How can mobile apps benefit small businesses?

Published on Jul 07, 2016 in App Development
How can mobile apps benefit small businesses?

Business is always a tough and risky venture and if you are planning to start a small business of your own, make sure you get a good mobile app. In the current digital age, just having a web presence is not enough. Online activities are continuously shifting towards mobile devices and, focusing on this trend, small businesses are also adopting effective mobile strategies.

Small businesses need maximum exposure for growth and in this era of smartphones, nothing could be more effective than mobile apps for reaching out to more and more people. Be it a coffee shop round the corner or a beauty salon, a dedicated mobile app can be a game changer. Gone are the days when only big brands relied on mobile apps for business benefits.

Today, even the medium and small scale businesses are also tapping the enormous potential of mobile apps. E2logy is a top mobile app development company in India and their developers have built lots of apps for small businesses, so if you are still not sure whether to use a mobile app for your business ventures or not, have a look at some of the prominent benefits that it bestows on small businesses.

Increase reachability

Unlike traditional websites, a mobile app helps you to reach out to more and more people within a short span of time. People, especially youngsters, are fond of mobile search and an attractive yet user friendly mobile app could connect you with them.

Your current customers can spread the word which could, in turn, earn you more customers. Integration of mobile apps with social media is yet another way of increasing the reachability of your business.

Showcase products and services

Showcasing newly launched products and services is easier with mobile apps. You can keep your app updated about every new product and those using your app would have an instant information and access to it. New offers and discounts encourage the users to visit your app more often and to spread the word, luring new customers.

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Enhance visibility

Today, it’s almost impossible to make your business grow without a web presence.

Number of smartphone users are increasing day by day and searching your business through traditional browsers might not go well with your potential customers. These days, people mostly look for businesses through mobile apps, for convenience and ease of access. People search for businesses in mobile app stores and a great way of enhancing visibility of your business is to have a dedicated mobile app for multiple platforms.

Enhance customer engagement

Using mobile apps, small businesses can greatly enhance customer engagement through two-way communication, rewarding customers with offers and coupons and launching loyalty programs to retain existing customers.

Promote business

Mobile apps are a great way to promote your business by offering news feeds, user accounts, general information, booking forms, prices, search feature and more. Your users can get a plethora of information at the tip of their fingers. Sending push notifications can be an added advantage and might encourage a direct interaction with users. It can also notify your customers about your products and services.

Competitive benefits

Mobile apps are still not very common in small businesses and getting an app for your business may get you a unique recognition, which in turn might keep you ahead of competitors. Having a mobile app for your small business might make you the pioneer in your vertical and would certainly impress your customers.

Faster money transactions

A mobile app makes financial transactions really easy, for customer as well as business owners. It guarantees safe, quick and hassle free transactions. The customers do not need to wait in long queues and this, for sure, provides a much needed likability to your business.

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Location based notifications

Location based notification is another great feature that you can incorporate in your mobile app. Based on the current or probable location of your clients, you can notify them about offers and coupons relevant to them. For instance, you can notify your customers about good travel deals at a known holiday from a specific location.

Knowing where your customers are can be a great advantage for scheduling offers.

Build customer loyalty

A mobile app could build customer loyalty for you. It can help create a true and sincere connection with customers, bypassing the sea of ads, banner, coupons and marketing stuffs that numerous businesses roll out to attract customers. It takes you closer to your customers by providing them everything just a click away, making them loyal for your products and services.

An efficient yet user friendly mobile app can provide the much needed momentum to a small business. There are app development companies that build custom mobile apps for businesses and E2logy is among the experts in this arena that helps translate business aspirations into reality. Such apps, especially designed to fulfill specific business requirements, could prove to be an excellent driving force, which many small businesses are still overlooking.

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