How Apps Are Transforming Healthcare Domain

Faiz Akhtar
Faiz Akhtar, Technical Content Writer at Coding Brains Software Solutions
Published on Aug 22, 2019 in Health & Wellness App Developers Resources
How Apps Are Transforming Healthcare Domain

Whenever you think about visiting a Hospital or Your Family doctor’s clinic, then a picture easily clicked in your mind that shows you the face of patients in numbers who are expecting for their turn in the waiting hall, but it had been a usual scenario of a long time back that has become a story now. With the ongoing inventions and latest developments in technology, everything is being streamlined in the Healthcare industry and allied services.

Similarly, if we talk about web technology, that is not only easing the medical process, but filling a communication gap between the doctor and ailing patients from setting an appointment with doctors to getting virtual report on website with the provision of access control to them by medical authorities, but now in recent years, the scenario is completely evolved as App Development industry introduced healthcare applications for Medical professionals.

As per a new market intelligence report by BIS Research, titled "Global Mobile Medical Apps Market - Analysis and Forecast, 2017-2025", the global mobile medical apps market was estimated at $1.40 billion in 2016, and is estimated to reach a value of $11.22 billion by 2025.

In this same way, according to a report published by Grand View Research Inc. The global M-Health Apps Market size was valued at USD 12.4 billion in 2018 and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 44.7% over the forecast period.

Here, in this latest article we’ll decode some advantages of mobile applications that are opening new gateways of possibilities for healthcare sector if it’s about to deliver services with quality care:

Better Insight about Health Condition

If we only talk about Doctors, Nurses or other accountable medical authorities of Hospital then you can easily get that how healthcare app are easing their day to day activities which used to take long hours of patients as well as administrative staff. For instance, with the usage of application doctors can update the health condition of patients through smart devices. As a result, nurses won't have to approach them for making a particular decision and they can generate insight for providing special care to patients.

Support Patients at Their Door Steps

In this hi-tech world where internet and Smartphone are incomplete without each other, people can have and also access customized information on their mobile phones in a wink of an eye. Similarly, there are lots of people who live in far place and remotest areas but they desperately need medical services. At this point in time, through an on-demand app, they can easily book and schedule an appointment with doctors and get medicines online without making a trip to the hospital.

Interaction through Live Video Chat

Effective communication is something that easily conveys your messages to a specific person and since mobile technology is evolving with a rapid pace, we can add more value to our thoughts if we only talk about the Health Apps. With various features and functionalities, they are coming up with the video chat option as well. Utilizing it, patients can have an online conversation with the specialist on a specific fee. They can ask suggestions like how to maintain a healthy diet for ensuring wellness.

Simplifying Processes the Right Way

These days IoT Technology is being integrated with the ongoing healthcare apps for managing day to day operational tasks of medical professionals. They become more able to get all the relevant information on their mobile phones as many of the medical equipment are connected with the body of the patient when it comes to measuring the vital parameters for life.

No Room for Error While Diagnosis

At first when technology was not so advanced in the medical field then there might be possibilities of human error while operating or for a diagnostic procedure. You too must have listened about the various cases of wrong diagnostic approach that almost put the lives of patients in risk. But now with the usage of a healthcare app, doctors can receive the accurate results of patient's health condition which helps them to suggest the medicine with the right chemical compositions.

Managing Workflow for Other Tasks

With the utilization of Healthcare app, you can save precious time of your hospital’s workforce as well as their effort that incurred while preparing reports and managing data of patients in papers. This whole process not only consumes the huge amount of time but also increases the cost of a hospital somewhere. As Mobile Apps are gaining popularity among medical professionals it has become easy to save their time and utilize them in other productive areas.

No Need for Preparing Hardcopies

Some decades ago, when web tools and technology was flourishing in its initial age and didn't touch the administrative activities of hospitals, then thinking about managing large data or documents in virtual space was merely a dream. With the advent of the mobile app, a doctor can keep a virtual database of patient's details and this way they can be utilized for future references.

Eases Payment Procedure in a Snap

Many times you must have seen that people used to stand in a long queue to the window at first when they had to pay their bills for medical expenses in a hospital. In the present scenario, healthcare apps are integrated with secured payment gateways which allow users to pay the money instantaneously regardless of time and place.

Smarter Insight about Your Health

If you look at it the ongoing Healthcare apps are available with innovative features that can enable a layman to monitor health in their own way without visiting a specialist of a family doctor. You can easily measure blood sugar level, heartbeat, and cholesterol and take corrective action if it increases or decreases.

Providing an Edge over Competitors

As you know that Healthcare apps are removing the communication barrier between the doctor and patient, then it becomes simple to reach out a maximum number of ailing people in a quick way. When there will be more satisfied patients, your brand value will increase more that helps you to edge over the rivals in the Healthcare market.

Evolution is on the constant rise in the sphere of mobile technology and the upcoming years, it will completely change the marketplace of diverse industries. With responsive design and interactive feature, people like to go for mobile applications rather than surfing website on a computer system. Taking advantage of this scenario Healthcare Brands are coming up with the mobile applications so that they could simplify the lives of patients to a large extent and the critical medical procedures could be executed with the easiest way.

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