How beneficial is flutter for iOS App Development?

Amit Upadhyay
Amit Upadhyay, Co-founder and CTO at BrainMobi
Published on Aug 27, 2019 in iOS Developers Resources
How beneficial is flutter for iOS App Development?

Google’s new mobile app SDK, Flutter helps to craft high-quality native interfaces on iOS and Android in a quick time compared to other hybrid development platforms. Flutter works with existing code and it's free and open-source features help developers and organizations from all across the world to use it inside out. It adopts a different approach when it comes to avoiding performance problems by choosing Dart instead of javascript for program compilation. The “ahead of time” compilation into the native code allows Flutter to communicate with the platform without having to go through a javascript to get a context change. Such a compilation type into the native code greatly adds to startup times. As one of the top Flutter App development company, we at BrainMobi have added extensive amounts of research when it comes to learning the SDK.

Let us take a look at factors of consideration that excite us about Flutter app development:

1. Architecture:

Flutter comes with its own UI components that come alongside an engine that helps them render on Android and iOS-based platforms together. Almost all of the components help deliver the native look superbly on each platform and abide by the guidelines of material design.

Flutters inbuilt components for UI development are referred to as widgets.

Every widget in Flutter is defined by its own properties and can be nested within other similar components. Following which every widget can call upon the properties of its parent components.

Attributed to such reasons, Flutter applications deliver faster animations and actions. The minimal interaction with the native code helps it perform more faster. While React Native bridges the native UI components, Flutter instead makes use of its own rendering engines.

2. Plugins:

Flutter eliminates the need to add separate files for both iOS and Android-based platforms and each of these files requires adding codes that correspond to the guidelines of each and every platform. Firebase is a good option to help provide an easy login and signup functionality. Following which it becomes quite easy to build plugins that are more suited to the needs of any developer. This helps you come across a new plugin for Flutter almost everyday.

How beneficial is flutter for iOS App Development?

3. Community:

Flutter presents an elaborate and well organized documentation to help you get started with the SDK. Flutter gallery helps us come across all the Flutter components that are available to for your versatile needs. The GitHub repository for Flutter is also a highly recommended platform to gain insight. As for its initial stages, Flutter’s community is not as equipped as that of React Native, but nevertheless the support provided by the Flutter Team at google is really impressive and constantly updated. Any fresh problems are addressed and they also post elaborate solutions to community-generated queries.

4. Issues:

Writing UI code for Flutter can seem a little tedious if you are accustomed to the javascript environment. It also helps increase code readability if your UI gets more complex and nested. One very simple solution for this problem is to refactor your code into corresponding methods and widgets. Flutter also eliminates the need to keep your code in a giant nest and can rather be clubbed into sets of smaller widgets. In terms of resources Flutter definitely lags behind React Native which is because of its longer existence in comparison to Flutter. However, since its beta release there has been a huge growth in its resources and is bound to grow rapidly.

Lastly, one major benefit of Flutter is its inbuilt UI components which unlike React Native eliminates the growth of third-party libraries.

As one of the top Mobile app development company in USA, we at BrainMobi have exercised a lot of research on the cross- approaches and always seek to deliver the best one to our clients. Our resources in the SDK are capable of addressing all your development inquires. If you have the idea for a mobile application, feel free to write to us at

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