How Digital Solutions Can Help Restaurants Thrive

Elina Nazarova
Elina Nazarova, Chief Marketing Officer at Powercode
Published on Mar 11, 2021 in App Development

The restaurant business has always been flexible and open to new opportunities. Before global digitization, restaurants didn’t have much to reveal their full potential but getting digital solutions opened new horizons. If you want to extend your business's possibilities, enhance your influence on the market, and, most importantly, maximize customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention rates, you might consider mentioned types of software helpful and inspiring.

Problems Your Restaurant Business Can Solve with Digital Solutions

The owners of the restaurant business face similar problems and need to solve them to keep their business a profitable success. Here are the most common and the most vital issues that can be easily solved by integrating digital solutions.

Staff Training

When talking about integrating digital solutions into the restaurant business, the main priority is to improve relationships with customers. However, using the right software can help you increase the quality of services by training employees who directly deal with customers (i.e., managers, waiters, etc.) You can create a platform that will increase the efficiency of problem-solving and communication skills among new employees. Work routine training can also be done using the digital simulator instead of getting the experience in real-life conditions, with the possibility of making a few clients unsatisfied with their dining experience.

Promotion and Marketing Strategy

Loyal customers are the best, but they are not enough for a restaurant business to survive. Unless your restaurant is one for several miles radius, you need to develop a marketing strategy to help your restaurant stand out from your competitors and win prospective clients' hearts. Online promotion requires fewer resources and offers better efficiency because it is easier to reach thousands of people at once with a well-developed and targeted marketing campaign.


Restaurant business owners and managers understand the importance of detailed and timely reporting. The digital era we live in offers multiple solutions that simplify the entire reporting process. With custom software, restaurants have no problems generating various reports as the system will fill out stable data like time and date, manager’s name, etc. At the same time, staff will enter unique data like the number of customers per day, their preferences, expenses, etc.

Customer Loyalty

Getting loyal customers is not an easy task. Still, with a developed customer loyalty strategy that includes digital solutions, you can increase the number of returning customers faster and at a lower cost. You can integrate the customer loyalty functionality into your application, so the customers will find it convenient to participate and tell others about it and your restaurant.

Logistics and Delivery

Logistics and delivery are among the most vital business processes that can be easily automated and optimized to reduce the occurrence of human mistakes. Custom solutions made specifically for your restaurant are always safer and more efficient than ready-made platforms. Receiving and storing products and supplies as well as food delivery to the customers are the processes that must be performed and documented in a flawless order to make sure your entire restaurant ecosystem functions as a clock.

Testing New Ideas

If you want to bring something new to your restaurant business but are afraid that it may turn into a financial disaster, digital solutions can save the day. For example, you want to add new cuisine or withdraw some items from the menu, and you need to find out whether your customers like this idea or not. You can provide research and use digital solutions to ask your existing and potential clients to respond to your idea. The feedback you’ll receive will be the basis for your analysis and the final decision.

Customer Experience Personalization

People love receiving personalized offers from restaurants, especially people with health problems like diabetes, food allergy, etc. Suppose you have a website or an application where customers can book a table or order a takeout that asks them to specify certain information only once. In that case, they may become your loyal clients with a high probability. Your restaurant platform may generate suggestions based on previous orders, health information, etc., and present them to your customers as something they might like.

Getting Statistical Data for Future Analysis and Improvement

You cannot analyze without getting data first. If you have a platform where customers can share their information with you, it is easier to collect data relevant to your restaurant business to make it more profitable and successful. You can get information on what age groups visit your restaurant, their food preferences, what they think you need to improve and what they love most about your restaurant, etc.

Smart Discounting

Customers love discounts, and restaurant owners love when discounts help their business grow and prosper. Digital solutions like a restaurant booking app can be a great aid in developing your discount strategy. For example, you can easily see low workload hours during the day and use your app or your social media page to notify customers about the discounts you have for these low hours and turn them into busy ones.

Covering a Bigger Restaurant-related Market Area

If you have a restaurant and want to expand your business, digital solutions can make it real. With custom software, you can implement food delivery and offer catering services to your current and future customers. This way, you’ll be able to tell your customers that they can come to you, and you can go to them and bring your delicious food.

What Software Can Boost Your Restaurant Business

You may wonder what software you need as a digital solution to your restaurant business needs. Here are the most vital and helpful ones for making your workflow and interaction with customers smooth:

Website. This can be a digital copy of your restaurant where people can see what’s on the menu today, discounts and loyalty programs you offer, location, contact information to book a table, etc.

Mobile app. You can cover both iOS and Android platform users with one mobile application. A custom mobile application is a business tool responsible for successful interactions with customers. By filling it with useful and interactive content and functionality, you can boost your brand recognition, customer retention, satisfaction rate, restaurant productivity, and more. To make your restaurant application most efficient, you need to fill it with functionalities and features like:

  • - Booking tables;
  • – Rating and reviews;
  • – Detailed menu;
  • – News on your restaurant (new dishes, events, etc.);
  • – Pre-ordering;
  • – Loyalty programs and discounts;
  • – Notifications;
  • – Personal profiles (so customers could specify their food preferences, health condition, etc. that you might use for personalizing their experience in your restaurant);
  • – Delivery (if you provide a takeout service), etc.

Delivery system. Suppose you want to provide food delivery services in addition to your restaurant. In that case, you might need a system that includes an admin panel, an app for delivery managers, and an app where your customers can place their orders.

Staff workflow management platform. Custom software can optimize the workflow of your staff and make it maximum efficient. By getting coordinating software for your employees like waiters, administrators, managers, and kitchen staff, you can increase their work routine's effectiveness while reducing their labor inputs.

CRM, accounting and resource planning system, etc. There are a lot more digital solutions that can simplify the restaurant business for its owners and staff members.

Building a Community As a Next Step in Your Restaurant Business

If having a restaurant is not enough for you and you want to expand your influence on the market, you might consider creating a marketplace that would be a community of local restaurants, customers, and other participants related to this industry.

You can build an entire ecosystem and monetize it while giving people who appreciate eating and creating good food a comfortable place where they can share news, experience, interests, and more.

Final Words

The number of digital solutions helpful for the restaurant business continuously grows. Even if you have a small restaurant and believe that you don’t need any software to keep it filled with customers, customers become more spoiled each year, so your business must be as client-oriented as possible to ensure that no financial catastrophe like total lockdown makes your customers forget your delicious food and your cozy atmosphere. Digital solutions like websites and mobile applications help restaurants be always in the sight of existing and future customers, cover other areas related to food and drinks, gather important data for analysis, and continuously increase profit.

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