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Published on Feb 07, 2017 in App Development
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For mobile app developers across the world it is very important to design a user friendly and intuitive mobile app interface so that the user does not face any hassle while maneuvering around the app. When you are conceptualizing a mobile app’s User Interface, it is vital to bear in mind some main points such as lucidity of interface, uniformity, user friendliness, etc.

Most of the mobile app users are not very verse with technology. Their level of expertise is far below that of the makers of the app. A common mistake which a mobile app UX/UI designer does is placing all the users at the same pedestal. The level of expertise varies from one user to the other. Novice users usually take more time to move through the app, they usually commit touch errors and they are unsure about functionality of every button. On the contrary expert users move quickly through the app and they have a definite path set in their mind.

So, when you are designing an app’s User Interface, make sure that it is competent enough for the expert users and at the same time informative as well as simple for the new users. Follow the guide that the mobile app development company Octal Info Solution has written here.

Clarity is the first thing

The main feature which every User Interface should possess is clarity. The user should be able to recognize what the interface is all about, how it can be used effectively. The user should be able to interact with it easily, envisage what will be the outcome if they use it, etc. Mobile app developers should not let room for any kind of confusion as well as delayed gratification.

Clarity leads to enhanced confidence and further use. Basically, all prefer a clear screen in comparison to a cluttered one.

Interface should facilitate easy interaction

Interfaces are created in order to help interaction between the app and humans. They should help make clear, elucidate, enable, foster relationships, bring us closer, pull all of us apart, take care of our opportunities, and give easy reach to various services. The effectiveness of interfaces can be measured. The best interfaces inspire, suggest, perplex, and strengthen our connection with outside world.

Conserve user attention

There is interruption as well as distraction all around us. It is not easy for mobile app developers to capture attention. So make sure the side of your app does not contain any distractible material. So in case someone is reading something, the aim should be that he should first finish the same and then an advertisement should come up otherwise he will get distracted in the middle and will not complete the task. Honor attention this way the app users will be happier, and results much superior.

Offer control to the users

All mobile app developers love to have control in their hands and this is what is needed also in a mobile app. Humans feel comfortable when they are in control. Thoughtless software is not preferred as it takes people towards unplanned interactions. The pathways should be clear so that there are no surprising outcomes. They should be aware what will happen in case a certain action is taken.

One action to be done in one screen

Every screen should be designed to support just one action which is of good value to person making use of it. Because of this it is easier to learn, use, and add to or build on whenever it is needed. Screens which support two or more primary actions lead to lot of confusion. As an article should have one strong thesis, a screen should also support one strong action.

Secondary actions should be kept secondary

Secondary actions should be kept after the primary actions. They should not overshadow the main task lest a field of confusion will build up.

Offer a natural next step

The interface should present to the user a natural progression. It should not offer any kind of obstacle in going through the app. The next step should be thoughtfully designed.

The key lies in anticipating the next interaction and offering a design which bolsters the same. It is the same way how human interacts; one meaningful interaction will follow way towards the nest interaction so that the main goal is achieved. There is no place for useless interactions.

Appearance should follow behavior

We humans like the things to that behave in a way how they expect. This is applicable to apps and mobile app developers also. When an app behaves in a way consistent to our expectations we are more likely to have a good relationship with the same. So, an interface should be designed in a way how we want it to behave. Form should follow function. This basically connotes that the user should be able to have an idea as regards how interface element will behave by just looking at looking at it. So in case something looks like a button it should also act like one.

Consistency is primary

The screen elements in an app should look consistent to avoid any discrepancy. Elements which behave in a same manner should look also the same. Also the unlike elements should also appear unlike. Normally novice designers conduct this mistake and present same visual treatment to all elements of the interface.

Build up potent visual hierarchies

A powerful visual hierarchy can be attained only when a lucid viewing order of various elements on the screen is established. The users should be able to view same items in the same order each time they see it. Inconsistent visual hierarchies lead to a feeling of clutter as well as confusion. A lot of people do not give importance to visual hierarchy but as a matter of fact it is one of the best techniques to bolster or even damage any design.

Progressive disclosure

Only things which are needed at a particular stage should be shown on the screen. In case people are deciding about something, they should be provided with enough information which allows them to make them a choice; any other details should be given to them on a next screen. Stay away with tendency to go into over-explanation or divulge everything all at one go. Whenever possible, mobile app developers must postpone decisions to the subsequent screens by progressively revealing information when it is needed. This will actually keep all your interactions hassle free.

Presence of blank state

Blank canvas should be there to create a good design otherwise all your thoughts will be muddles up and you will have a confused product in front of you.

Great design is invisible

A very big property of a good user interface is that it goes unnoticed. The users are busier attaining their goal than focusing on the interface. This is a tough thing as basically it means the design wanders into background.

Incorporate other design disciplines

It is vital to incorporate other design principles such as visual and graphic design, copywriting, typography, information architecture etc into interface design. Then only a good outcome in terms of friendly user interface can be achieved.

Interfaces need to be properly used

Interface design can only be considered successful if people use it. In case if it looks only attractive but is not convenient to use, it will fail to attract the attention of people. It will be then akin to a beautiful chair on which no one wants to sit because it is uncomfortable.

In final words a mobile app development company must focus on User Experience and User friendly Interface. Following all these steps will enable you to build a user friendly mobile app that will ensure massive user engagement.

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