Guidelines to Follow before Hiring a Laravel Development Company

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Guidelines to Follow before Hiring a Laravel Development Company

Laravel is the best-known PHP framework for developing web applications. It is among the top PHP framework that is being used by large businesses and organizations. The framework is straightforward and makes PHP development much easier. A quick look around the web will reveal that PHP is the most favored and popular platform for developing web applications. PHP powers over 82% of the websites that we see including heavyweights like Facebook, WordPress, etc. Laravel just takes PHP to the next level and makes it, even more, demanded software.

The above screenshot from Google Trends shows that Laravel is the most preferred PHP framework for a web application development project at present. PHP MVC framework Laravel has been downloaded 3,46,000 times. There are about more than 1,14,640 Live Laravel website.

Laravel is capable of handling a great variety of projects as it comes packed with lots of features. These features lend Laravel amazing capabilities to simplify the web development process. No wonder, Laravel developers are in high demands these days. However, not all developers may share equal expertise and skill levels. Therefore it is essential to carefully choose Laravel development company based on many factors. Hiring the right Laravel development company will significantly cut down the development time and cost. In this article, you will learn 5 most important thing you need to check before you hire a Laraveldevelopment company.

Introduction to Laravel

Laravel is a web development framework based on PHP. It was released way back in 2011 and has been constantly updated since then. The PHP development framework, Laravel follows the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern. It is open source and has the capability to reuse components from other frameworks smoothly which makes the entire development process faster and easier.

Laravel offers a wide choice of functionalities and advanced security. The framework itself is quite easy to understand. Yet you will still need skilled dedicated Laravel developer or even a team to work with it. To develop a robust web application development, you need a Laravel developer who also has prior knowledge of Core PHP, Advanced PHP, and HTML. If you are planning to hire a Laravel development company, then it is going to be in your best advantage to hire a company that also has experience in App development services, Mobile app development, and Angularjs web development.

This is essential because if in a later date you decide to develop a mobile app to support your web application, you will not need to hire another company. It is better to work with a single company that knows every development aspect of your project than to work with several development companies. Now let's check out the places from where you can find a competent Laravel development company.

Hiring a Laravel development company

As the next step, you will need to decide whether you will want to build an in house team of Laravel developer or partner with a Laravel development company. This decision will help you to outline your further strategy in hiring Laravel developers. If you decide on hiring an in-house team, then you will have to also factor out the time it will take to hire and set up in house time. This will naturally add up to the overall development time of your web application. However, this route may present some additional challenges such as:

  • The team you hire might not go very well together. That’s because it’s not always easy to find people who are not only good professionals but can also be nice to everyone around them. Even the best teams have conflicts. If conflicts are not efficiently resolved, it can adversely affect productivity and team dynamics. This is the last thing any business owner would expect, especially when there is already enough on his plate to handle.
  • Laravel is the best PHP based framework for web development, but that does not mean that every Laravel developer out there is an exceptional coder. The best Laravel developers might not be available when you need one. There could be a situation when someone you would like on your team is geographically far or simply not affordable to you.
  • It takes plenty of time and hard work to build a high performing team. On average, it can take you about six months to build the dream-team. Are you ready to wait that long for your project when hiring a Laravel development company can get you started almost immediately?

You also need to understand that when you set up your own team of Laravel developers you will also have to engage yourself in the development process. This means you will have to dedicate a good portion of your time for development follow-ups which can be well spent on growing your business. The other option besides setting up your own in-house team is to hire a competent Laravel development company. When you hire a Laravel development company, you save yourself from all the above-listed challenges.

5 Factors to consider when hiring a Laravel development company

If you decide to take a simpler and more professional route of hiring a Laravel Development Company, here are 5 points to consider.

1. Portfolio of previous work

A portfolio will give you a glimpse of the quality of their work. It's a true reflection of what you can expect to receive from them when you hire. Portfolio also helps you to understand the depth of their Mobile app development and Angularjs web development experience. When you conduct a research on all the Laravel development company that provide App development services, reviewing the portfolios will help you get an idea of their skills, and overall experiences.

The portfolio will also help you to measure the span of their talent. One thing worth mentioning here is that many niche developers have good in-depth knowledge of the industry. However, you may find them stuck with cookie-cutter designs that have no novelty and lack flexibility. But if you check out the portfolio of multi-niche developers, you will find them offer a beautiful and unique design. Multi-niche developers draw their experience from a variety of industries and are better poised to design different types of website.

2. Online reputation and ratings

Every company has its own way to earn online reputation. You will find an increasing number of companies working hard to create their online presence. Social networking portals and search engine’s ranking is the simplest way to gauge the reputation of any company. Considering the online reputation of the company will help you quickly pick a reliable company for your project. A highly experienced and trustworthy company will be more likely to deliver you the project on time and maintain the highest level of standards. Choose the company that has all the positive ratings. If that is not possible, at least go with the one that has the maximum number of positive ratings.

3. Ability to clearly understand the requirement

One of the biggest success factors for any development project is to clearly outline all the development requirements. Any Laravel development company will be able to develop a project for you only to the extent it is able to fully and precisely comprehend the requirement. So the foremost expectation from a development company should be to completely understand your business requirements. They should be able to visualize the customers need, and deliverables. Then they should be able to translate those into technical specifications.

At the time when you are shortlisting the best Laravel development company, ask them to formulate the working strategy for requirement gathering. Based on the strategy you can chalk out your set of activities. In many Mobile app developments and Laravel development company, business analysts take care of requirement gathering and creating the specification document. Also for the ongoing projects, it’s a common scene to see the requirements change depending on changing business requirements, market loads and user response. To cater to such a changing requirement, the development company should be able to understand the changed requirement and adapt to it quickly.

4. Clear communications and availability

Clear communication is crucial to the success of any project. The development company you choose and the developers working on the project should be aware of various forms of communication methods. IT industry experts believe that video communication between developer and business owners through tools like Skype or messaging apps work best. That's because Skype and other screen sharing tools help the developers provide a quick working demo of the project. From the project owner’s perspective, they get a clear update on the project progress. For any outsourced project, the availability of the developer at the time suitable for you is very important. To ensure timely delivery, and strict adherence to project specification, your developers should be skilled, transparent, expert and punctual.

5. Project pricing

The clarity in project specification and requirement will help you and the Laravel development company to arrive at the best price. When you hire a development company, you pay a significant amount of money to ensure the product is developed exactly to your expectation. To make sure your project is completed as expected, you should pick the company that creates a comprehensive strategy and outlines all the fine details.

Despite taking all the care to include all the fine specification, some project scope is bound to change. Have clear communication with the development company on how changing business requirements will be handled. Deciding before the start of the project will help you save a lot of time, money and efforts. It will also help you pick the right company that is willing to accommodate certain percent of change in project scope. Get a very clear picture of how changes in the project scope can change the pricing amount.

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