of followers.

People prefer to buy online rather waste more than four hours in the market. Younger generations are more upbeat about technology and social media, but the established merchants need to be aware that the buyers are scrolling the screen for goods rather than finding a place for parking and visiting the famous shop in the market. Facebook needs all to be connected and has made mobile app developers come up with e-commerce apps for merchants to showcase their goods.

  • Facebook Shop: Facebook Shop is the place where one can sell and buy products without redirecting to multiple pages. The merchant can directly sell the goods to users without him leaving the Facebook page and drive maximum sales from one single medium.
  • Ecwid: Ecwid allows anyone to add an online store for free at first for limited sale. This allows users to connect globally with customers and market their product. The app is trusted and has multiple payment outlets with social advertising on Facebook to the users who are in demand of the goods.
  • Storeya: Storeya is a one-stop shop for your store with features including different social media tabs for marketing, no manual uploading of products, no technical background required, support for all currencies and secure checkouts and multiple fan pages.
  • Shoptab: Shoptab performs similarly to the above-mentioned apps but what makes it unique is the ability to share the products, design your store, have flexible store feeds and highlight goods and services.

Extracting emails of users is used to target customers. Email marketing for businesses requires email lists, which cannot be collected by going door to door rather can be taken from online pages. The only way to do so is using the Facebook app to create an email list that enables the merchant to let the user sign up for the products displayed in the side space of the facebook page or on the feeds.

  • Tabfoundry: Tabfoundry helps the merchant gather a database of users who are remotely interested in even viewing the products of the merchant. The activity of the user is monitored by Facebook and relevant posts are displayed for the users to see.
  • Tabsite: No need to look for an agency that can look after the entire digital promotions for you. Instead, get it done in an hour or two with tab site facilities that allow the merchant to promote their services on Facebook, mobile, web and social to encourage people to sign up.
  • Dotmailer: Dotmailer is a full-fledged software to get email IDs for your marketing data and allow its integration with Facebook. It is a golden gem for the merchant if they can efficiently explore its full potential.

Watching is preferred over reading by most. Video streaming is popular for advertisement if the merchant can show all the details of the goods and services just in a few seconds. In a creative way, the merchant has the chance to get the advertisement viral.

  • YoutubeTab: It was recently launched and it makes videos start to play in the Facebook feed, which makes the user experience better with autoplay, resolution and tab stats. This app is easy to use and the user can easily play with the features to increase the viewership of their product.
  • Livestream: Facebook Live allows the merchants to make big announcements through a live session, which can be viewed by millions of people across the world and even reach those unaware of the product.

Facebook Integration with these apps is a huge advantage because everyone can access Facebook nowadays. For those who don't know how Facebook manages to make money by providing a free app, the answer is all of the features explored in this article.

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