Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?

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Published on Jul 05, 2018 in Cross Platform Developers Resources
Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?

April 2018 witnessed around 82% of the mobile users on the Android platform and 16% on iOS, the remaining market share is scattered over Windows and Blackberry users. Android has no doubt become immensely popular but for the app developers, the difference in the App count is very marginal. As per 2017 stats, Apps on the Play store are around 2.8 million while on App store 2.2 million Apps are available.

It is a clear indicator of the need for a cross-platform App Development platform. Google Flutter is a technology initiative that reduces the effort that goes into the development of native App separately for Android and iOS. Flutter is a welcome change for developers to significantly reduce the time and effort.

Google Flutter is a mobile app Software development kit that is enriched with a robust framework and tools for development of iOS and Android Apps from a single code base. It is exceptionally useful for building a beautiful UI without any complex procedure.

If you are Cross Platform App Developer, knowing everything about Google’s Flutter must be somewhere in the top-task list of yours, isn’t it?

Well, we thought to help you. In this post, we have summarized everything related to the advantages, how it works and how to use Google Flutter in this post. So, either bookmark it or read it right away:

Advantages of using Google Flutter

Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?

Google Flutter does not use a language that you must be well versed with. It uses Dart programming language for building cross-platform or hybrid Apps. Let us first understands the benefits of using Google Flutter before we start learning an entirely new language:

  • Cross-platform support

    2018 has a strong focus on building Hybrid Apps and Google Flutter focuses on a new language without the need for JavaScript to offer better quality development. It is a well-documented SDK to build high-quality Hybrid Apps in the most cost-effective manner.

  • New Programming Language

    Flutter uses Dart as the programming language. It is not hard to learn for developers who have hands-on in Java, C#, and JavaScript. One can call it a language that is intended to replace JavaScript for it sluggish developmental behavior.

  • Performance Battle

    Flutter comes from the Google family so we expect the best out of it. It is compiled into native ARM code and that is how its support extends for both iOS and Android. It entirely replaces the performance of JavaScript to support the development of beautiful UIs.

  • Widget Library

    Variants of user interface Widgets make the Flutter framework a perfect tool to develop a behavioral and functional aspect of App in the most profound manner. Widget supports helps developers build UIs that offer uniform experience across platforms.

How to work with Google Flutter?

  • Building the UI

    Flutter characterizes the UI by making a Widgets tree inside Dart. This is exceptionally easy to build UI this way. Since it is composed of code, it is anything but difficult to switch the UI from iOS to Android as per the conditions.

    Flutter SDK encompasses a range of Widgets that supports UI for both iOS and Android. No third party tool will be required apart from the SDK of Flutter. Flutter offers a better control of UI and can identify the OS. Its support extended to left-support for Android, screen changes and binds them purposefully together for a better performance.

  • Hot-reload

    The Flutter SDK offers fast hot reload so that the reloading takes less than 1 second. Reloading is not only for small size Apps but it works decently enough for the medium size applications. Whether you change the logic or make any changes to the layout, the reloading happens in less than a second without impacting the state of the App. Full reloading of the App is accomplished by the SDK within 2 seconds and the state is also updated.

    Easy to reload feature makes it easy to make changes to the App layout and modify the design as and when required without impacting the state of the App. One can reload the App again and again without impact on the performance.

  • Developer Productivity enhancement

    Dart supports features for better development of iOS and Android Apps. Some of the code bases in Dart is shared by Android and iOS. UI and the logic part of the code are primarily handled by the same codebase saving 70% of the coding effort in most of the applications.

  • Development cost

    Although the Development cost depends on the optimization skills of the coder Flutter framework is inherently capable of reducing the cost of development by 30-40% at least third part support and reuse of 70% of code happens.

  • Case-specific advantages of Flutter

    Flutter offers massive advantages at the time of Prototyping.

    With its hot reloading feature, it becomes easy to reflect the design and layout changes in the Prototype. It saves the designers time and effort that goes into an iteration of changes.

  • New App Development

    Flutter is highly beneficial when used from the starting of the App. Today development using flutter is easier as it supports video integration and makes a perfect App like twitter

How to use Google Flutter for Cross-Platform App development?

For the Apps where User Interface takes a lot of development and design effort will be primarily benefited by the Flutter SDK. Android and iOS UI development separately takes a lot of effort while the App porting happens and this is where Flutter impacts the development.

The Google Flutter SDK is a package that offers all the tools and support for the start of development in Flutter ecosystem.

  • Flutter is hosted on GitHub.
  • A developer who intends to use this SDK can either download or Clone the SDK.
  • Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?
  • Cloning is advisable so that the updates are automatically reflected on the existing version.
  • On GitHub, you can pick Clone or download Flutter SDK
  • Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?
  • Go to command prompt Command Prompt type the command as highlighted in the screenshot below git clone-b beta followed by the project’s URL as copied from above link
  • Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?
  • You need to check the folder in which the above command was executed. For the Flutter commands to be executed, we need to redirect the path by updating the details at Control Panel > User Accounts > User Accounts > Change my environment variables
  • Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?

Click on new and add the path to your Flutter\bin.

  • Restart your system to Apply the changes.
  • After restart run a command “flutter doctor” to check whether Flutter files are properly working or not
  • Google Flutter What is it, and how to use it for cross-platform app development?

Once you resolve all the errors, you can download any editor tool to start a new project development in Flutter framework.


Flutter is the newest solution for rapid and cost-effective development of Hybrid Apps. The platform is efficient and is rapidly evolving towards betterment for exceptional support to iOS and Android development. With a wide community support, Flutter is perfect to develop high-performance Hybrid Apps smoothly. The reduced amount of code and time of development of beautiful UI’s ensure the App users get a perfect native feel while using the Flutter SDK developed Apps. Its capability to assist in the development of Apps that have features like platform-specific scrolling, right navigational patterns, typography support makes your App usage rich in experience. Hot reloads lead to better productivity and instant updates to the UI without impacting the way App user is using the App.

It is a perfect game changer for cross-platform Apps, we bet.

What about you? Have you started using Google Flutter or not? What do you think about its future and how fast will it grow?

Share your thoughts about Google Flutter on the cross platform developers forum.

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