Hiring an Angular Development Company: A Comprehensive Guide

Kaley Spenser
Published on Sep 01, 2020 in App Development

If you are currently searching for a custom solution to fit your business needs, this post might come in handy. Well, right now, you desire to build an innovative web product that will help you increase a customer database and improve your sales. In such a scenario, the first thing that you need to do is to hire a dedicated Angular development team that will help bring to life your idea. Let’s see how you can do that!

The Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Angular Development

Let’s begin with the basics. Why should you choose the Angular framework? What benefits does this tool possess?

  • This is the best framework for complicated tasks. It comes with powerful options that can fit the needs of most complex projects such as logistics systems and productivity apps.
  • It is lightweight and fast. This tool doesn’t consume too much space and allows coders to make a mobile app even faster. All this guarantees a seamless experience while surfing the net.
  • It has a big community of developers worldwide.
  • Expressive UI. With Angular, programmers can build a very user-friendly app with high functionality.
  • It’s the main component of MEAN Stack. All this allows developers to build complex apps with JavaScript.
  • MVC design architecture. When using Angular, it is effortless to build an app and then split it into MVC architecture. This helps string the code together and reduce the time needed to build an app. As a result, your product will hit the market faster.
  • Angular is widely used for building cross-platform apps. Thanks to code reusability, developers can build their projects faster.
  • It uses TypeScript, a powerful programming language that includes cross-browser compatibility, static typing, and much better IDE experience.

Angular is widely used for building cross-platform logistics, e-commerce, real estate, retail, and manufacturing apps. Overall, it’s a powerful solution that can help meet the needs of any business project. Using Angular for web development, you’ll be able to create a powerful web app that will help get more customers and finally push up sales.

How to Hire Professional Angular Developers?

Considering the number of apps built with Angular, we can see that this tool is trendy. But for building an app, you need to hire an outsourcing company that can help translate your idea into action. How can you do that?

Beware that hiring a development team, you need to be very specific about your requirements. Simply put, you need to make sure that software developers understand what results you want to achieve. You need to be in tune with them. They should understand your vision of the project. It would be great if your coders have a decent experience in this niche and know everything about building progressive web apps with Angular. Therefore, you have to check their portfolio, review the projects that have already been delivered by them, and look through the feedback from previous customers. It would also be great if you check their technical skills set.

Here’s a list of the main requirements for Angular programmers:

  • They know Core JavaScript inside out;
  • They know everything about Angular options and possibilities;
  • They have a clear understanding of HTML, CSS, and web markup;
  • They have a decent experience in coding powerful single-page apps and cross-platform solutions;
  • They speak English;
  • They have a solid understanding of RESTful API integration;
  • They know how to use Webpack, Node, Babel, etc;
  • They are responsible and attentive to every detail.

Simply put, the chosen team must have a decent experience in creating Angular custom solutions for various areas.

Questions to Ask to Make Sure a Development Team Meets Your Requirements

The first and foremost task for you is to identify whether your Angular developers have excellent technical skills in frontend and backend development. You need to understand that they know everything about building interfaces of mobile apps, support and maintenance of Angular apps, and much more. 

Here’s a comprehensive list of the main questions that you need to ask your future developers:

1. What frameworks have you already been working with? (Angular, React, Vue, etc.)
2. What do you know about core JavaScript? (error handling, grammar, and types, functions, loops, indexed collections, etc.)
3. What design patterns did you use? (dependency loaders, injection, anti-patterns, etc.)
4. Put questions related to HTML, HTML4, HTML5, input types, semantic tags, web storage, web optimization, etc.
5. CSS (CSS 3 options, media query, positioning, frameworks, CSS grids, etc.);
6. How do you test the final products? What tools do you use? (integration tests, unit tests, TDD/BDD, etc.)
7. What code quality tools are used?
8. Methodology (issue monitoring, estimation techniques, pair coding, etc.).

You should also talk to a development team about web app cost, and estimated time of delivery. You should plan your budget and know when to expect the final result.

Overall, when choosing a qualified Angular development company, you’ll be able to create innovative solutions that will help you drive revenue and get more customers. It goes without saying that this framework guarantees flexibility and speed. However, a lot depends on the professionalism of a team you are dealing with. Following our pieces of advice, you’ll hire professionals that will help turn your dreams into reality. They will organize a transparent development process where you can track the daily progress and evaluate their job.

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