How AI & Machine learning impacting enterprise mobility solutions?

Amit Agrawal
Published on Apr 09, 2019 in Enterprise App Developers Resources
How AI & Machine learning impacting enterprise mobility solutions?

The world market has witnessed a few revolutionary innovations that have influenced the global community to bring about a complete paradigm shift in its functioning. After the invention of the wheel and electricity, Mobile technology is probably one such innovation in recent past.

It has not only impacted communication but has influenced business through manufacturing, marketing and even touched solutions services sector throughout the globe. When, in 2007, Steve Jobs announced in California that the incorporation of the Internet with phone and iPad would impact the world in a big way, he couldn’t have been far from the truth. The new technology has driven the world to a path of transformation that had never been envisaged and it keeps evolving, bringing what appeared to be science fiction in the past into reality of the present.

Enterprise mobility solutions are holistic in nature. The progress of any company in today’s world is probably best judged by its enterprise mobility solution which uses the latest in technology to liberate all geographical boundaries, offers simplified business and gives greater access to potential customers.

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence programming has brought in latest technology into the field, elevating the performance efficiency, speed and customer satisfaction to a much higher platform. Enterprise mobility refers to the ability of a person/organization to perform their duties at a remote platform and send the data to another through the internet. Tools developed for managing this trend refer to enterprise mobility management eg. Tools to log in hours of work at a remote location like home, browser additions that monitor data use, tools for video conferencing, cloud computing for storing files, etc.

Enterprise mobility management involves a set of people, processes, and technology aimed at managing mobile devices, internet and other mobile computing services in a business arena. Other than the people involved, all devices and applications increasingly depend on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning to accomplish the assigned task in an efficient, time saving and economical way.

Enterprise mobility services have been able to overcome the security issues during data transfer, which remained the main cause of concern during the operations. This has been achieved mainly through encryption. Many devices have passcodes IT operators can remotely wipe out sensitive data in case the device is lost or stolen or retire the device completely to deny any unauthorized access.

It helps employees to be connected irrespective of their time zones in a global atmosphere and also allows flexibility in work hours which improves productivity. Establishing an enterprise mobility management system may incur initial expenditure on procurement of devices, user and professional training, etc but, these are overcome by the benefits in the long term.

An Enterprise mobility service manages data diversity and propensity to add greater value to clients. Enterprise mobility solutions ensure that big data produced every second can be leveraged as actionable insight. This is the fundamental requirement of the machine learning process.

With the access to increased personalized customer experience data providing insights into the customer buying behavior and expectations, made possible by AI and machine learning, business organizations can give better products and better services.

Many concerns have been raised that AI and Machine learning would cause a farther decline in the job prospects leading to unemployment, dissatisfaction, and law and order problems among the youth population. Definitely, when machine takes over the role of answering phone calls, driving a car, operating a machine in a factory, serving in a restaurant, etc then less number of people will be required in call centers, as drivers, as mechanical operators, as waiters and for many other jobs which would be taken over by machines, but at the same time, there would be a requirement of educated youth for programming AI into the computers to make it perform a creation task.

For those more programmers with knowledge of a language like Python, it will be enquired, more skilled labor for producing, fitting and managing the enterprise mobility management devices will be required. In an ever-evolving field, there is a vast requirement of knowledgeable professionals for training and developing the various branches that support Artificial Intelligence programming and it’s maintenance as per the requirement.

AI and Machine Learning have impacted every aspect of the modern world through enterprise mobility solutions by enabling immediate response to a need of the individual customer/market as it is driven by the smart interconnected and pervasive environment. The flexibility of working hours leads to improved productivity and customer satisfaction allowing increased collaboration and knowledge sharing amongst different fields of the organization so as to pave way for more scope for research and development.

  • With a vast scope in the agricultural sector of rural India, there is a need to get more budget allocation for research and development in this area. The entrepreneurs' startups have so far failed to touch this sector in our country which may have replaced bullocks with tractors but would mostly depend on their own intelligence for predicting the weather, the planting and harvesting seasons.

    Agricultural land may have decreased over a period of time, the population may have boomed but we have been able to feed ourselves better. It is time to enhance that productivity with AI and machine learning to improve production and satisfaction of urban India as well.

  • Enterprise mobility solutions have also been incorporated in the health care industry where medical consultations, health-related guidance, exchange of related data with medical experts, generation of pathological reports, analysis of CT/MRI scans and much more is being achieved on a global platform.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are impacting enterprise mobility services in such a way that it’s leaving no one and no aspect of our lives untouched. It’s breaking all barriers of time and distance to influence our lives on an everyday basis.

It would give suggestions to your search engine, there would be some unwanted e-mails or messages on your phone based on your latest interests, your automated PIN numbers on net banking, you’re online shopping, your automated air conditioning and many more! Artificial Intelligence with all its subsets is still not fully explored and its full impact with enterprise mobility management is yet to be experienced in days to come.

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