How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Airline Industry

Abhinav Gupta
Abhinav Gupta, Director Mobility at Techugo
Published on Oct 08, 2019 in Custom Software Developers Resources
How Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming the Airline Industry

Presently, technologies have become a major tool in the market that are paving a new foundation for customer interaction with the business. They are allowing businesses to make decisions and build the workforce easily.

Though the most exemplary one in this space is artificial intelligence, which is transforming almost every industry. In amidst, the way the airline industry is taking advantage of AI is remarkable.

Yes! The airline industry has become the most critical playground for this technology, which is showing a great number of opportunities. How? Well, let’s take a glimpse of its impact and usages within this industry.

Artificial Intelligence- A New Dawn In Airline Industry

Artificial intelligence and its cognitive technologies are gaining huge attraction in the market today. While cognitive technologies have always been understood as the most critical aspect, several expectations have emerged in the market through them.

In such episodes, it has been predicted that cognitive technologies enable streamline and automate analytics of collected data. Besides, they can provide automation of machinery maintenance, customer service, and internal process and tasks. Therefore, AI technology is being considered useful for the management of several airline operations.

Here are some operations that this technology can simplify.

1. Revenue Management

Revenue management (RM) greatly depends upon the application of data and analytics, which majorly aims to define how to sell a product to the people who need it, at a reasonable price, at the right time and through the right channel.

AI can be very useful in revenue management, and specialists in this space can use this technology very effectively. With the help of Artificial Intelligence technology, it is possible to define destinations and allocate different prices for dissimilar markets. Besides, it is also very easy to find efficient distribution channels, and manage seats while maintaining competitiveness and customer friendliness. Moreover, this technology is being extensively used in mobile app development and integration of mobile apps for various airport process is expanding.

Expert data scientists have explained already how the discipline of data science is very handy for achieving revenue management tasks. Here are the tasks this technology can help in.

Fulfilling The Need For Flight Route: Revenue revenue management is completely based on the sale of a product or service. While airlines can utilize Ai in more unique ways and use it to answer many questions such as where to fly?. For defining routes, the specialists always analyze data and make decisions on the basis of insights. AI integrated software can make it more simplified and automated.

Besides, it enables demand researching for different destinations and different groups of customers. Moreover, they can rely on different data sources.

2. Air Safety And Airplane Maintenance

The most critical aspect of this industry is high bearing costs that augment due to delays and cancellations with higher maintenance expenses and compensations to the travelers stuck in airports. The unplanned maintenance always causes a 30% increase in the delay time. Predictive analytics can help deal with these issues.

The deployment of predictive maintenance solutions can aid in managing data better from the aircraft health monitoring sensors. Moreover, both desktop and mobile devices can be used to work on these systems. Altogether, it will provide technicians access to both historical and real-time data from any location.

These systems are very defensive that they verify the current technical condition through alerts, reports, and notifications. Employees can address issues and replace malfunctioned parts more proactively. Executives and team leads can get various updates related to maintenance operations. Dashboards over these systems enable access to data related to different tools, inventory, and expenses.

3. Analysis On Feedback

Air travel is always stressful for both new and experienced travelers. From checking of bags to finding dates and getting themselves settled in the seat. There is no dearth of pain points that always bother travelers and make flight experience bad.

With the help of AI, it will be easier to analyze feedback and perform market research for making informed decisions and fulfill the customers’ expectations. With systems integrated with AI, it would be easier for businesses to do certain jobs easily.

AI systems can rapidly permit airlines to take control if there is an opportunity to absolute priviledge in the journey of the customer journey and make the travel experience delightful. Moreover, they also enable companies to act faster in the wake of any problem in a synchronized & aligned way. This strategy works on branding consistently and boosts the businesses’ value.

Moreover, dealing with the customers’ feedback and other data will be easier throughout the organization. Besides, this technology enables to interlink the operation data metrics with external metrics to more insight. The growing usage of natural language processing technology also enables to track the voice of the customer for authentication. Besides, this technology drives the processing and analysis of customer experience data for assessing the customer journey.

4. Crew Management

Management of taskforce is the most critical aspect that always troubles businesses. Similarly, managing the crew is also problematic for airline businesses. It involves a lot of work and extensive analysis. A myriad of factors makes the count and specialist have to work over those aspects. These factors include flight route, aspects related to crew members, types of aircraft, fuel usages, vacations, work regulations and many more.

AI Integrated applications such as schedulers allow employees to integrate data from different sources ( data from onboard sensors and more). These systems have the potential to allow them to get a full picture of daily operations. Moreover, uncovering insights from this data can make optimal scheduling for task and crew assignment easy while considering aspects such as aircraft utilization, crew qualification, working time and expenses.

Moreover, it will ease down many other operations in this space. In regards to app integration for providing ease to travelers, several app development companies like Techugo are exploring its more potential. Don’t you think AI can solve thousands of problems of our day to day life? To gain more insights about its usages, stay tuned with

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