How can you use chatbots to improve customer engagement and retention?

Vipin Jain
Vipin Jain, Co-Founder & CEO at Konstant Infosolutions
Published on Sep 26, 2017 in App Development
How can you use chatbots to improve customer engagement and retention?

Have you ever lost on a lead that reached you at 3:00 am in the morning? That’s the worst, really. In the past, we had options of auto-responder or until now appointing an extra person to take care of the leads in night shifts, which needed extra dollars, extra effort that could be utilized otherwise.

But today, most creative and tech-savvy brand/marketing specialists from most companies and many of the chatbot development companies have realized that to go beyond the survival and stand tall in this perfect competition, an innovative change needs to be introduced in the business to consumer landscape. One of the modern rules of engaging customers online and responding to leads any time of the day relates to conversational technology.

Conversational technology like Chatbot AI leads to platform intuitiveness, enforcing more impactful ways of interacting with customers through online portals. Companies are using chatbots to qualify their leads at the time when none of their human resources are active. This, in turn, brings a sense of belongingness in the minds of customers as they are treated the same way in the odd hours as they have been in the working hours.

Though chatbots are still in their early stage of deployment, few top-notch brands are making the most of Artificial Intelligence for their business, thereby translating visitors into customers and keeping them engaged for longer duration.

What is a chatbot and how does it work?

Early in 2016, chatbots came as the first wave of Artificial Intelligence when developers at Facebook created an artificial assistant for their users so they can carry out some of their daily tasks like booking a ride, ordering food, shopping, transferring money through just one messenger app. This excited everyone in the form of conversational interface and most e-commerce companies thought of having a bot that could assist the users in their online shopping just like a friend or any other human they can trust.

A chatbot is an absolutely conversational interface, which doesn’t require any touch or swipe on the screen but can follow up with the online leads by asking qualifying questions and answering lead questions using relevant data it has been fed with or it can process. The transaction between the bot and the consumer is then handed off to a human expert once it goes beyond AI capabilities, alerting an agent to do the same. Sometimes, these bots also empathize with users and can have an emotional connection by supporting them with the best solutions in the time of need.

Customer service

So, customer service and support is the first thing you should employ a chatbot for. Consumers become your loyal customers because they get the best after sales support, especially without any limitation of time and day. This is what your AI-powered chatbot can do. If not the exact solution, at least, bots can listen to the customer query (when you have nobody to respond to) and show them a ray of hope by answering to the basic questions, which makes them feel that someone is there to hear them and can respond to them just like a human.

In fact, according to Accenture- the leading IT company- a customer service bot can potentially save a company 30% service costs and also play a significant role in digital customer strategy. This is the reason why various app services are hunting for a professional chatbot development company, which can help them build an app or refurbish the existing with flawless and expert chat messaging app development services.

Engage customers for longer

There are times when people are in an urgent need of your service (through app or website), but don’t feel like performing all those steps- may be because your interface is not at par or maybe because the customer is lazy (if it’s the first case, don’t give a chance rather make your UI/UX more interactive before you are totally disowned).

In any of the above cases, chatbots can be a game changer. Because that will give clients and users a reason to stay - individual attention is what customers need, and talking to a bot is as exciting for people of all ages as it is playing with remote controlled robot toys during childhood.

Deep conversations with chatbots, where they keep the customers engaged by asking them relevant questions about the type of product users want to buy and giving them suggestions on making a particular purchase, will add to the time visitors spend on your store.

Chatbots, in the form of living services, learn about the customers very well and adapt to their activities, behaviors, likes and intents, thereby providing them interactive and connecting experiences.

Many private and government organizations like banks, telcos or consumer organizations have already started using chatbots. One of the most impressive example is Paramount Pictures that used chatbots in an exceptionally inventive way during the promotion of their latest Mutant Ninja Turtle movie. The production team provided a platform to every viewer and every fan to interact with their favorite turtle (character from the movie). Though the responses were pre-decided, it was too much fun.

Yet another potential marketing strategy used for business growth incorporating chatbots was by the international banking and finance company Wells Fargo. The bot here answers to the basic questions or queries put up by the customer about their account balance, recent transactions and transfers, without having to type or search for an answer.

Over to you

There are many more examples. Now, it’s your turn to work on an AI-powered strategy and whet customers to use your services for a much more committed user experience. Make sure you hire a top chatbot development company to build a strategic and creative marketing strategy.

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