How Augmented Reality Can Make a Designer’s Life Easier

Perjan Duro
Perjan Duro, Founder and CEO at Imperium Apps GmbH
Published on Jul 12, 2019 in Augmented Reality Developers Resources

How Augmented Reality Can Make a Designer’s Life Easier

We have all been there. We have all worked on digital design for hours, days and sometimes weeks and wondered how it will look printed in real life. Of course, we could just print the designs and well, see them, but what if there’s an issue, an error, something that is not easily visible?

We would have to go back to the drawing board, make changes, adjust the “broken” things and after that send the design to print. That’s too much time, time that usually we, the designers, don’t really have when you have strict deadlines.

Luckily nowadays with the massive improvements to Augmented Reality tech, you can save tons of time and resources. For example, by using Particular, an augmented reality design app for iOS, you can do just that. You can just take the digital design and place it in the real world, hang it on the wall and check how it looks in real life.

Or better yet you can “attach” it to one of your existing posters and interact with it. It’s difficult to describe in words as it is something you should experience yourself. It feels like actual magic.

Apple has been a major supporter of AR and with the upcoming ARKit 3, the will push the boundaries even further. During WWDC19, Mojang creators of Minecraft took the stage and demoed Minecraft Earth. With an improved tracking, real-time motion capture and people occlusion the demo was mind-blowing.

Now just imagine all that cool tech being used to not just place your designs in your workspace, but to augment them in real-time allowing your or your client to interact with them in ways that were not possible before. This is not the far future, this is happening right now and it will have the same impact on your designer life as much as Photoshop, Illustrator or Sketch did.

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