How a food ordering app can improve your business

by Umbrella IT on Jan 11, 2018 / App Development
How a food ordering app can improve your business

Online food delivery market traveled a long way since it had been just a thing for the delivery boys on bikes to the Domino's delivery robots.

Today’s audience of the online food delivery services varies from the teenagers ordering the party food to mature people preferring balanced meals. Now food ordering is a large and dynamically developing market with a highly competitive climate that is formed mostly by mobile apps.

If you have never thought about developing a food ordering app it’s about time to start, and Umbrella can give you 5 solid reasons why.


It’s a well-known fact that people (especially millennials) order more through the ordering app rather than at a restaurant. Mobile app rewards programs motivate customers to spend more in order to score more reward points, and the loyalty incentives are almost a guarantee that a client would want to return.


A mobile app is a great tool to track ordering patterns of your customers that you can use later when you develop an app customer loyalty strategy or new promotions. This information is also relevant when you renew your menu, adjust items that are popular or remove the ones that are never sold out.


A personalised app with a recognizable logo is already good advertising all by itself. But it has a much greater potential. For example, you can easily update your menu, post about special deals and promotions. You can use geofencing for tracking your potential customers nearby or sending targeted notifications and messages based on a customer’s location.


Probably, this is the only case when you should yield to peer pressure. Mobile apps are proved to work great for food-giants such as Papa Jones, Dunkin’ Donuts, McDonald's, Starbucks, Domino’s pizza and many others. Let a food ordering app work for you too.


Mobile apps are no longer just an option, but a necessity. It’s highly likely that a user will prefer a service that has an ordering app, even if the other one without it has more decent food.

We can explain it with one word: convenience. No more calls, no more waiters, no more waiting. A client has plenty of time to explore the menu on its own adding and removing the items into the basket. Making in-app payment in a few touch and no pressure at all. What could be easier?

Let’s take a look at several examples of our favourite food ordering apps that interweave the features we’ve been talking about.

Taco Bell is a mobile app for the fast-food restaurant of the same name. Apart from its nice aesthetics featuring quality photos of products, Taco Bell app lets the clients customize their orders by themselves. Also, as a bonus, the app provides different app-only deals. The app is user-oriented and offers additional options based on the already made orders. The user can pay for the order via a credit card or a Taco Bell gift card.

How a food ordering app can improve your business

Starbucks App is a mobile app for a coffee house chain that needs no introduction. Starbucks app presents itself as a way to order coffee on the way. It allows users to pay with the phone (including tips for a barista), track rewards and find stores. By the way, the app is connected to Spotify and you can identify the songs playing in the store and save them directly in your playlist. Nice touch, Starbucks.

How a food ordering app can improve your business

And now, something completely different, UberEATS. Unlike TacoBell and Starbucks, UberEats is not some restaurant’s app. Actually, it’s not a restaurant app at all, it’s a food delivery app that cooperates with many local restaurants. You can order your food using the same Uber account or adding a credit card, a coupon or a promo code. As your order is being delivered, you can track its progress on the map in real time.

How a food ordering app can improve your business

A food delivery app paired with your business is a winning combination. If you still don’t quite like the idea of joining an already existing app, there is always an option to build your own.

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