How DevOps adoption is bringing a new shift in the technology market domain?

Ajeet Singh
Ajeet Singh, Co-Founder at Algoworks
Published on Jan 23, 2018 in App Development
How DevOps adoption is bringing a new shift in the technology market domain?

DevOps has gained a lot of steam within the last few years. It brings development and operations teams together in order to increase the speed and efficiency of application delivery. Tech Pro Research conducted a survey which came out with findings that exhibit how receptive companies are to this methodology, and how they are benefitting from post-DevOps implementation.

  • 49% of respondents say that their companies have already started adopting or are planning to adopt DevOps practices and the other third says that the companies are considering it for implementing the same soon.
  • Those companies which have implemented DevOps have been using it for at least six months.
  • Respondents whose companies have adopted or are planning to adopt DevOps are hoping to speed up deployment and reduce costs associated with the app development.
  • 55% of respondents whose companies have already implemented DevOps say that the change in the organization and business process has brought new hiring in the organization.
  • Around 97% of respondents have experienced positive outcomes by implementing DevOps. This includes improved collaboration and productivity, very less dependencies and coding errors and increased morale.
  • 32% already adopted DevOps.
  • 33% say they are considering adopting it.
  • 17% have made plans to adopt.
  • 18% have no plans to adopt DevOps.


  1. The deployment time has speed up.
  2. Reduction in cost and time associated with delivery.
  3. Cutting cost and time to test new apps and features.


  • 77% say deployment times have gotten shorter.
  • 59% say application issues have reduced.
  • 38% of teams have reported conflict among departments.
  • 69% have experienced improved productivity and collaboration.
  • 51% have seen no negative results.
  • 30% have experienced increase in stress while delivering apps on time.


There has been a tectonic shift in the way enterprises are building, deploying, and running applications. Enterprises have realised the importance of feedback loops that are leading to a culture of collaboration. They are understanding that laying a firm foundation of DevOps strategy is enforcing the culture where everyone works as a team, and not as a silo.

DevOps has changed the tradition of how IT is organized and how engineers, app developers and technical architects interact within the ecosystem. DevOps as a strategy brings a set of practices which guides how IT and engineers work different than the traditional set of principles.

  • Unleashing creativity: As it is strenuous to keep track of what is out there and what is the best solution, there are many tools which are hitting the market every day. Adopting DevOps gives organizations willingness to let teams be more productive and creative. The positive impact is highly visible.
  • Prevalent microservices: Microservices are a great way to be successful with DevOps. Strategizing business and development processes using Cloud gives enterprises immense flexibility. Containers are also becoming more mainstream. Also, resolving issues has become easy with Function as a service.
  • Improved efficiency: Automation process helps you in regular and quick deployment. Working with a QA team has been simplified by a large scale which now provides a more scalable approach. Identifying the issue, fixing it, and deploying to QA improves the efficiency of the team doing quality check and analysis. This helps in focusing on their job versus infrastructure management. Consistent improvement is seen and there are very less chances of errors.
  • Quality updates: Since the time enterprises started implementing DevOps methodology, they have been able to release quality updates at a lot faster speed. This is because the internal processes which are associated with development, testing, bug fixes, deployment of enhancements, and new features have been streamlined.

Enterprises are frequently experimenting on what can be done with DevOps strategy. Since DevOps adoption vary from one organization to another, there are no best practices or standardized ways of implementing the strategy, but there are some mistakes business must avoid while implementing DevOps. Many companies are amalgamating features and various DevOps services under one roof.

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