How did mobility weave its way into fitness?

by BrainMobi on Sep 12, 2017 / App Development
How did mobility weave its way into fitness?

Fitness is no longer a tedious and costly affair. You no longer have to buy expensive equipment to work out at your home since mobile apps expose you to alternative exercises you could do using your body weight or objects available at home to stimulate similar effects. Even if the objects mentioned in the apps aren’t available at home, they can be bought at much cheaper rates.

With these type of health mobile apps, another need that ceases to exist is that of a personal gym trainer. Let’s face it, personal gym trainers cost a lot and not all of us benefit from their services hence we end up spending a lot of money at gyms. Fitness and healthcare apps remove the costs involved by having free apps which act as your personal trainer. These apps have changed the way we looked at fitness.

Fitness apps tell you about which exercises to perform at the gym, and for how long those exercises are supposed to be performed. They also track the amount of calories you burn while performing those activities. Some apps go to great lengths to ensure that the calorie count is as precise as it can get by asking the users to input their height, weight and many other details. This helps the users to keep a track of exactly how much they have exercised.

Fitness apps help in staying fit outside the gym

Fitness apps help you keep a track of all the calories that you are consuming. This helps you stick to a strict diet, with the app reminding you constantly about how much you have consumed already. This not only helps people who are trying to lose weight, but also those who wish to shift to a healthier diet. The fitness apps also track the number of steps you walk every day so that you can track how many calories you burn even when you’re not thinking about burning calories.

Fitness apps help you exercise more

Fitness apps help you push your limits while exercising; enabling you to work out more than you would’ve worked out otherwise. While exercising, we put boundaries on ourselves. These boundaries are purely psychological, and using fitness apps help in pushing these boundaries further. This can be especially helpful if you’re a lazy bug and need a lot of motivation to exercise more than you already do.

Fitness apps save time and money

Fitness apps save your time and money. Most of these apps are either free or freemium, thus you save a lot of money. A lot of people waste time performing the wrong exercises or performing the right exercises the wrong way. This can easily be avoided using fitness apps which teach you exactly how you need to perform the exercises. Fitness apps take care of most of the aspects of exercising and they do it really well.

Fitness and Android

Android apps built for fitness enthusiasts or even normal people are making it big in the market. With apps like Couch to 5K (which helps the user to start from nowhere and still be able to run for 5kms by the end of a certain duration of time), Google Fit (providing a wide range of features to the users), and JEFIT (your personal trainer), Android certainly has a lot to offer when it comes to keeping users fit.

Fitness and iOS

While Android has a lot of apps for keeping its users fit, iOS is no newbie to the world of fitness. With apps like Yoga Studio (a complete yoga solution), Nike+ Running (well, Nike!) and Fitocracy (making fitness fun), staying fit on iOS is not at all difficult. The apps mentioned are just some of the many fitness apps available to the iOS users.

Fitness and IoT

Ever heard of HAPIfork? It is a fork designed to keep you from eating too much. This is especially helpful when you are trying to lose weight. How it works is that it lights up whenever you eat too fast. Eating slowly helps in digestion while at the same time makes you feel full even when you’ve eaten less. Products like HAPIfork, Fitbit, Moov Now or Skulpt Aim make fitness enjoyable with the help of IoT and wearable technology.

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